Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru Maa asking Naira to wear ghungroos and dance. Akshara cries looking on. Kartik drinks kada so that Naira does not infection by him, when he meets her. Rajshri asks what is he thinking. He asks for medicines so that they don’t get trouble. The men get big boxes there. Rajshri and everyone ask whats this. They all get surprised Nannu coming out of the box. They get surprised.

Nannu hugs them and Rajshri happily cries. Vishwamber says Naksh also surprised us this way. Rajshri asks did he tell his parents before coming. Nannu says I told them, I m getting sleep, I want to sleep. Rajshri says go, till then I will make your fav things. Vishwamber says we would be glad if others came too. Rajshri misses Kaki. Dadi says yes, family would be complete.


takes Nannu’s bag. Nannu asks who is he and takes his bag. Varsha says he works in Akshara’s company and stays with us. He goes to sleep. Rajshri tells Kartik to take sweets and inform Akshara that Nannu has come.

Naira practices in wet sand. Guru Maa says its not easy, you have to manage and balance, you have less time, you decide what to do. Devyaani comes and asks them to have breakfast. Guru Maa says I will decide when Naira will take break. She asks Naira to keep practicing and not stop till she says. Naira dances. Guru Maa and Devyaani leave. Kartik comes there. He smiles seeing Naira. O re piya……………..plays………………….. he removes the stick so that her feet do not get hurt. She rotates and falls. He holds her in his arms. Guru Maa comes and asks Naira will she fulfill her dad’s dream like this. Kartik says no, she was falling and I held her. Guru Maa asks who are you, did I ask you anything. Kartik says sorry and goes inside house. Guru Maa asks Naira to start again.

Bhabhimaa tells Akshara that your Maayka would be happy after Nannu’s arrival. Akshara says yes. Kartik comes and gives sweets. Bhabhimaa ties thread to his hand and says this will protect you. Kartik asks what happened to me. Bhabhimaa says you fought twice in a day. Akshara sats you are part of our family now. They gift him family pic. He hugs Bhabhimaa. Gayu waits. Naksh comes and welcomes Kartik well. They all have a talk. Naira comes. Kartik cuts the thank you cake and feeds Naksh. He asks Mishti to feed cake to everyone. Naira feeds cake to Kartik and applies on his cheeks. She laughs and says sorry, I can’t resist seeing cake. He smiles and eats the cake. Din me jugnu talash karta hoon…………..plays………….Gayu looks on. Naira says Kartik….. Gayu says we shall have food. Kartik says I will washf ace. Naira gives him tissue. She thanks him for everything. Yeh rishta kya…………..plays………… She passes tissues and thanks him for submitting her exam form, saving Gayu and Kuhu, and helping Naksh.

Rajshri tells Vishwamber that Nannu made program and came to us. Kuhu comes and says shall we take Nannu and go to picnic. Varsha says he has just come, we will take to relatives and friends first. Shaurya asks Rajshri did she tell Anshu when did Nannu come. Rajshri says no, why. Shaurya says Nannu’s friend call and I answered, he said Nannu came to his house yesterday and slept all day. Rajshri says he did not tell us, but why does he sleep so much.

Gayu’s designs falls and Kartik praises her and her designs. He asks what else do you want. She says I want a lot, anyways how do you know about designs. He says its my family work, I mean I evaluate things, that’s why I m in marketing. She shows his drawing and named him superhero. He likes the drawing. She thanks him. He asks her not to be formal. She smiles. Ishq mujhko hua hai…….plays………….. She asks him for design. Naksh comes there.

Kartik says I will get kheer, then we will talk. He goes and says Naksh got normal by difficulty, if there is misunderstanding, he will stop me from coming here. Gayu says fine, run away, but one day will come that you can’t run away, I will confess love to you Kartik. Naira asks Kartik to talk aloud. She laughs seeing drawing and asks are you superhero, did Mishti give this, I pity you. He says you were thanking me. She says yes, I did not call him super hero. She asks him to remain human and goes. He says when will she understand me that I love her a lot.

Guru Maa says its enough, I can’t teach Naira. Akshara asks Naira to stop Guru Maa. Naira says thanks Guru Maa, maybe our relation was till here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kaira nok jhok …am really happy…
    I like them..kaira…
    akshara suprmom too

  2. Onlyyy kayu!!!! Uffff simplicity of gayu is just killing

    1. Yeah akshat you are absolutely rightyt ! Kayu is the bestttt and kaira will flopppp?? even directer will soon realise his mistake for focussing too much on that idiot naira! Akshara’s jodi as best mum suits only with naksh and gayu!?? keep supporting kayu baby!

  3. what a beautiful epi after some days.loved the thanku scene of duh naira is lead she ll get more screen space.whats the rocket science in it?cant wait for akshara-naira reunion.this ma-beti jodi always rock after kaira <3

  4. why we are fighting over kaira or kayu? anyway kaira will unite after so many twists and turns… makers of the serial are just trying to make a love triangle..thats it
    I love both gayu and naira

  5. Wow Gayu is so talented she takes everything to perfection and this stupid brainless naira is good for nothing , can’t even dance properly ! Thanks to guru maa to showing naira her actual place ! Naira is good for nothing! Directer is imposing her on karthik!

