Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik seeing Naira. She leaves in the car. He follows her on his bike. He sees the accident spot road and stops. Naira sees if he is coming. Kartik drives ahead. They reach the spot. She says you are just saying you don’t remember anything, you would remember this place, this place is that where you ruined my family’s happiness, this place snatched my mumma. She cries. He holds her and says no, your love did not snatch your life, I did not do anything, I m saying truth. She pushes him and says you did it, you are lying, I don’t want to hear it, what is the proof you did not do it. He asks what proof you have that I did this. She says police proved it. He asks her to ask her heart can he do it.

He asks what proof you want. She says what about our

pain and sorrow. He says I can understand, but I m not the reason. She asks how can I understand, you did the accident, mumma fell in the cliff, you were present here. He says I know, I love you a lot. He hugs her. She pushes him away and says you did this, you have snatched my mumma. They cry. Yahan wahan hai tu…..plays………

Manish and Suwarna talk about Akshara. She says its strange, how Lord changes fate, I met Akshara in temple, she came there to pray for Naira’s happiness. Naira comes home and touches Akshara’s footprints. Kartik recalls Naira’s words and cries. Naira sees the family crying and not having food. Naira asks Bhabhimaa to take medicines. Bhabhimaa refuses. Naira makes her gave medicines. She feeds Devyaani. She asks shall we keep puja tomorrow, I will explain Papa, Baisa you talk to pandit. Baisa hugs her. Rajshri sees Akshara’s pic and thinks Naira managed everything in one day, Akshara wanted Naira to become responsible.

Kartik looks at the bridge pole. Manish says I know we lost him, but I had hope, its ending now, thats why I asked you to get him home, Akhilesh children don’t listen by love, we have to be strict, find him now. Suwarna says don’t take tension, we will find some solution. Naira cries and hugs Mishti. Its morning, Naitik asks why do you want to be sorrowful, why do you want to end my hope, I can’t see Akshara like this.

Naira asks him to think of Akshara’s image which is in his heart, Akshara left others, let them be sorrowful and mourn, they all have right to think of Akshara, come. They all sit. Naira sings the bhajan O kanha, which Akshara used to sing. They all think of Akshara. Naitik looks at Naira. Naira stops singing and sees……

They all turn and see Manish. Naitik asks why did you come here again, don’t come again, leave, I don’t want to see your face, I think of Kartik, whatever he did. Manish says I understand, I will leave, I came here to ask about my son, Kartik, where is he. Naitik says why will we know where is he, just leave. Manish says I m talking well, it will be better if you also talk well, I just to know where is my son. Naira looks on.

Manish scolds Naira and says till crime is proved, none can touch my son, crime is not proved without an evidence, it happened just because of you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode was very emotional. Anyway i have heard that akshara is returning with new face and kaira marriage will take place. However, i think that this new akshara and new naitik will not be in lead role as story will shift to singhanias and goenkas with naira in centre. I think that keerthi is going to be lady love of naksh . Audition for new akshara has began. Guys i am really feeling bad for kartik . Guys don’t take me wrong as naira has never trusted kartik. Kartik is soo good and innocent he deserve better than naira. And guys don’t worry kartik will be proved innocent.

    1. can u please tell on what basis should naira support karthik be realistic when everything is against him and when she also knew he was drunk she knows he was on that road….she heard the accident. …she has lost her biological mom…whom she met after such long years. ..her family is shattered in this situation she will not think rationally its highly u realistic….but she still somewhere felt he can’t do it..
      a girl who is in pain herself so young at age who needs support herself of having lost karthkk her love and her mom is becoming support to her family who is making them to accept …who is else cna be more perfect girl than her…she is not perfect she keeps on bettering herself which all can relate to she is not mahaan…
      karthik doesn’t even remember what happened and how does he say he didn’t do …both are right in place situations they r thrown in are to be blamed. ..
      Swiss track also she had reasons to believe as her own chachu her family told ..anyone will believe family than someone else.
      anyways in coming days …naira gets a hint and she proves karthik innocent in spite of going against her dad and facing manish goenka…this is itself shows she will do anything for him.
      naira also has equally struggled since her childhood. …

