Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the winners being announced. Both Naira and Gayu have a tie and they are asked to have face off round between them, to decide the winner. Akshara says we will see and encourage them. They came first and got chance to perform again. Naira and Gayu come to perform in the face off round. Everyone claps for them and smiles. Naira’s bracelet gets removes and hinders her in the dance. Akshara notices it. Gayu continues dancing. Gayu gets hurt by the bracelet that hurts her feet and falls down. They all rush to her and see her feet bleeding. Akshara looks at Naira and takes her.

She asks Naira why did she do this, to make Gayu lose, this is competition, become a good person. Naira says I did not see it. Akshara says I m seeing you since long, I noticed you,

I have seen you have thrown the bracelet towards Gayu. Naira says it was opening and disturbing me, I tried to move it and threw on floor to side, I work hard to win, I can’t do this, unfortunately Gayu got hurt, and you have hurt me today.

The judge announces the winner Naira Singhania. Everyone claps for her. Gayu says its fine if I win or Naira, we are sisters. Naira gets the trophy and smiles. They all come home. Devyaani says Gayu would have won if her foot did not get hurt. Gayu says I will try next time. Akshara waits for Naksh. Bau ji asks Naira why is she sad, when Gayu is happy that Naira won. Naitik says he will make sweets. Bhabhimaa stops him and says she will make sweets.

Akshara apologizes to Naira and Naira hugs her crying. Akshara consoles her and asks her to smile. She says they will keep celebration for both of them. Naira says Gayu would have won today, as she gave her best. They all take pics with the trophy. Naksh comes home and Naitk scolds him for not coming in Naira’s imp day. He says Naksh does not care for anyone’s feelings. Akshara scolds him and asks why did he not come, she wants to know the truth.

Naksh says I was with my friend. She asks for the number. He says he can’t give, he will say when he wants and goes. Maheshwari family talks about the dance competition. Rajshri says she is thinking to gift Gayu and Naira. Kaki asks Jasmeet and Varsha to get some gifts. Jasmeet says every child has talent, unlike Nannu. The elders pacify her and ask her not to run after Nannu. Jasmeet complains about Nannu.

Naksh comes to Naira and apologizes for not coming. She stays annoyed. He says there was a big reason and says sorry, he really wanted to come. He hugs her and says I wish dad understands that reason. Its night, Akshara wakes up and calls everyone in her room, to wish Naitik. They all wish him happy birthday, and Naitik wakes up. Naksh touches his feet and hugs him Gayu hugs Naitik before Naira. Naitik thanks them and smiles.

Naira hugs Naitik. The elders bless Naitik. Akshara asks him to see, Maheshwari family blessing him. She smiles. Rajshri and everyone wish Naitik. Naitik says he is very happy today to be with them after many years. Naksh says he has an idea to celebrate Naitik’s birthday outside. Naitik says it may happen that Naksh does not come. Ananya asks Naitik to agree. Bau ji asks Naksh not to do anything wrong. Naksh says promise. They all decide so. They all leave. Akshara asks Naitik to stop saying about Naksh. He kisses him and hugs him, wishing him happy birthday. He thanks her and they smile.

Its morning, he thinks Akshara would be making special dish for him. He gets a gift and says its my birthday gift. He gets a letter and reads it. He gets Akshara’s pregnancy report and is shaken up, saying it means I m becoming Papa. He gets shocked. Akshara asks Devyaani and Bhabhimaa not to tell this to anyone, and they laugh. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara not to trouble Naitik much. They see Naitik coming and start acting. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask Akshara to take rest. He looks on and gets a call. He leaves.

He thanks for getting the wishes from hotel staff and misses them. Naksh hears him. Naitik goes to talk to Akshara. Naksh gets a message that hotel work won’t complete today and he gets worried.

Akshara asks Naitik what will she say to kids. He says you did not tell me before. She says report came today from clinic, I was not sure. She turns and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Akshara is pregnant. How can this be possible ,if they will going to have another child that child would be 20 years younger than Naksh.

  2. Its just a joke.. To trouble naitik n make fun of him..

    1. Yeah Rumaisa didn’t u read the spoilers?

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