Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi breaking the alliance. Naitik says you are not doing right. Dadi says I know what’s right and what’s wrong for my family, we have respect in society. Naitik says we also have, but we don’t let that come in between relations, Naira’s self esteem is imp to me than family respect, we will not beg to you, I want to do her bidai in such house where she gets love and respect, else not. Naksh says what will you cancel marriage, we cancel this marriage. Naitik says you were against marriage and agreed for Kartik’s sake, you wanted this and got a chance. Daid says fine with it, then we should be happy, whatever happened is right. Naira wipes tears and comes to Dadi. She takes Dadi’s blessings. She says I don’t know what Kartik wants, I know he loves

me a lot, I know your family wish, I want to say one thing, our marriage happens or not, Kartik will never get more loving girl than me, he will not love anyone else, our love was deep before marriage alliance and will be deep even after this alliance ends.

Manish waits for Dadi. Dadi and Surekha come home. Dadi says I told them, they did not say anything as if they were waiting. Priyanka tries to say. Dadi says this was the right thing. They see Kartik upset. Kartik goes. Dadi says he has no objection, else he would have said something to us. Suwarna feels bad.

Naitik asks Naksh did we do wrong. Naksh says its love marriage, if trust isn’t there, there is no love, Kartik should take Naira’s side, how can he do this. Naira says no, he loves me a lot, I will accept his decision without any complains.

Its morning, Dadi says Kartik went somewhere in morning, I saw him hugely affected by this, he did not sleep all night. Surekha says he would have gone to clear things with Naira. Manish says he may fall weak because of love. Kirti prays Kartik takes right decision.

Kartik meets Singhanias. He says whatever happened last night, I felt very bad, as I did not know that by Naira, I got many thoughts in mind, I did not think whether you are right or wrong, I know my Naira, I know you can’t be wrong, I did not have question about out relation, I just had worry, I know my family and their reactions, I have seen much drama about this marriage, I can’t stop them, my family can’t understand, when Naitik asked me about family, I did not say, as I knew this will happen, this marriage would have happened happily in simple way, I m sorry Naira to get hurt because of them, they will not understand relations and marriage, its matter of prestige for them, they will not understand love that we can’t hurt each other, they will not tell me anything, they will not forgive you, now I know how to end this.

He says I want to do court marriage with Naira today, right now, so that this drama ends. They all get shocked. Kartik says I know marriage rasams and blessings matter for you all, we can do that after marriage, Naira knows I will not force her, forgive me, I m doing this for our relation, I m going court, I will wait for you there, you discuss with family and decide what to do, I have already decided. Naitik says relations are relations, not a business deal to cancel. Bau ji says marriage is lifelong deal, we have to pay for it by our emotions and happiness, think well before taking any step. Baisa says you can do court marriage but if your family does not forget this about Naira, they will be annoyed. Kartik says my decision won’t change now, its Naira’s wish to come or not. He goes. Naitik says I will talk to Kartik’s family. Naksh says no, I thought what to do.

Suwarna tries talking to Manish. She says our children need our support. Manish asks what do you mean by support, to support blindly and then regret? Support means to make children towards happiness by stopping them from going wrong way, see how much hurt is Kartik, I will end everything that hurts my son. She says no relation is perfect in this world, like yours and Kartik’s relation, he wants to break relation, you want to join it, he misbehaves with you, he does not call you Papa, why do you have hope. He says he is my blood, my life. She says Naira and Kartik love each other. He asks are you comparing their relation with me and Kartik’s relation. She says no, I know you will get annoyed, if relations break on small things, there won’t be any relation left in the world.

Kartik waits for Naira. Lawyer says call her and ask, else your work won’t happen today. Naira comes. Kartik smiles and says thanks for coming. She says you called, how would I not come. He asks did Naitik and Naksh not come, did they not agree. She says they are with me in my every decision. Surekha says where did Kartik go, he is not answering.

Manager comes home with reporter. Manish asks Akhilesh did he give appointment to them. Manager says Kartik called reporter to make big announcement. Manish asks about what, he is not at home, go, come tomorrow by taking appointment. Kartik comes and stops reporter. He asks him to start his interview. Dadi says where was he. Reporter asks about his hit and run case, he was in jail for some days also. Kartik says yes. Reporter says you are marrying the case victim’s daughter, is this any deal. Manish asks what’s this question. Kartik says every relation is a deal, my family is rich and respected, for us, respect and name matter the most.

Manish gets angry and asks reporter to get facts right, Kartik was freed as real culprit accepted the crime. Reporter says I heard Kartik stayed out of house separately and did not had good terms with you. Manish says he was in hostel, it does not mean we had problems, every family has personal issues. Dadi says how did you remember this now, did anyone tell you, or our family enemy said this. Reporter says no, let me get answers, tell me, Kartik stayed away, do you know what he did. Manish says what do you mean, if man stays away, does he become characterless, maybe person values family more, he becomes responsible, he becomes more mature, not possible? Dadi says we trust Kartik.

