Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira telling Negi and everyone that she is going to Udaipur, as everything got fine here. Negi asks but why. Naira goes. Pungi signs Negi that Akshara is Tina’s mum. Negi says but Tina said her mum is dead. Varsha says Naira was mistaken, its all fine now. Akshara says I came to do puja here for my daughter, and got her. Negi says Tina is lucky to have a mother like you. Naira cries and asks why did Lord not answer her prayers. Akshara thanks Ganga Maiyya. Naira asks Pungi not to cry. Naira hugs Pungi and cries.

The kids ask Naira not to go, they will miss her a lot. Negi says I don’t know why Tina did not say truth that day, but Ganga Maiyya gave you another chance, fill happiness in your home, come to Rishikesh to stay as guest at our place. Naira

cries and goes to sit in the car. Akshara thanks Negi. They leave.

Akshara reaches Dharamshala and calls Naitik. She says Naira…. He asks Naira? What happened? She cries. He asks where is she, tell me. She says I got Naira, your princess. He smiles and happily cries. He asks are you saying true, our Naira, my princess. She says yes, that Dharamshala card was a sign, our Naira was calling us here, I came here instead Bhabhimaa, she came to take us at train station as Tina guide. He asks Tina guide? Whom are you calling Naira, are you mistaken. She says no, I m not mistaken and tells everything. He cries and sits. He says we got our Naira. She says yes. He asks where is she, make her talk to me.

She says not now, I will bring her home tomorrow, talk to her at home. He asks how does she look, send her pic please. She says I will send. He says no, don’t send, I want to see her infront of me and hear her voice. He asks about Naira and asks her not to tell anything, I don’t know how will I wait tonight. She asks him to wait for some more time. He says its tough to wait. She says I have to wake up early. He asks her to take care of Naira and ends call.

He calls Akshara again and asks did Naira ask about me, did she say anything. Akshara says you ask her tomorrow. He says fine and ends call. Akshara tells Varsha that Naira is annoyed with me, I hope she is not annoyed with anyone else. Varsha says she is not annoyed with you too. Akshara wishes the night passes soon. Naitik calls everyone and gives them good news, that Naira is found. They all get happy and asks where is she. Naitik says Naira is in Rishikesh, and asks Naksh to call Rajshri. Naksh does videocall. They give good news that they got Naira. Maheshwaris get happily surprised. Naitik says Akshara is getting Naira. Everyone hug happily. Naitik thinks how will I pass time till morning.

Kartik is on the way and stops. He sees Naira’s bracelet and says good bye miss Jwalamukhi and Rishikesh, and I m coming Udaipur.

Everyone in Singhania house is preparing to welcome Naira. Mishti comes and says no one woke me up and are working so early. Gayu says we did not wake you up so that you see Naira soon. Mishti says I want to help. Gayu asks her to help Karishma in making cake. Karishma is worried and tells Naman that Naira can tell truth to everyone. He asks her not to worry. Devyaani asks Bau ji to inform Bhabhimaa. He says I can’t contact Bhabhimaa, her wishes got fulfilled. Devyaani cries and says don’t know Naira misses us or not, how does she look. Gayu asks them to ask Naira when she comes back. She says I m glad that our Naira is coming back.

Naitik waits for Naira at the airport. He sees young Naira there and asks her how does she look now, did she get taller, how will he identify her. She says you don’t need eyes to identity me and smiles. She disappears. He says yes, you said right, even if my eyes don’t identify you, my heart will identify you.

Naitik and Naira meet and happily cry. Naira hugs him. Wo nazuk dori tuti……plays………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today’s episode was awesome especially naitik give their different type of expression awesome naitik after a long time naitik nd akshara scene

  2. Finally naitik and naira met.. happily awesome episode…

  3. Finnaly naira meet natik…..spoiler soon start naira kartik gayu’s love triangle

  4. cant wait fir tommorow’s epi..finally naitik naira met after so long.good to see happy faces again.

  5. Superb episode. Love to watch every bit of today’s episode. #YRKKH usually never drag a track unnecessary and that is the part I like of it. This is simply a unique serial in Indian Television Industry. #YRKKH always rocksSs~ ??✌??????????

  6. Finally a good episode , that Naira came back home . Happy to see Natik and Akshara happily talking to each other . Naira should not be a stuck up , truth for her and Naman and Karishma should come out . Why should Akshara suffer . Please director .

  7. Yes finally everything is going to be happy I think Kartik and naira r going to fall in love?

  8. So everyone is sad naira went missing but rashmi‘s death seems to have no effect on anyone..

    1. Ikr oh an dont forget Sameer!!

  9. According to spoiler news,kartik is sukanya brother and he take revenge from naira because he think naira responsible of suknya death.

  10. They told karthi is shivangi brother and even natik will keep akshara and naira apart.

  11. Superb episode..naitik is looking so real..feeling bad for a mother can feel when her daughter said that her mother is dead.
    Between who is shivangi..never heard her name

  12. its sukanya they wrote shivangi by mistake..kaIra was so cute yaa why introducing revenge drama 🙁 another article said there ll b love triangle between gayu kartik n naira.gayu ll like kartik n kartik ll like naira uf

  13. Nice episode

  14. #YRKKH is the “king show” of star plus. No other serial can’t ever bit this unique sweet family soap.

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