Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira’s Mu dikhai happening. Dadi tells about jewelry she got for Naira. Naira feels sad. Suwarna asks her does she want anything. Naira says no and recalls Bhabhimaa’s words. Kartik sees Naira. Lav asks do you have to tell her anything. Kartik says no, I came to see how is she, she maybe tired, rasams are going on, she does not listen to me, you guys go and enjoy.

Naira thinks to ask Kartik about headache medicine, whom to say. The lady asks Suhani about the necklace set. Dadi says its designer set. The lady says I gave real one to my granddaughter, you got 18karat replica. Dadi says no, its real diamonds set, gold has to be 18 karat to fix diamonds, everyone does not understand this. Naksh asks Naitik to come. Naitik says I can’t miss this moment,

don’t tell anyone about my health, I want to meet Naira, don’t know she got chance to rest or not, she would be tired. They worry for Naira,

Ananya, Mishti and Gayu talk to Kartik and punish him for failing in bet. Kartik says anything but not this. Lav asks him to do it. Kartik says I will see you two later. The lady asks Dadi to call Kartik, I want to meet him. Dadi says I will take you. She moves and juice falls on Naira. She sends Naira to go and clean the dress. The girl says you got wheatish color girl for Kartik. Dadi says color is just external beauty, for me values, blood and family matters, she is one in a million.

Naksh says Naitik is missing Naira. Bhabhimaa says daughter does not go alone and take parents’ peace and happiness. They all miss Naira. Naksh thinks Papa should get fine till reception. Naira comes to room and sees some woman. She says I m sorry. She gets shocked seeing Kartik in saree. He asks her to come. Gayu, Ananya and Mishti laugh. Kartik asks did your mu dikhai get over, meet me also, I m Kartiki Naira Singhania. They laugh. Mishti says you are so funny. Naira asks what’s all this.

The lady says I will see your bahu’s face and leave. Dadi asks her to come. Naira says Mishti don’t do this, it maybe problem if anyone comes. He says its our room, who will come. Gayu asks Kartik to change. Lav and Kush say no, we will click pictures. Mishti says yes, its special moment, dance I will record it. Naira says no. Kartik asks her to wait. Kartik dances. Dadi comes there with a lady. Dadi asks who is this Naira. Kartik covers his face.

The lady meets Naira. She says I m going out for 6months and came to meet, is that woman from your Maayka. Naksh comes and sees Gayu, Ananya and Mishti on video chat. Naira says yes. The lady gives her shagun and blesses her. Surekha takes the lady. Dadi asks who are you. Naksh asks what happened, why did I feel that lady is Kartik. Kartik shows his face. Dadi gets shocked. She ends the call. She scolds him. He says I lost bet so they asked me to do this. She asks him to go and change. He goes. Dadi scolds Naira.

She says you both can do anything, but respect is necessary in front of world, if I say anything to you and your family, Kartik will get against me, is this good to make son in law as joker, your family should think, if the lady saw him, what would be our respect, now you got married, you became wife from lover, you have become Goenkas bahu from Singhania’s daughter, you should always remember this. Naira recalls her words. Dadi goes. Kartik comes and ask did Dadi get annoyed. Naira says no, but she is not wrong if she gets annoyed. He says I will talk to her and goes. Naira wishes Dadi’s annoyance ends, no guests should know anything in reception.

Bau ji asks everyone to get ready. Bhabhimaa says we can spend time with Naira. Naitik gets dizzy. Naksh holds him. Bau ji asks what happened, come sit. They make Naitik sit. Naksh says Naitik has fever. Devyani says you did not tell us. Bhabhimaa says someone call doctor. Naitik says no, I have to see my princess today. Everyone worry for him. He says I have to meet her today. Bau ji asks him to look after his health. Naitik says she will worry on not seeing me. Karishma say she will more worried seeing your this way. Devyaani goes to make kada. He says fine, I won’t come, her mood can spoil seeing me ill, I will have kada and sleep, tell her I will come tomorrow, I went somewhere for work.

Suwarna goes to make Naira ready and says sorry, everyone is busy, tell me what hairstyle to make. Naira says don’t worry, you go. Suwarna says everyone get tired in such functions. Naira says its fine, I will have coffee. Lav and kush ask Suwarna to come, Manish is calling. Suwarna says I will send someone, get ready till 7. Naira says don’t worry. Suwarna leaves with kids.

Naira shuts door and drinks coffee. She falls down. She thinks to sleep for some time. She keeps alarm and sleeps. Suwarna is seeing arrangements. She goes to see Naira and stops seeing Kartik. Kartik says that color suits Naira, she will look heroine and I will look Champu. Suwarna says thank God Naira got ready and goes. Kartik says I will go and see Naira. Lav and Kush ask him to make them ready.

Dadi praises Aditya and Kirti’s jodi. She asks Kirti to be with Aditya in party. Manish asks Aditya does he want to say anything while announcing merger. Aditya says what can I say when you will say. Dadi gets glad. Manish says everyone waits for our big announcement. Dadi says I have to see Naira, she can wear light jewelry and come. Dadi goes upstairs. Naira is still sleeping.

Kartik knocks and asks Naira to open the door. He asks did you sleep Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I felt very bad for naira bechari kitni thaki hui hai……..
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  2. Dadi bull shit naira don’t hide to karthik I think naira family is total emotional I didn’t see this type of emotional over o over

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