  6. Anika

    Here people are talking as if they knew everything about dancing
    Dance is all about practising.
    And Naira didn’t practice for so many years.
    It’s normal to miss some steps, facing problem in balancing.

    And Guruma is also egoistic
    Her ego is hurt by Naira’s word
    That’s why she is making Naira practising to much.
    I hope in upcoming episode she will understand Naira’s true talent.

    And the people who are praising Gayu too much or saying her talented,
    Gayu learnt this from Akshara and practising this art for many years.
    She is in practice.
    And if anyone practice chances of mistakes are few.

    And those guys who are praising Gayu too much!
    Soon Gayu will start showing her true colours.

    1 big dibba of Sympathy for those. 😛

    And if talking about simplicity then Naira is so simple than Gayu.
    She doesn’t bother about standard, .
    And I hope you have seen previous episodes where Gayu Maharaani was so bothered about standard that she didn’t help Naira in decoration because she thought it’s event planners task which doesn’t match her standard.

    1. anika dont fight with these morons.inko lagta hai ye bolenge to kaira ll flop.if they choose to close their eyes n cant see the fanfollowing n popularity of kaira its not our headache.even the makers know what is selling now-a-days..let these ppl bark..inke khne pe na to naira buri ho jayegi nahi selfish gayu selfless ho jayegi who wants all the attention for her ll b shown very soon.i saw upcoming segment that gayu wants all the attention for herself n doesnt want to share love with was always kaira n ll b kaira.check mohsin shivangi twitter cover pic.both have kaira on

      1. Anika

        You’re right Piu.
        Tab dekhungi kaha jati hai Gayu Maharaani ki sari praja Jab Maharaani ne uski asli sakal dikhana suru karega.

        Then these will say “Everything is fair in love and war. So what Kartik doesn’t love her but she loves Kartik na? That’s why she can do anything to get her love.”

  7. people hates gayu just because they love that stupid naira… its okkk it doesn’t matter bcoz gayu is best nd will b best!!!!!!!

  8. U knw what guyz u r telling naira doesnt knw dancing but she will win first prize in competition ans soon akshara and naira reunit and gayu will get jealousy seeing this. And naira is so simple grl she cnt mind about standards. She always says whats in her heart thats why karthik likes her. Im not aginst gayu but dnt blame naira she is really simple and sweat grl. And anyways naira is lead not gayu.

  9. True said anika
    Kaira is best.gayu will show her real face very soon.

  10. Hahaha…why all this fighting here??

    What is most important is The end game wuld be Kaira and oly kaira!!
    What’s. Imp is Kaira is d lead pair after naitik akshara…these two pairs fulfill the title yeh rishta kya Kehlta hai!!

    What’s even more imp is karthik loves naira no matter what..hez so clear abt his feelings…gayu is just a frnd and ntng more to him!!

    And the thing is yeh rishta waalo ne kabhi bhi rishton ka beijjat nahi kiya..itz a simple serial unlike others where saazishe hi saazishe hai…and pairs often change as if love is some game!

    It was naitik and akshara oly…it will be karthik and naira oly!!

    Hope mishkat ko le le serial mein…gayu ke liye acha hai wo!

  11. love u kaira…
    Do u know guys,naira reallly got hurted when she was practising on that clay
    she is really a talentaed actress as well as dancer too
    gayus true colour will be exposed within fewdays

  12. I like kaira nok jhok and wait for the moment when they together

  13. sorry..spelling mistake on talented and really..

  14. nowdays i really like yrkkh after the leap…
    good job…
    ishqbaaz and yrkkh are my favourite

  15. prasad mulik

    My favourite serial in kya Hua love triagle to dikh hi nahi raha Naira to kartik love to kya uske liye kuch feel bhi nahi karti

  16. prasad mulik

    Plsss Naira kartik gayu ka love triagle zyada dikho plssssssss

  17. I hate this gayu yr kitna pakati hai

  18. Yes.. muje bhi love triangle dekhna acha laga..
    thats the rocking part of yrkkh

  19. hahahaha idhar kch bewakuf log to gayu ki tareef sunte hi apni aukaat pe aa gye…..look at their language isse naira ya gayu ka to niii inka standard pta chlta h……kisi ne inhe kch niii kha bt Inhe to gayu ki tareef sunte hi mirchi lg gyi…..everyone knows that at last gayu have to leave kartik nd directors will make kaira pair bt ye log to is baat ko itna chilla chilla k kh re h jase kaira inhi k ghr khana khane aenge sbse phle ??… am kanchi’s fan and always will…..naira can’t beat her face innocence…
    or in logo ko dekho zra si gayu ki tareef kya ki jal bhun k raakh ho gye kmaal h ase ase b namune h duniya me ??

