Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara singing the aarti. Naksh gets messages. Naitik smiles hearing the aarti. The aarti ends and Naksh leaves to take Sanju’s call. She asks where was he. He says he will not go anywhere. She says good news, I did not break up, don’t find anyone, but remove that hindi teacher from college. He says I did not promise. Akshara gives him Prasad. Sanju says she does not like her. He says I will call you back. She says take permission for the exchange program, we are going India together. He says even I want to go, but forget it. He ends the call and acts sweet to Naitik.

Akshara and Naira smile. Naksh tells him that his exchange program, he wants to go. Naitik says go, he is not against such programs, he can learn many things. Naksh says I will need passport,

for India. Naitik and Akshara see each other. Naitik says no need to go. Naksh says all my friends are going. Naitik says learn everything here. Naksh says you can’t decide every time. Akshara asks him not to cross his limit. Naksh says you know it well, you always take his side. He says see you in college and goes. Naira says why did dad not allow, we all will go. Naitik says we will go later and takes her for breakfast.

Akshara prays that they all unite with their family. Naksh drives the bike angrily and meets Sanju. He argues with her. She asks what happened, why is his dad so stubborn, and asks him to convince his mum. She says I won’t attend hindi class, she is damn irritating. He says forget it. He says I m trying to find out why don’t my family send me to India, but I could not figure out. He takes her to college.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani talk to Mishti, Naman’s daughter. Bhabhimaa says she is naughty like Naksh and cries. Devyaani hugs her. Naksh and Sanju pass time outside the class to avoid hindi class. Naksh asks her to come. He says if she tells at my home… She beats him. Akshara goes to the class and does not see Naksh and Sanju. She says he does not come on time.

The class gets over and she tries to find Naksh. She sees him with Sanju doing the drama. She asks what are they doing, if he got hurt. Sanju says its not his mistake, scold me, not him. She defends Naksh adna sks him to be teacher, not hitler. Naksh looks on. Sanju says she will not attend her class, bunking is not a big issue. Akshara scolds her and asks her to worry for herself, class bunking is big issue when you don’t have any reason to leave. She says its concern for parents and teachers, if my son was….. Naksh looks at her.

She says if my son was here, I would have done the same. Naksh asks what. She says about assignment and they won’t get marks, they can continue their drama. Sanju says I told you she is so stubborn. Naksh goes after her. Akshara leaves. Karishma asks Girja to get all ration. Girja asks her about festivals. Devyaani asks her to donate money. Karishma says she has sent online. Devyaani says if we gave by our hands, they would feel good. Akshara donates things by her hand.

Karishma says Naman does not remember anything, I will help, I have to leave now. Devyaani asks her to attend someone’s birthday. Karishma says I don’t have time, I will send flowers. Devyaani says no, someone should go. Akshara wishes birthday to an aunty and gifts her. Devyaani tells Bhabhimaa that Karishma does not have 10min time for relatives, if Akshara was here, she would have managed.

Girja calls them to see Mishti. Mishti tries to dry papad and ruins everything. Akshara comes to Naitik and he says he gets happy when she smiles. He signs the cheques and asks her to do her work. She says she got Naira’s calls when she was in college. He says she slept now, where is Naksh. She says college. He asks was he in class. She says yes. He says I see you are not meeting my eyes. They give the salaries to the staff. Rohan says he is very happy working with them, they get salary, overtime, bonus and tips too. He says your Dadda ji taught this right. They thank and leaves. Naitik misses Dadda ji and asks shall I transfer online. She says no, letter won’t go with it. He says we have sent many and no reply came. She says maybe it will come. He says you have hope. She says you too. He says I used to give first salary to Dadda ji and always think to send salary to them from here.

Naksh says he will come late and talks to Akshara, even when Naitik talks to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why doesnt akshara say no to him
    how come naitik has to be the bad guy
    it is her fault that they are there so it should be her job to refuse too

  2. The role of naksh is not interesting any more. He was old enough to know what happened n why they are in SA.

  3. its not aksharas fault its bhabhimas fault. u cant blame anyone for anyones death now it was fate she herself ruined her husbands last wish. stupid naksh, lov u naira. yes role of naksh is fooish grow up naksh n stop following ur spoilt brat gf so called snaju she is useless more horrifuying then earlier karishma . just atleast learn to behave naksh.

  4. y joint families always breakup with misunderstandings. better they would be independent frorm earlier only then things wouldnt hav got complicated. least akshara u woudnt have been blamed and insukted like this. y banging head in such things in family. and during marriage only if bhabhima u would have been ed ur husband taking his care this wdnt have hpnd so 1st blame urself actually!!!!!!!

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