      1. Chill shilpa chill. Its just a serial please don’t take this personally . At this point i am not fully blaming naira even in my previous comments in previous written updates i have not totally blamed naira. This is the fault of situation. And yes one more thing kartik have already told naira that uske car ke samne pathar aagaya tha , in one of the episode he has told it . Phir bhi naira ne ye bola ki tum jhoot bol rahe ho. And leaving this situation, in all the previous situation , when it comes to trust she never trusted kartik . She trusted what she saw , i mean she trusted her dimag over her dill. Even in ananya’s birthday kartik was to good to naira , helped her in joining dance classes along with gayu. Even akshara and gayu trusted kartik too much. Love is not always about getting romantic it’s also about trusting your partner. Initially 2-3 misunderstanding is ok because after every intial misunderstanding gets clear understanding between partners become strong but always misunderstanding your partner makes the relationship weaker. Initially Sometimes i feels that gayu is the right girl for kartik because she always trusted kartik. And yes one more thing breaking of trust should also not occur in relationship and untill now kartik has never broken anyone’s trust.
        Anyway i must say that this should be the last situation in which naira is not trusting kartik , though it’s not her fault (i mean situation is not right) .If in future in one more major situation , or any other major track ,if she doesn’t trust kartik with her dil , then i will must say that kartik deserves better than naira. Relationship or love without trust is 0 .

        Anyway i know that kaira is getting married , kartik’s innocence will be proved by naira , akshara is coming back with new face.

        And yes one more thing Shilpa stay chill and calm . Don’t take my comments personally . And i am extremely sorry if i have hurted you or your feelings, i am extremely sorry. But whatever i have written is my thinking, wrong or right i don’t know. Different people have different thinkings . Sorry once again if i have hurted you .

        At the end i will say remain cool , chill. Keep on smiling???? . With smile say cheese yaa say paneer.???

      2. I get your point but if she actually loves him then why would she not believe him? Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. Also this isn’t the first time she hasn’t trusted karthik. And she’s not even listening to his point.

  2. Vrushy

    The yaha waha part that played when naira left karthik was just so apt to their situation also the lyrics were superb !!
    Finally the spoilers say that naira would come to know about karthik being innocent in the upcoming week.

  3. Gr8 news rahul

    1. Thanks sachu. You are welcome

  4. Hi all
    Rahul I do agree with you that Khartik is good
    I do know that Naira is in pain & she is young & have lost her mum – she does not have to support Kartik but she doesn’t have to be mean either
    Like they show Kartik does not remember the incident & equally did not know he was drunk as he, himself did not take the alcohol & drink it – his drink was spiked.
    Many a times police makes assumptions about situations because of what they see – they have not bothered to investigate the matter fully. There is something they say about the law that all is innocent until proven wrong or guilty. I do understand the pain of the family (I have lost a close one too & the pain never goes away, just gets better with time. There is also something that we need to look at when this all is proved that he is not responsible, how will they feel about treating him so badly that love them so much. My take is this, we should try & use common sense, till date, that Kartik has come into their lives, he hasn’t done anything to make them think otherwise, in fact he has put his life in danger a few times for their sake. I know they have lost a love one but Kartik is also someone else’s son and I am happy that his father is fighting fire with them. Kartik is a honest guy with integrity, if he remembers that he is responsible he will confess it & ask for forgiveness.
    Naira is always misunderstanding the people that loves her – the same way she punished the whole family, just because of her doubt on her mother. Her mother told her before she left that day that she should trust Kartik always – that means give him the benefit of the doubt until otherwise.
    It is a shame because Akshara loves Kartik as her own.
    I do not mean to offend anyone – these are just my opinion
    Have a good weekend all

  5. Still my comment is not been displayed. The one that i replied to shilpa. Why???

  6. totaly agree wid u @ rahul and pat.

  7. Rahul I understand ur point trust ….and all. …
    gayu trust karthik …she didnt even stand for him during kohli incident. ..she didn’t even stop him from going out of house. was naira after knowing the truth she did it.gayu trusts karthik but doesn’t even trust her own mami love she is insecure of her own mami ….if she was in naira place in swiss she would know….we would have also seen being third person u can always say trust. …love is not blind trust. ..when police are continously telling its him how can she still give benefit of doutb…and annaya matter she trusted karthik she went ahead n faced chandu. .she when he was bff only she jumped in fire to be with her jai….she stood against bua dadi when asked about family even when she knew nothing about his family. ..she trusted him…u place urself in the situation as in nairas and then think within few hours if ur world collapses n the person comes n tells I didn’t do it…how. ..she lost her mom its not a small thing nobody thinks rationale …death reactions are evry extreme…..ur not even allowing things to sink in for her…give her time n space to think then she will do it…whole family is shattered right infrint of her n she has grown once forall big n has to ssupport them….hiw can she even think properly. anyways when u can think only from one side I can’t help it…sorry…..
    and for people saying by misunderstanding her family she punished them..yes she did mistake but she didnt live a life of gold….she struggled she earned a living…go and live a life of orphan working for ashram at such a age humarn trafficking she was she was stalked in early life was kidnapped saw her own friend die infront of her…did she have a normal life forbher trust people quickly n love like how fayu did instantly with karthik at first site.
    karthik couldn’t give his dad benefit of doubt fir killing his dad then why people expecting naira should give…he also has misunderstood his family ..u will se in coming episodes. ….naira needs support n someone to heal her but in turn she is suporting her family ….she is not even able tocey her heart out ..previously she was under constant pressure to prove she is good daughter now a good love always she has to battle family versus love
    in future episodes u will see how she will go against her dad to support karthik n manish challenging her..what else this girl has to go
    by saying so I am not saying karthik pain is less he also has a bad past he also has lot of pain but why u guys seeing only one side other side also…its a couple journey both it will hurt…both will be in pain.
    its naira who always has to choose family over anything always. ..for karthik its comparatively easier to think only of naira as he doesn’t think of family. …
    plzz stop saying gayu was better. ..she is also doubting him now and even misthii is …
    karthik doesn’t even know he was drunk and he says he doesn’t even remember anything then again says stone is he not cibtraindictaing himself here. Both are right n wrong …situation is to be blamed
    u need not be sorry. …its my pov and ur entitled to ur pov
    sorry if I hurt u
    I rest my case here

