Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naitik telling Akshara to take care of herself. Akshara says I will but sometimes I forget. Naitik says don’t worry I’m here to remind you. Akshara tells him about Baisa leaving. Naitik says tell her to stay. Akshara says let her go because her family is also waiting and anyway I told her to come back soon. Duggu comes with his drawing and says I draw me and the little baby. Naitik asks where is mama and papa in there. Duggu says no one will come between me and the baby. He tells Akshara to call Ananya as she didn’t call him.
Akshara calls Rajshri. Kaka says to Rajshri to tell Akshara to talk to Anshu and make him understand. Duggu takes the phone and talks to Rajshri. He tells her about Akshara’s pregnancy.

Rajshri tells everyone. Dadi says not to say anything about Anshu now otherwise she will worry. Rajshri talks to Akshara.

Anshu is upset in his room. Jasmeet calls him. They talk to each other. Naman comes and call Jasmeet. She says sorry and ends the call. Anshu gets annoyed. Varsha and Shaurya sees Anshu upset.

Akshara goes near the mirror. She finds some notes stuck to bottles. They are reminders from Naitik to take medicine etc. Akshara reads them and smiles. Naitik comes and says you ladies never forget to come front of the mirror. Akshara says and you gents never forget to taunt us. Naitik teases her about getting fat during tge pregnancy. They laugh. Naitik comes near Akshara and hugs her from the back. He says I have only one wish that I want to spend all the memorable times with this baby which I couldn’t do with Duggu. He says when you needed me the most I wasn’t there but this time that won’t happen. Akshara says this time we will be together. They smile.

Next morning, everyone is in the league area. Duggu is counting his sweets which he is gonna take for his friends in school. Akshara says you are not allowed to take so much. He says I’ll hide it and share it during lunch. Bhabhimaa tells her to let him take them. Baisa tells Akshara not to tell anyone about pregnancy yet. Naitik tells Duggu to take the sweets. He teases Baisa and laughs.
Baisa tells Akshara to take care 9f herself and everyone else. Everyone says bye to Baisa. Duggu hugs her and says I love you, come back soon. Baisa gives a silver coin to Akshara and tells her to give it to Devyani as she looked after Dadaji and Rajbanna so well. Baisa leaves.

Rajbanna says I’ll go to the park. Akshara says not today as he is not feeling well. Rajbanna tells her to take rest.
Akshara says to Bhabhimaa, Dadaji’s medicine is finished. They need to get it from Devyani. She says I’ll go and get. Bhabhimaa tells her not to go. Devyani will come with them. Akshara says she always comes to drop them off this time we should go and get them. Bhabhimaa says but I can’t let you go on your own and I even can’t go with you. Akshara says don’t worry I’ll take care of myself.

At m’s, everyone is discussing about Anshu. Kaka is angry at him for making such decision. Shaurya tries to make him understand. Varsha and Shaurya tries to convince everyone to let Anshu go in Mumbai. Dadi agrees with them.

Akshara comes in her room and finds more notes by Naitik. She reads them and laughs. She takes the medicines. She sends a blank sms to Naitik then calls Devyani. She asks when can she go and get the medications. Devyani says I’ll come and drop them off. Akshara says we have been giving you so much trouble. Devyani says to be honest I like visiting your house. She praises everyone. Akshara thanks her and says this time I’m feeling like going out so I’ll come and get them. Devyani tells her to meet at the mandir.

Akshara gets ready to go then suddenly feels dizzy. She says I’ll lay down for a while.

Duggu shares his sweet with everyone at school. She tells everyone about having a new baby at home.

Rajbanna is looking for something. Bhabhimaa asks if he needs anything. Rajbanna asks about Akshara as he wants tea. Bhabhimaa says she is taking a nap so I’ll make it for you. Rajbanna says she must be tried as she does so much work whole day. Bhabhimaa tells him about the medicines.
Devyani comes at home with the medication. She says Akshara was gonna meet me. Bhabhimaa tells her about Akshara sleeping and goes to make tea.

Akshara gets up and says how did I sleep for so long. She remembers about meeting Devyani. Rajbanna and Devyani discussing about medication downstairs. Akshara wonder what Devyani must be thinking as she didn’t go. She comes downstairs and sees Devyani is talking to Rajbanna. She smiles.

Precap : Bhabhimaa taking care of Dadaji and telling not to take too much suger. Akshara comes and tells Naitik to drink the milk. Rajbanna looks at them. Akshara and Bhabhimaa sees that and feels sad.

Update Credit to: Amina

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