Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira look for rings

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suwarna controlling her anger. The ladies compliment Naira. Kartik worries seeing Suwarna. The lady says Suhasini ji, you are smart, you got your three children married in the same household, leave some good alliances for our children too. Surekha asks Naira to go and get Mansi. Rukmani says tell her that we are doing her engagement in special way, right Kartik. Kartik says yes. Naksh, Kartik and Kirti dance on Ghoomar….. Naira and Kartik get Mansi. Kirti and Suwarna dance. Rukmani gives ring box to Kartik. He passes it to someone. Everyone claps for Kartik and Naira. They dance and smile. Kirti’s imagination breaks. She sees Kartik away. Everyone dances. Manager checks the box and sees just one ring. He signs Kartik to come. Everyone claps. Kartik goes to

him. Manager asks do you have the girl’s ring. Kartik says no, its in the box. Manager says this just has groom’s ring.

Kartik checks the box. Manager says I didn’t do anything, you can check me. Kartik goes to Rukmani and says Mansi’s ring. She says its in that box, I have to get pics clicked. Kartik asks manager not to tell anyone. He goes to Naira. He takes her aside. He says when Rukmani got the ring box, I thought you realized your mistake, but I was wrong, I didn’t imagine you can stoop low. She asks what do you saying. He asks where is Mansi’s ring. She says its in box. He says there is just one ring in box, I have no time for your acting, go and get the ring. She says you think you are smart, go and find it, I didn’t keep the ring. He says I want that ring, how will I find it when you have hidden it. She stops him. He recalls their moment and taunts her. Dadi asks Suwarna to find her phone. Suwarna goes. Kartik and Naira argue. She says I m not wrong, come along, the ring would have dropped when I took the box. Kartik says fine, we shall go. Suwarna sees them going. Lady says everything seems different, something is wrong, what I heard about Kartik and Naira maybe true.

Kirti stops Suwarna. Suwarna asks why did Kartik go with Naira, answer me. Kirti says they went to look into Mansi’s ring problem. Suwarna asks is there anything else. Kirti says I have no problem if the matter is something else. She goes. Suwarna gets a call and says Anjali, I hope you are coming in engagement, get Aashi along, Kartik will be glad to meet old friends, they are childhood friends, come soon.

Kartik sees car stuck in parking and scolds servant. Naira gets the bike and says this is Amar’s bike, you keep teaching parking manners to everyone, I m going to get the ring. Kartik sits behind her and says lets go, I won’t let you hide your mistake. She says I won’t let this happen. They leave. He holds her. She moves him away. Kirti says its okay. Naksh says you know their moods. Kirti says there is still time, we are family. Naksh says if Suwarna knows or if things go out of hand. Kirti says I will manage. She goes. Naitik says Naira’s fear is justified, no one understands, if you talk to your wife rudely, we won’t like it.

Kartik asks what are you doing, do you want to kill us. She says if you are so scared, you should have sat at home. He says I didn’t know you will take revenge. She says I m just taking a turn. He says fine, drive as you want. He says I lost my shoe, stop. She stops. He takes the keys and says I will drive now, we have to go and find the ring, get back. He drives. She holds him. He recalls an old moment. The lady praises kartik and Naira’s jodi. Dadi says I will just come. The lady says it means something is fishy. She laughs on Dadi. Kartik and Naira come home. Kartik gets Suwarna’s call. She says you are with Naira. He says I came with her, but I m not with her, I will come to you soon. Naira says I was here when Rukmani gave me that ring. They look for ring. He says someone would have spotted it, why are you lie, get the ring quietly and come, engagement will begin. She says I didn’t hide, you find it. He sees the ring and thinks it means Naira was saying right, the ring has fallen here.

Rukmani says I m going to get the rings. The ring gets stuck in Naira’s finger. Kartik asks her to remove the ring fast. Rukmani shows the rings to everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What happened to Karthik He never trust Naira !!! the wife that he said was his beloved and that he loved very very much??? How can a person suddenly lost his trust in a person whom was the wife he loved so much???

    I am very happy Kirti answer to Surwarna!! even if Kaira have something going on what is the problem???

    1. Shivaya_khanna

      i totally agree they have ruined kartiks character i have only two words for swarna i hate you

  2. Savithri V Ramani

    Swarna we hate you.Don’t go behind your son.

  3. Swarna I hate u u only killed kaira

  4. I just don’t know what the hell is wrong with karthik.why can’t he just naira .and this suwarna what the hell is her problem can’t she just stop being possessive and let kaira unite and be happy. I m felling very bad for naira everyone is just treating so badly as if she don’t have any feelings.

  5. I really wish swarna forgives naira. Instead focus on the times when Nair stood for swarna and supported her. And wish Karthik for once let’s loose his love for Naira. And realize that naira had no bad intension in covering up shubhams drug addiction.
    Its really hard seeing Kaira both suffer being apart from eachother and please no vamps inbetween 2 separate Kaira.
    Please unite them soon then later on u can add any other thadka to pull ur serial and its TRP. It’s becoming 2much of heartache 2see them suffer. Please unite them fast.

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