Manish says you may leave now. Reporter goes. Dadi says Kartik, you should have told us to call reporter, who would praise you. Kartik says whatever I had to say, came out nicely, you and Manish said all this, I wanted to hear it, when anyone gets away from family, it does not mean person gets wrong and characterless, when the opposite can happen too, person can become more responsible and mature, he can value relations and family, if this implies to me, this can imply on Naira too. They all look on.

Dadi says Kartik’s love can become his biggest mistake, everyone listen to me. Bhabhimaa says if Suhasini does not agree, we will not insist for marriage. Suwarna comes and asks Bhabhimaa not to say this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome episode.. Thanks Karthik for accepting Naira…
    Hiii everyone…How r u all ??

  2. Todays episode was really awesome…i thought tat this track vil go 4 more than 2 or 3 episodes but not nd i m happy tat it solved soon…..the trick that the kartik used was really awesome….

  3. Wow my KARTIK, U r the best dude.! Love thd way u love NAIRA. LOVE U BOTH.! Also love the nature of Suwarna.! Wow I wil sleep peacefully 2day.!

    1. How are you Aniket?
      Did you miss your sister from another mister?…
      I missed you Bro?

  4. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat Didi(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu didi , Sophie di , Fenil Bhaiya , Aniket , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Nithya , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ponkuri , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , maria , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu , Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 and all other YRKKH fan and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Thanks amena dii for your fast update!!!!

    Coming to the episode . It was awesome !!!!!Both Kartik and Naira rocked today !!!! Naira’s word to dadi was awesome and rocking !!!! Kartik’s trick to prove Goenkas thinking wrong was awesome and rocking!!!
    Hii guys I think that Kartik’s trick is originally the plan of Naira because Kartik was stubborned to do court marriage it was Naira who told that she know how to solve this problem.
    I hate this Surekha . She is shameless she knows that Mansi has done the akshara’s accident but still Surekha is questioning Naira’s upbringing!!!!! Surekha is shameless!!!!!

  5. Hi all my wonderful family
    I pray you all had a blessed day
    Good poem Rahul bro – love it & it so prolific. You are very poetic
    This is quick comment.
    Kartik is the new Akshara. ???????????
    I love today’s episode
    Dadi Goenka is very impetuous – she acts like a small child,makes decisions without thinking. I would have love to see how Akshara would have related to her.
    Surekha is aweful for a mother with a young daughter she does not think if the tables were turn
    Can’t wait to see her reaction when it is revealed that her daughter is responsible for Naira’s mother’s demise.
    I know my Kartik would find a solution
    If only he can see Suwarna’s goodness – can’t wait for their bonding
    I used to love Akshara and Kartik’ s bonding.
    I miss my cuties on screen today.
    Yet again Manish missed another opportunity to bond with his son – again he puts family name & prestige before his sons feelings. That’s were he is failing as a father to understand his own son.
    The three women that I love in the Goenka family close the episode
    Suwarna, Priyanka and Priti you rock ???

  6. I love the new Naksh – he steals the show every time he is on. He is killing it. ??
    Thanks Ameena for the update
    Best wishes to those who are having exams – study hard & success will be yours.
    Fenil I pray your friend is feeling much better now.

  7. The episode was amazing
    Can’t wait for the hen’s barty and the bachelor party
    What happened to the court marraige?
    How are you all?
    Sorry I hadn’t been commenting…actually I was in hospital….there was something wrong with my stomach…

    1. party*

    2. Hi Sophie,
      Sorry to hear that, I pray you are feeling much better now
      Nice to see your comments.
      I miss Ishika, Adi, Pawan, Twana & Lasya & Sachu (with Sachu I guess she is busy with our cutie nephew).
      Sophie please look after yourself.

    3. Soumya85

      Hi Sophie di how r u now??happy to see ur comment take care di

  8. Nice
    But akshara ki kami hai

    1. You say this everytime…

      1. Twana

        Yaaa…I was gonna say that sometime before!! Thatz hilarious!!

  9. Chanpreet0815

    Hii Guys. I m chanpreet. U all seems to be vry interesting. I like the serial YRKKH. I watch this serial since from its start. But i never commented on this page.
    And I should say boys r also interested in this serial. I liked it vry much.

    Goenkas jab apne bete pr baat aai tab kitna gussa aaya aapko. Or jab aap log naira ko bol rahe the tab. vo aapko apna maanti h or aap log use paraaya. Disgusting

    1. Hi Charanpreet
      Nice meeting you…welcome dear…
      I am guessing you are Pubjabi
      I also love KRPKAB

      1. Chanpreet0815

        yes Sophie u r right. I m Punjabi. tell me something about u all.