  8. agreed…but kaira should unite and this time naira should trust karthik.

  9. Kartik stugle so much. And naira but aksara return with new face.

  10. Hello friends (Rahul, Shilpa, Vrushy, Pat, Abhigya and all YRKKH fans). I am Aniket Maheshwari. Even here before i posted some comments but with fake identity named LOL as i felt it would be insecure to reveal identity here. But seeing your todays comments I feel I should also be the one to share my views. All 3 of u r right according to your pov. but i just want to tell that if we drag the current storyline parallel to the one that if by mistaken naitik would have done aksharas accident then would all the

  11. Chill guysss…..why r u all so over reacting….come on yaar…its just a serial….n the writer only knows what is he/she is upto….so there’s no point at all to argue in such small things….just hope a better story for us all ??????

  12. (sory friends my comment was half posted dont know why?).. (back to my point continuing my statement).. then would all the family members start hating naitik or would they break their relations with him (obviously no, some or other would have taken stand for him) but when its for kartik, they all turned their back at him, surprisingly Mishti also!! This somewhere makes sad that they finaly revealed blood relations mattes for them!! This was disapointing!!

  13. sory frnds my comment was half posted, dont know why (continuing my statement).. if naitik would have done this then would all the family members start hating naitik, or would they break their relation with him?? (obviously no, some or other would have taken stand for him) but when its for Kartik, they all turned their back, surprisingly Mishti also!! this was the sad part!!

  14. Also tat naitik started blaing karthik since the day of accident even when it was not officially devlarrd by police that kartik is culprit.
    Naitik inspite of suffering the pain of wrong blame for 10yrs at the time of dadajis death, how can he blame kartik for the mistake that he never did? ??

    As at the time of dadajis death bhabhimaa misunderstood akshara tje same naitik did??

    Why they dont change the track.. plzzz dont repeat the same…

    And yes naira wants to be aksharas best daughter..
    Then she shoul have learn that when all are against something or someone then u should support him (at the time of rashmis secomd mariage everyone was agains sameer bit akshara was the one who took stand for him then how could naira give this unfair treatement to kartik.???

    I know she has lost her mom but atleast she should give a single chance to kartik to prove his innocence…..

    Sorry if I hurt anyone but they should think that if akshara was there in their place then what she would have done..

    Sorry frnds my comments are in 3-4 different slots but dont what went wrong with my cellphone it wasn’t working properly..

    – your new groop member
    Aniket Maheshwari

  15. Hi shilpa, ipi , garima , ridz , aniket, pat ,pawan , Esha and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers

    Hi shilpa

    I agree with your points and they are totally correct like some of them are:-
    1) Naira has lost her biological mom.
    2) She is in pain.
    3) After returning back to her family , she remains away from her father quite for a long time due to naman and now she has lost her mother.
    4) Evidences and situation tells that kartik is the culprit. And even naira heards that he is drunk , on the phone call.
    5) After knowing the truth she stands strongly for kartik , like in kohli case , like in bua dadi wala case , like in naksh wala case when he was bad mouthing kartik due to naira dance assessment class Episode no:-2146( though she was not knowing at that time that all this thing was due kartik).
    6) Gayu didn’t stand for kartik like in kohli wala case, even though she was knowing the truth, may be she would have told family the truth, later on , i don’t know.

