Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara checkinjg the car with lights on. She says there is no one inside car Bau ji, I will lock it. Bau ji says driver did this, but this car was not here when I came to take you both. They go inside the house. Naira says we got saved, if we got caught, then mumma would have not left me. Mukti says you are so afraid, you can’t have fun with this attitude, shall we go on drive now, get keys. Naira says not now. Mukti says fine, but next time for sure.

Varsha gives water to Vishwamber. He folds hands and apologizes to her. He says I could not get you get justice and rights, I m sorry. Varsha asks him not to say sorry. Rajshri asks him not to call her by my name. He says I want to forget that I have a son. Rajshri asks him did he forget about their daughter,

he can call her Varsha ki Maa too. He agrees. Varsha cries and says I can’t repay for this favors, but I don’t want anyone’s rights. Shaurya looks on and gets sad.

Naksh and Tara talk on phone about their marriage getting fixed. Naitik talks to Naksh and Akshara on videochat, and says he wants to come back soon, but he will need one week time. Akshara says its fine, mahurat is not chosen till now. Naitik asks them to do petty arrangements, then I will come and do rest. Bau ji calls Naksh and he goes. Akshara says this holi is special for us. Naitik says it was indeed prosperous for them.

Vishwamber tells Rajshri that he will be at home today. Kuhu applies tilak to him and he gives her money. Everyone smile. Nannu takes Kuhu with him. Rajshri sees Shaurya there. Akshara gives tea to Naksh and teases him about his wife. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani smile and everyone pull his leg. Naksh calls Naitik and says everyone is teasing me here. Naitik asks who is teasing you. Naksh thanks him. Naitik too teases him and they all laugh. Naksh asks do they have to say anything else, I will leave home if you tease me. Dada ji and Sangram come there. Dada ji asks Naksh not to do this. Sangram asks did you feel bad. Naksh says no. Sangram says where will you go if you run from here, you will come to our house, come with us. They all laugh. Akshara says when marriage talk starts, happiness comes at home.

Kuhu goes to Varsha. Varsha asks her what does she want and talks to her. Dada ji tells about mahurat after 5 days. Everyone say it can’t happen so soon, they can’t do arrangements soon. Dada ji asks them to listen, I m not tensed, we all can manage the things, I have one granddaughter, I will do the best, mahurat is important, please agree and say yes for this mahurat, then next mahurat is not till 5-6 months. Akshara says we are helpless, Naitik is not here, he can’t come till a week, if he is not there in marriage, then how can mahurat be useful. Dada ji says make me talk to Naitik, I will explain. Akshara says I will talk once, we have to wait. Bhabhimaa says we have dreams for Naksh’s marriage, give us time to think. Bau ji says we will keep marriage on your mahurat, but we will talk to Naitik. Dada ji says sure, I know he will find some way to come in marriage. Dada ji and Sangram leave. Akshara worries and says 5 days….

Naira reads some quotes and gets inspired. She talks to Mukti and gets a party invitation. Sangram tells Dada ji that he was thinking to do Tara’s marriage at their kuldevi. Dada ji says you said what was in my heart, what will they say if I tell them about village. Sangram says tell them Tara loves our village, if Naksh and Tara get blessings of kuldevi, it will be good, we will talk and see. Dada ji likes the idea. Tara says they did not say yes for mahurat and now this second thing…

Akshara informs everything to Naitik. He says nothing is imp than Naksh’s marriage to us, I will manage everything, our house has many marriages in our house, ask Tara’s family if they want to give catering order to us. She says just our functions will be managed by Krishna. He says fine, then give advance. She says you already took advance, promise to come soon. He says I will come soon.

Dada ji tells about the kuldevi in their village, we want to keep marriage there. Akshara, Naksh and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Iam vey happy ki naitik ko iss espisode main dihaya toh naitik look always so handsome

    1. Yeah Naitik aka Karan Mehra is the most handsome/cute/lovely/caring/understanding celebrity in Indian Television. No other tv actors are near to him. Karan Mehra is the best husband.

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