    2. Soumya85

      Hii chanpreet..welcome I even used to watch kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi

  10. Hi Aniket!!
    Practical exam dates- I’m second batch so secnd week of feb..
    8th Feb-phy
    10th Feb-com sci

    Exam schedule.
    2ndmarch-Language paper 1
    3rdmarch-language paper 2
    6thmarch-English paper 1
    7thmarch-English paper 2
    17thmarch-computer science

    Tell me ua schedule bro.! Thnx for ua wishes!!!

    U knw, I hv posted this comment ystrday itslf. Don’t know y my comment has not yet displyd!!

    Hi Rahul bhaiya,!!
    Ohh, I’m like ua sister? Ofcrse bhaiya!
    Hey Lasya & Twana,!!
    Wer r u??????
    Sorry guys, couldn’t mention evry1 in my comment these days…….

    1. Good luck Raf…
      Seem like you need to study

  11. Hi friends
    The episode was amazing

  12. Rosa18

    Hello every1 the episode was awsome .loved d way kartik stood up 4 naira.
    any ways gyuzz sorry 4 d short comment but boards are round the corner so got 2 go

  13. Hi Sophie dii…
    How r U now??? Oh, U just missed Aniket, Not me & others…….This is not fair diii…U knw, how much I missed U???????? Ya, I’m preprng welll dii………

    Aniket, Twana & Aliyaa, best of luck for ua practicals guyz!!!

    1. I am better now…thank you…I got discharged from the hospital this morning….so I have a lot work
      And ofcourse I missed everyone…including you…sorry I couldn’t mention everyone…
      I am really sorry if you or anyone else felt bad or hurt…I am truley very sorry…

      1. Twana

        Sophie di How r u now?? Feeling better?? Sorry I was down with an eye infection n got to know abt ur stomachache while I was catching up the missed comments…I hope u r fine!!! And Get well soon di

  14. How come this happen that I dont miss my sister 4m other mister. Never sista, I missed u soo much. I also included u in my comments many times. Chek it. And 4m last 2days I was as busy as a bee So couldnt mention any1n in my comment.! And pls pls pls not 4 u but 4 my sake pls tc of my sister 4m other mister.! Pls sista, tc.!

    1. Sure Aniket…I will
      Good luck for your exams…do well

  15. Hi Gayu of the group, I got both of ua comments. In wich state do u live. My schedule is- Practicals 4m 8th feb. Yet the timetable of practicals is not displayed by oua clg. My boards start 4m 28feb- English 4mar-phy 8mar-chem 10-bio 20-crop sci1 n 22-crop sci2. Thnx 4 ua wishes. Wish u also very all the best 4 ua exams.!

  16. Soumya85

    Hii my yrkkh family members….How r u all?
    Episode was nice..I love the way karthik supports naira always..he is too good..waiting for kaira’s bachelor party.
    My exam was good but now I m suffering from fever??
    Aniket bhaiya i will tell u my exam schedule in another comment as I m not feeling well now but my first exam is on 10th March that is Hindi and my last exam in on 8 April
    Bye for now..I will comment when I will feel better

    1. Get better soon dear..❤

  17. This is a intriduction of me….for all the new members..

    My full name is Sophie Kapoor….I am a critic currently living in Australia….I was born on the 1st of Jan and I am 25…
    My family in India are from Jaipur, Rajasthan…I am a Sikh Punjabi…but my family have been living in Jaipur for a lot of years so I consider myself to be half Marwadi…
    My favorite shows are:
    (In order of prefernce)
    1. Ishqbaaz
    2. YRKKH
    3. Bigg Boss
    Bollywood Icon and the love my life Varun Dhawan…
    Faourite actresses are Parineeti Chopra and Priyanka Chopra
    Favourite Hollywood actor…Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock
    I love reading…going to movies and eating and hanging around with my friends

  18. Pls “yrkkh family” don’t bully me for what I say as I see you do to members who dislike the show after aksharas death
    But, I really hate the turn yrkkh has taken. With villains only lasting a few episodes, we now see them a part of the goenkas family and aditya. A show that would only drag weddings have now began to drag the roles of villains. the goenkas family no longer have a bond, they’re all against eachother somehow… suhasini hates suvarna, manish hates karthik, karthik hates manish, mansi is a murderer, her father hides her truth from the family rather than trying to sort it out. The only characters that have old elements of yrkkh is luv and Kush and we know they will move to nairas sasural after she gsts married, getting rid of the true meaning of yrkkh. Everyone says naira will change it , but what will happen after ? Suhasini is stubborn anyway so this will be a plot with unnecessary dragging and manish is just suhasinis pet and suhasini will be seen playing a villain as well as surekha. Karthik is not any better, he’s so stubborn and cannot be flexible in the simplest of ways, and takes the role of blackmailing his family to get what he wants. Please yrkkh makers go back to the old yrkkh where relationships were the core and not a Saad bahu programme, as suvarna will be seen crying to naira for small issues, unlike Akshara who takes a stand. I know I sound sour but this is my opinion, and probably of others too, who are afraid to comment as they will be attacked by this yrkkh family, who just like karthik, are not open minded.