    U tell that love is not blind trust. But i think love is completely trusting your partner , standing up and fighting for your partner , donot breaking the trust for your partner . And this applies to both kartik and naira. Initially 2-3 misunderstanding your partner in big situation is ok . But always mmisunderstanding your partner is not good .

    Atleast she should give him a single chance to prove himself innocent or atleast trust him 1% . And it’s also not like that kartik has done something wrong towards naira and her family , infact he has always helped naira and her family even though naira has misunderstood kartik many times .

    At this situation i am not blaming naira but i am telling that he desrve a single chance to prove his innocence or even 1% of trust because his past relation with naira and her family is not average or good but it is excellent and he deserve a chance to prove himself innocent.
    Akshara was very good even in kohli wala case , when everyone was against kartik , akshara gives him a chance to prove himself innocent. If akshara would have in the situation of naira she would have given him a chance .

    My comment is not yet over i am going to begin my second comment.

  16. And if i am telling that kartik deserve better than naira , it doesn’t means that i am telling kartik is better than naira . No. I am not comparing the goodness of two person and their personality as it differs from person to person and thinking to thinking.

    Even when naman returns from kenya without naitik she started crying as if naman was no one to her. Then it was akshara who made naira realise her mistake.

    Yes you are right that currently naira and her family are currently blindfolded by akshara loss as she is the soul of family but that doesn’t mean that kartik doesn’t deserve a chance .
    I know that they deserve time and space but kartik also deserve a chance.

    In future naira will come to know about kartik’s innocence but only after finding a clue and not by her heart.

    And yes you are right that it was the naira who has to choose over kartik and family. But i am not telling to choose between kartik and family, i am telling to trust kartik 1% atleast give him a chance.

    If akshara would have been in place of naira she would have trusted kartik or atleast given him a chance .

    Anyway what i think i have written.
    Sorry if i have hurted anyone’s feelings.

    Hi pat

    I don’t think that naira is mean here she has lost her biological mom. And she and her family is blindfolded by akshara loss. But i think that kartik deserve a fair chance and trust also.

    Hi aniket

    I agree with your point . But naitik and his families are blindfolded by akshara loss , that’s why they are not trusting kartik. But that is due to blood relationship, no i think you are wrong here. To make this point of you clear once vishwambhar scolded naitik very badly because he was blindfolded due akshara’s pain. But on giving time he understood his mistake and apologize to naitik. You can watch Episode no:- 1943 .

    Now my comment is over .
    And guys keep smiling . With smile in your face say paneer or say cheese. You too shilpa ji keep smiling and don’t take make comments seriously as it is only a serial. Keep smiling ????????.

    And i think i am correct , Shilpa is also correct, everyone is correct at their place.

    Have good day guys

    1. Sorry rahul I don’t agree with the point u made about naira when naman returned back….without naitikk. .if u see the episode nit even his iwn daughter or his wife met him they all looked for naitikk but it was naira who went hugged him and told how much she missed him n her dad.she broke down after she realised her dad didn’t come and ur seriously expecting a nineteen year old girl to act like fifty year old mom ????? any girl who had hopes of her dad returning didnt come will act like that..akshara never said she did mistake she just huggedd she knew the pain….
      why do u want naira to be akshsra and think like her…she is naira she is not perfect everybody knows she needs a guide to make her learn and she is learning as day passes by….she is not mahan she is like a normal twenty year okd girl who makes mistake and learns ..she will learn im her own way…if she is not trusting karthjk she also has gone through the pain of hurting ….even during love triangle sacrifice she wanted to sacrifice not that karthjk love is not great she felt she doesn’t deserve karthik as she is not a right or perfect person …she blamed herself. …
      even now when she has got a proof karthik will avoid her..but still she will prove his innocence and she will silently bear the pain of loss …
      no one is right or wrong its situation which is to be blamed
      She will be on track with swarna guidance. .
      Naira is naira and ak we don’t want also..we like naira as we can relate to her…everybody amkes mistake n learn she will also..
      I am sorry for starting this conversation
      u too keep smiling I am not taking it seriously.

  17. If u have some loss that dosent mean u can blame anyone blindly, and that also to the one whom u consider a past of your family. When the word FAMILY is said then some words are indirectly attatched to it like TRUST, CARING, STRONG BOND etc. And not trusting the part of your family is damn shit.!! Yes i know about that episode Rahul, and thats what i am saying ki always repeating the same track, same storyline is not expected by viewers.

  18. This happens almost in all storylines, that someone creates misunderstanding, then realises their own mistake and finally ask for fopgivenes (even during Vishwambhars time and also repeating now)!! Thats what we all dont want.

