Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Varsha to talk to Shaurya once. Varsha asks Akshara to stay there. Shaurya apologizes and Varsha angrily scolds him as their love finished, that’s why he had an extra marital affair. He says no, it was a weak moment, I did not know I had to see this truth after 5 years, that Kuhu is my daughter, Sneha was unwell and I got to know, it was my mistake, forgive me once. Naitik and Akshara look on. Varsha asks Shaurya to answer, he was away for months for work, she used to be alone here, she could have done same thing behind his back if she wanted, if I did this mistake, would you forgive me, if I had daughter like Kuhu, would you accept me and her, answer me. Shaurya says please, don’t say this. She asks yes or no, and shouts…. He stays silent.

She says see Akshara, this is truth of our relation, we have so much love that he answered himself. She goes. Shaurya asks Akshara to stop Varsha. Akshara asks by what rights, and cries.

Varsha gets her bag. Everyone look on. Rajshri and Vishwamber fold hands infront of her. Varsha cries and signs no. Everyone ask her to stop. Kuhu asks Varsha not to go. Rajshri asks Varsha not to go. They all request Varsha not to go, and say they all will leave the house with Varsha, they will not let Varsha leave for someone else’s mistake. Varsha says she can’t leave such good relations behind and cries. Rajshri thanks and hugs her. Varsha asks Shaurya not to leave. Shaurya asks did you forgive me. She says don’t be mistaken, I m staying for my family, I can’t see them in pain, I learnt understanding and keeping relations here, I know they love their son a lot, so you be here, our relation will not be same, remember this, you have to take Kuhu’s responsibility.

Nannu asks Kuhu to stay with them. Akshara asks Kuhu will she stay here. Kuhu calls Naitik Papa. Naitik shows Shaurya is her Papa. She still holds Naitik’s hands and calls him Papa. Akshara asks Kuhu to stay here. She says how will we tell Kuhu. Naitik says I got connected with her, I can’t tell her and hurt her. Vishwamber says we have seen your love for her. Naitik says yes, she is lovely girl. Naitik and Akshara leave.

Naksh is trying to call Tara. Naira says I did not feel good the way Tara behaved with mumma. He says even I did not like it. He calls her home and asks Sangram about Tara. Sangram says she left for her match. Naksh says she went and did not say me. Sangram asks did she not tell you. Naksh says no, she told me and I forgot. He ends call and says Tara left and did not message sorry once, I m worried here. Akshara hears him and asks why is he worried. He says everything is fine. She asks him to be careful. Naitik comes and looks on. She signs nothing. Naksh leaves. Naitik says a client has come, I could not respond to her, I have to meet her, I have flight in one hour, sorry if you felt bad, I thought party is good. She asks him to go. He says I will come in few days, and thanks her. She tells about some her Marwadi Sammelan program, and worries about Kuhu in their absence. He says Shaurya will manage, I will meet Bhabhimaa and Bau ji once. He stops and gives her a flying kiss. She responds. He smiles and leaves.

Naira arranges her room and says my senior is coming, she was very popular in school. Akshara looks at the room. Naira gets message and reads that her friend is not coming. She says I m feeling very bad. Akshara asks her to keep room clean.

Tara cries and says I can’t concentrate Preeti. Preeti asks her to play well, its half time and we did not make any goal. Tara says till Naksh talks to me well, I can’t play well. Preeti calls Naksh and asks why do you trouble Tara, she loves you so much, she is sensitive, what happened, you call her and sort out matter, so that she concentrates on the game, she has become vice captain recently, else it will be problem. He ends call and says Tara’s match problem should get sort out, but how will I talk to her, she did not tell me anything. Akshara talks to everyone and gets Naksh’s call. Naksh says he is going to meet Tara. Akshara says fine and tells everyone that Tara’s drink had bhaang, it was not her mistake. Bau ji says Naksh has grown up, whatever he does, he informs us. Dada ji and Sangram come there and apologize for Tara’s doings. Akshara says its fine. Dada ji asks are you coming for Marwadi Sammelan, I felt you won’t come. She says I m ready, it was decided. Bau ji asks how is Tara. Sangram says she is fine, she went for… he gets call and stops saying about her match. Akshara says I will leave now. Devyaani wishes her all the best.

Dada ji, Akshara and Sangram see Naksh and Tara at the hotel and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I thnk naira’s senior friend become our naksh’s parter,i am eagerly waiting for who is tat beautiful girl for our naksh

  2. Wow,our naksh get a new girl as his partner by through naira(naira’s senior friend)

  3. So wbt Tara?

  4. Anyone e know who will play d character of naira senior friend

  5. Honey (Sarayu)

    Tara, just get out of naksh’s life

  6. Why so much hate on Tara. U guys remember she grew up among guys n games she may nt hv much knowledge on forming relationship. Giv her a break n let’s hope her xtnship with Naksh works out.

    1. Right. And the way Dadi bua used to irk her while she tried so hard to learn things ..

  7. Radhika madan entry in ye rishta kya kehlata hai.

    1. Thank u so much princes for the recent development story of our sweet show #YRKKH. ☺

  8. Hi everyone… i just came to know some spoilers…
    1- naira’s seniors will be a bad company for naira… they will be taking her to dhaaba … on highway.. but tara’s grandpa will see her there and send her back home…
    2- naksh will take tara to hotel … after match so that she can rest contine their long journey.. but akshara and tara’s grand father will see them there and misunderstand them.
    3- they will fix their marriage… and sanju’s entry …. it will increase misunderstandings between naksh and tara…
    This was all i read and thought to share .

    1. Thank you so many much saniya for da upcoming episode update. ?

  9. How can any show run without any drama
    during the major events? Well, it looks like
    Tara and Naksh’s marriage too, will have
    high voltage drama with someone’s
    comeback. Any guesses who?
    Yes, we are talking about Naksh’s best
    buddy, Sanju. Remember, Naksh’s mother
    Akshara (Hina Khan ) had misunderstood
    Sanju to be Naksh’s girlfriend! And we
    assume, seeing their friendship, Tara too,
    might misunderstand Naksh!
    Check Out The Latest Updates & Spoiler
    Of The Show With Pictures

    1. Thank u A for the update. ☺

  10. Nice episode

  11. Naitik nd akshara scene was so nice

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