  19. Saas* bahu

  20. hiiiiiiiiii guys….
    back to page ….
    happy happy happy…
    results after a week!!!
    how ar u???
    nice to see that kartik accepted naira.
    this shows kartiks true love towards naira.

  21. As u didnt mention any of our name, I will also not address u directly. Instead of saying that we arent open minded, I would request u to widen ua vision n then comment on this page. We never bursted out on any1n who dislikes KAIRA. We just attacked on those ppl who abused KAIRA. 4 ua kind of info. let me remind u that in old YRKKH also there were some villians like roles. In the early episodes Gayatri tried to marry Rashmi b4 Nandini coz None was ready to marry Nandani as she was handicap.

  22. Also Shaurya had an illegal daughter. That never meant ki Gayatri or Shaurya turned as villians permanently. Similarily, Goenkas are not as perfect as Maheshwaris n Singhanias but give some time to Naira to change this scene. Earlier DADAJI-BHABHMAA were also stubborn but with course of time they accepted the changes. And those who want old YRKKH, let me tell them, in old YRKKH there were no use of mobile apps and video chats then will u like the same now also?

  23. If u want modern touch in the things that u like then also accept the modern touch to the show that is liked by most of the viewers like us. Change ur mentality n change urself according to the new generation. The shows that revolve around the same characters dies premature death as it turns completely bullshit in due course of time. Respect the new move by makers n stay happy with what is provided.!

  24. Great, as I expected. The captain of the ship decides to bully me. Was there any family member who s*xually abused another? If you can read, I didn’t mention once that I hate kaira. I hate karthik and his ways of being spoilt and getting whatever he wants. I hate a recycled plot from yhm for param and ishika – yrkkh is usually unique but this is just a recycled plot. You told me to widen my vision when I’m looking past a show which is based on lies and hatred of eachother in the goenkas famiky, and all you are stuck with is kaira kaira kaira. Shaurya having an illegal daughter was yet another plot based on lies and the fact varsha still accepted him says a lot about values on yrkkh. That was also a recent plot. It wasn’t so so long ago. ok so if there are no permanent villains, are they going to show aditya continuously objectifying naira and then everyone forgiving him? Naira will play the mahaan role of the goenkas household and then lead to history repeating herself with naira getting all the screen space (I hope this does not happen) but yet I like nairas character because she is outspoken based on singhanias household, unlike keerthi and suvarna who dont say a word about their conditions. Even if there was no use of video calls and mobileapps, they were still able to work without it. Not saying I don’t like it, but with time the producers haven’t been consistent with the plots, for example showing karthik saving the family from danger about 10 times to make him appear heroic, and suggesting masculinity wins the heart of women. I am entitled to my own opinion and can stay happy or sad with what is provided. All I m doing is providing feedback, so I don’t see why you think it is such an issue. If you have a problem with me saying what I feel then please reconsider because I know you have misunderstood me for no particular reason.

  25. Hi Aniket.!!
    Y Pawan iz not commenting?? I knw he is buzy in studies but not even commntng once a day….WHY???? He didn’t comment since I joined!! He is in 10th r 12th???
    & Aniket pls reduce ua sleepng hrs bro,!! Study hard…I knw u’ll hit a great score!!

    Hi Sophie dii!!
    Pls don’t b sorry dii…I just told U dat I missed u so much. I’m not hurtd dii & I didn’t flt bad!! I’m very sorry if u flt bad dii.. How r u now di?? Pls take care dii…

    Hi Rahul bhaiya.!!
    Can I ask u somethng?? Pls dnt b upst bhaiya, Then only I’ll ask U else I won’t!!! Hw r u bhaiya??

    Hi Soumya!!!
    Get welll sooon!! Wil pray for U!!

    Hi Fenil bhaiya!!
    How is ua frnd now?? Still am prayng fr his recovery! He will b fine bhaiya, Dont worry!!!

    Hi Ishika diii!!
    Happy to c ua comment….How r u dii???

    Hi Twana & lasya!!
    Y u 2 r not commntng??? If u r bzy, At least comment once a day na,.pls!! How r u both??

    Hi Tanu dii,Chanya, Trishi!!
    Again U all r missing. Now what happen???

    Those who have boards, study welll guys….

    Those who r unwell, pls get well soon guys..Missing Ua comments!!!

    Y so lesss comment guyz??? Seems like evry1 is buzy!!!

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