  19. See Rahul, they are blindfolded with severe loss that doesnt mean ki they can blindly blame someone and when that someone is a part of their family then how can naitik do that?? When the word FAMILY is heard then there are some other words that are related with it like TRUST, CARING, STRONG BOND. Then the one whom they considered as a part of family the should not give this unfair treatment of makinig him suffer thd pain of wrong blame.

  20. This happens everytime, someone creates misunderstanding, realises their own mistake and finally ask for forgiveness. (this track was at the time of Vishwambhar scolding and even it is repeating the same now). We want something new twist that should be beyond our imagination..!! And yes shilpa u r right acoqding to your pov. bt yes i must say kartik should be given a chance…..!!

  21. Hi Aniket

    I agree with your point that this track should end . And as for this particular situation give naira and her family some time they will surely realise , also evidences shows that kartik is culprit . At end i am 100% sure they will apologize to kartik

    Hi Shilpa

    I agree with your point also. I don’t know about future but till the episode is shown , when ever it comes to trust naira never trusted kartik . She only trusted kartik when evidence shows that he is innocent.
    She trusted her dimag and evidence more than kartik.

    Guys keep on smiling . Shilpa i am extremely sorry if i have hurted you . Your thinking and my thinking is little bit different.
    And i respect your thinking.
    Good night guys . Have sweet dreams. Take care

  22. !!GooD MorninG FriendS!! Hi Rahul, Hi Shilpa, Hello Everyone, I think neither of u should ask for apology! Here we all are sharing our p.o.v. and dont need to be sorry for that. And after all, what-so-ever the story line will be, I dont think it will affect our FRIENDSHIP!! Plz reply (Rahul and Shilpa).

  23. This was one show which was happy, and now that has been ruin.
    If you’ll expected Naira and Kartik to carry it on, you would have them be together! Don’t spoil this show like the other ones!

  24. Good morning to all my friends. Hi aniket , hi Shilpa.
    Hi aniket . We are just sharing our p.o.v. And need to apologize if hurted feelings or thinking of anyone. And yes our different thinkings and p.o.v is never going to affect our friendship. It’s just a serial , and in real life naira is shivangi joshi and kartik is mohsin khan and even they are also not dating with each other in real life??????????????????.
    So how can we allow a serial to effect our friendship.
    No it will never effect our friendship.

    Have a nice day friends . Have a nice day aniket. Have a nice day shilpa. Have a nice day to all YRKKH fans.
    And thanks Aniket for making a comment on friendship and making effort to take care of our friendship. You are a good person, infact everyone here is good person.

  25. Good morning all
    We have more drama on this site than the show itself. ? ???
    I do understand all POVs – my take is this in Family or in Life, there are several shades of love.
    I am sorry for what the family is going through and I do sympathise but I am equally sorry for Kartik as well – I love justice & I don’t like it when someone is treated or being treated unfairly – please don’t get me wrong the family is just in their anguish but they are also very loving people which is why I love watching YRKH – since it started. So I was equally expecting them to temper justice with mercy.
    Also I am biased against Naira – yes, one who loves justice is confessing to being biased. Reason being is the way she treated her family because of her misunderstanding against her mum, I hated the way the punished all in the family & her treatment of her mum (which she didn’t deserved) so there you have it.
    Now I also think that she feels guilty for her treatment of her mum all that time & now that they are getting on really well, she has been snatched away from her. So I do feel for her. I do feel for all of them when they were all crying, tears fell from my eyes.
    This track is so emotionally draining, I thank God for this site where we can come & talk about our feelings.
    Come on CVs wrap up the track soon.
    Rahul, Shilpa, Aniket & all YRKH fans have a wonderful & blessed week.

  26. TYSM for mentioning me in ur comments!! @ Rahul and Pat.

  27. Hello friends (especially Rahul Bhai, Shilpa Behen, and Pat)
    It would be my pleasure to be a friend of u.
    If u dont mind then plzzz text me on my email:-

    [email protected]

    waiting for u friends!!

  28. Hello Friends (especially Rahul Bhai, Shilpa Behen, Pat)
    It will be my pleasure to be a friend of u!!
    So if u dont mind then plzzz text me on my email:-

    [email protected]

    plzzz friends waiting for ur email!!

  29. Mona146

    Guys I’m sorry to hurt kaira fans but I really feel many times that naira does not deserve karthik. He deserves someone who really loves him a lot. She is not a kid(She is ready to marry karthik ryt) and I get irritated when she says mamma. She can call maa.

    I want production house to improve make up of Ragini(Suwarna). She can look a bit better.

    These are just my views and no intention to hurt anyone.

  30. Mona146

    I really liked shivangi in Begasurai but not here.

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