Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Mishti to open the door. Mishti says no, I know you will make me leave with my parents, as they did wrong. They all try to convince her to open the door. Mishti refuses to leave from this house. Akshara says I will send Mishti later, if Karishma allows. Karishma says Mishti loves you a lot. They all ask Mishti to come out, they will not send her. Mishti opens the door and hugs Akshara. Akshara asks her not to talk like this. Mishti says sorry, don’t get angry. Karishma asks Mishti won’t you hug me. Naman says we are leaving. Mishti says no, and hugs Akshara.

Rajshri asks Varsha to calm down, Shankari tai will come. Varsha says I need a nice guy for Ananya, what does that Rukmani think about Ananya. Rajshri says we don’t have to find

guy to show anyone, but for Ananya’s happiness, relations are made by fate. Dadi says we should see his looks as well as his nature, family. Varsha says yes, I will find best guy for Ananya. Kaki says she may lose good proposals for best one.

Naman and Karishma are leaving. They take everyone’s blessings. Bau ji says this is not needed, its fine. He gives him new house keys and says I did all arrangements there, tell me if you need anything. Dilon ko bandha tha humne………..plays……….. they all cry. Devyaani cries and looks at Akshara.

Akshara cries and asks Naitik to stop them. He says even I want to, but its not in my hands, they have hurt everyone, till everyone forgive them, we can’t do anything. Naman and Karishma leave. Bau ji says wait Akshara, there is one thing left. Tara cries seeing Naksh’s pic and recalls his love confession. Sangram comes and asks her to come. She asks where. He says come, you trust me, don’t cry sitting here, I get hurt, we will clear things with Naksh’s family. Tara says no, Naksh refused me and Akshara also said same to hide this till she gets her eyesight comes. Sangram says I will make everything fine, come.

Shankari tai shows proposals, and Varsha rejects all by some remarks. Akshara, Naitik and entire Singhania family come there. Maheshwaris get glad and ask what is the good news, if Naksh’s engagement date fixed. Akshara asks Varsha about the guy’s photo. Maheshwaris realize Akshara can see and get happy. Varsha asks can you see. Akshara nods and hugs Varsha. They all get happy.

Akshara hugs Rajshri and they get emotional. Rajshri congratulates everyone. Akshara hugs everyone in Maheshwari family. Rajshri asks when did this happen, why did you not inform us. Naitik says I stopped Akshara, as we wanted to see your happiness. Rajshri says I will make sweets, come. Akshara thanks Bau ji for giving importance to her happiness despite his sorrow. He says your happiness is our happiness. Jasmeet asks about Naman and Karishma. They all get silent.

Sangram rings the bell. Tara stays tensed. Sangram says it seems its locked, this never happened. She says yes, where can they all go together, atleast Chitti uncle and Girja should be here. Sangram says call madam ji, I will talk to her about your happiness. She says no need, happiness will come if its in my fate, we can pray or wait, not anything else, come. They leave. Kaki asks Akshara to find guy for Ananya, her choice is nice. Shankari says yes, Akshara knows people well, Varsha is rejecting well. Vishwamber compliments Naitik. Naitik says yes, Akshara’s choice is good. Akshara says I will find guy like you for Ananya.

Akshara goes to help Rajshri in kitchen. Rajshri asks her to sit. Akshara says let me do some work. Rajshri asks about Devyaani’s sadness. Akshara tells something else and makes excuse. Devyaani hears them and misunderstands Akshara.

Akshara and Naitik are on the way back home, and talk about Naman and Karishma. She says I feel our happiness is incomplete without them, I feel Devyaani is annoyed with us. He says no, Devyaani is sad that they both left, I think she will understand we did right. They stop at signal and see Sangram and Tara going. Naitik says Naksh said they went out of city, maybe they came back today. She says no, he told me they have guests at home. He says why did he say different things, is there anything serious. She says there might be any confusion, why will Naksh lie, its time to tell truth to him. He asks are you sure. She says yes, now my eyesight has come back, I m sure Naksh won’t be upset with Sangram. Naitik says we will invite
Tara and Dada ji for dinner and surprise about your eyesight, and talk about this matter.

Devyaani talks on phone. Akshara comes home. Devyaani tells Bhabhimaa that I kept puja as Akshara’s eyesight got back. Akshara says its not needed. Devyaani says I don’t want anyone to say Akshara’s happiness got less by my children’s mistake. Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to invite Tara and her family for puja tomorrow. Naksh says they will come after a week. Naitik asks how do you know. Naksh says I spoke to Tara, she said her Dada ji got unwell, don’t cancel plan. Akshara asks how can this happen, we saw Tara and Sangram at signal. Naksh says really, maybe she wanted to surprise me. Bhabhimaa says fine, now invite her. Naksh says yes, first I will think of trick like her, I will not forget. Akshara says we will call her, I did not tell her about my eyesight. Naksh stops her and says I told her, she was happy and said she will personally congratulate you. He leaves. Naitik and Akshara get thinking.

Tara tells Akshara that you stopped me from talking to Naksh, don’t lie anymore, Naksh and my relation broke because of you. She cries. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ep was ok.No why Naman n karishma left home.

  2. Thanks Amena for fast updating.

  3. Devyani is a selfish woman….she is feeling sad as if their family people did mistake.she is not ashamed for her son and karishma……..simply keeping faces……showing her anger to akshara…..

  4. Divyani is mean she is not ashamed of her son’s deeds . She should not talk at all she has ego problem.pls director get rid of her now . She is just so mean , I do not want her to be mean to anyone. Get rid of Divyani from the show . Pls let Natik and Akshara be happy with Naksh and Tara . Pls director .

  5. Get rid of Divyani . Well done Bauji , for being so far to Natik and Akshara . Keep it ip

  6. Pls director make show super exciting tomorrow

  7. This fatty idiot devyani is too much yaar…. Koi ise kick kyu nehi karti… Simply disgusting

  8. Episode is ok. But very exciting precap!

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