  20. its okkkk bhaiyo or bhno tum log chillate rho hme to koi frq pdta niii ki tum kiske fan ho or Ku ho……we r kanchi’s fan and that’s it only it matters nothing else ……or haan agr kartik or naira shadi k bad tumhare yhn khane pe aae ya tumhe bulae to zarur idhr post kr dena…..
    Or ase logo ko dekhkr to ek hi thought mn me aata h…..”Begaani shadi me abdullaa deewana” ??

  21. and kch log jtna inme intrst dikha re h ki ek serial k lye kisi individual ko galiyan dene se niii chukte….that shows clearly that who is moron ??
    Jaa bhn tu pdhai kr phle sb moh Maya h aayi bdi moron wali

    1. Actually when that a person is pointing one finger at other then automatically the rest of their fingers are pointing at themselves!????? so actually they are moron too? !! Yeh rishta tu sirf kayu kehlata hai ?
      Yrkkh rocks and Naira stops!!!?

  22. plz karan bahiya come back on the show plzzzzzz its a humble request from on behalf of ur fans plzzzzzz aapke bina yash nd rose ki shaddi hogi aapke bina naira akshara ka patch bhi hogaya really i don’t like it as such type of episode aap hote toh aur bhi maza aata plzzzzz hum fans ke liye show main waspas jayao plzzz nf next month aap ksa birthday bhi hai na hum chate hai ki aap aapna birthday yrkkh ke set par hi manaye ab main nhi chaati ki aapke bina teej nd ab aapke bina switzerland wala track nhi dekna hai wase toh maine jab se aap show se gaye hai tab se maine yrkkh ke kuch hi episode dekhe hai jisme aapko bhi dekne ko mila hai its a very nice gift for all of us aap plz show main aajaiye aap to main lead hai hume karan mehra hi chaiye not vishal singh we all of u really want u plzzzzzzzz come back on the show as soom as possible

  23. I hate gayu shez too much. She feels so insecure when anyone pampers naira. And gayu is pampered so much by akshra.akshra didnt even pamper her own children like that. Naira should Also consider someone like a mom then that akshra will understand.

  24. How can gayu decide whether she wants to share akshara or no. Naira should decide that.

  25. One more thing gayu will start showing her true colours just by saying akshara ki parchai she wnt become that.shez just a person who wants to gain all attention and love. And she was saying with naksh she doesnt want nairas place now why shez feeling jealous

  26. I like gayu the most!!! Can’t wait to see her in negative avatar!!! Agar log piyar ki zaban nahi jante to cheen lo apna piyar! After all , every thing is fair in love???? ( I personally don’t believe in war as some idiots do?)
    Yrkkh is not property of akshara and her stupid daughter ! One thing more you guys say that naira is out of practice in dance but she once said that she continue her dancing practice in rishikesh throughout !! Gayu is daughter of rashmi who was the daughter of sanghaniya house so she also has full right on everything here because rashmi never took her property from her parents!!

  27. I dnt think ppl will agree wid me bt i would like to say something about akshara shez a good wife,daughter, daughter in law, a good mother for a son not for a daughter if u see carefully she has always been strict with naira.whenever anyone else in fmly scold their daughters she used to scold them but what abt her always scold naira.And one more thing itz nt a problem that she considers gayu her daughter, but how can she love gayu as much as naira. If she was a true mother she would show more love to naira than gayu the difference would have been seen. Im nt saying showing love to gayu is wrong she also needs to be loved as she is naitiks sisters daughter but my question is how can she love naira whom she has given birth and gayu who was with her just a few days back when naira left the house equally. I also feel she loves gayu more than naira and naksh too.hence i feel shez nt that great mother of a daughter

  28. hahahahahaha yeahhh….ryttttt romi ??…It will be great fun to see gayu in negative avtaar…..she looks cute nd innocent and am very curious to see gayu in bold and hot character…..everyone thinks that when gayu will turn negative we will start to hate her ……wrong people wrong thinking ????????????

  29. Hahahahahaha yeah absoulately ryt romi … will be great to see gayu in negative avtaar …..
    in negative character too she will look better than that arrogant and irritating naira who can only show her attitude to everyone

  30. Anika

    Abita Akshara doesn’t love Gayu more than Naira and Naksh.
    Actually Gayu doesn’t have parents so she pays her more attention so that she doesn’t feel alone 🙂

  31. Anika

    And meri pyaari Romi and Akshat Vaiya!
    Pehle kaun suru kiya!
    Pehle kisne Naira ko irritating, stupid kaha?
    kaun kaha ki use dance nehi aata?
    Humne to Pehle kuch bhi nehi kaha!
    You can badmouth about Naira, that’s right!
    But if we do the same about Gayu then wrong!

    Man liya mein buri hoon, mirchi ki tarah jalti hoon,
    tum to acchi ho na!
    Itni react kyun karti ho phir!

  32. Yes anika she loves gayu the starting episodes if u see u cn understand how much she used to pamper any of the episodes itz nt shown akshra loves naksh or naira more than gayu.

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