Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Daid to say if there is anything. Daid says nothing happened and goes. Naira says maybe I was thinking a lot. She goes to Naksh and says everything is fine, Dadi allowed me to come when ladies don’t come according to her. Akhilesh asks Dadi how did Naira come. Dadi says we have to ignore few things, I also felt bad, but what to do, Naira is this house’s daughter. Gayu stops Naira from going to Dadi and takes her. Dadi says Naira did abshagun, but I will not spoil my mood, I will go home and talk to Naira.

Naira gets Naksh. Naitik smiles seeing Naksh. He sees Akshara’s pic. Baisa says there is no arrangements. Dadi says don’t worry, everything is coming, look there. The servants get much shagun. Karishma says so many things. Naitik asks

Manish what’s the need to do all this, we just want your daughter, take this back. Manish says you did a lot for us, this is nothing, we could get anything for our daughters. Kartik smiles seeing Manish. Naira sees Kartik. Manish asks them to keep the things. They all get seated. Baisa asks Naira to sit.

Dadi says she is part of our family. She asks Naira to sit with them. Naira sits in between. Kartik sits with her and winks. Akhilesh says Naira chose right place. Naksh does the puja. Kartik makes a video call to Kirti. He asks her not to say anything and just see. Kirti, Suwarna and Surekha see Naksh doing puja. Kartik asks Naira does she remember his tilak rasam. Naira says yes, I was alone that time, you were with family, same thing is happening with Naksh and Kirti, mum and dad used to say they lived such moments. Kartik says yes, we are living all these moments again, we are very lucky. He holds her hand.

Pandit says now you can start rasam. Dadi asks Manish to do feet washing rasam. Naitik says no Manish ji, this rasam won’t happen. Naksh says please don’t do this. Manish says no, I did this before also, sorry. Naitik saays forget old things, Manish ji this rasam won’t happen. Baisa says don’t be adamant. Dadi says we want everything to happen by rituals. Naksh says he is elder, I will not make him wash feet, he will always be elder. Kartik keeps the phone and says why to argue if decision is taken. He takes the plate from Manish. Everyone smile.

Naksh signs no. Kartik says I heard you will reap what you sow, you did this rasam with me and today its my turn, sit. Naira recalls Kartik’s rasam. Kartik washes Naksh’s feet. Naira smiles. Kartik says I was thinking to say something, you know my sister has seen bad time in her life, so we are very protective about her, you are also protective about your sister, this is happening in hurry, so I m bit unsure, to be true, I m sure you will always take care of Kirti, and give her love and respect which she deserves, and one more thing, I m just washing feet today, if my sister is hurt, I will wash you. Naksh recalls his words. Naksh washes Kartik’s hands. Dadi smiles. Dadi and Baisa pass taunts. Kirti ends call and says girls don’t see tilak rasam. Suwarna and Surekha tease her. Gayu says we have to say something. Naira says Gayu spoke to Rose, Martha told a rasam. Naira says we will rotate this water bowl and add sugar cubes, Naksh has to get the cubes without seeing. Kartik asks what’s the meaning. Naira says we will say later. Kartik says why did Rose not tell this to us. Naksh does the rasam. Everyone cheers for him.

The sugar cubes melt. Naitik says Naksh could not catch any. Naira says its good, Kirti will get in this family as if she was always here. Everyone smiles. Kartik says so Rose did not tell us, as she knew our sugar cubes would have melted before putting it in water. Baisa says it means Kirti will affect Naksh and he won’t have his identity. Dadi says Naira you should have added chilli, some people don’t like sweets. Kis run to Dadi and Baisa and wink to Kartik. Naitik asks Naira and Gayu to start. Naira and Gayu get Kirti’s pic and dance with everyone. They all sing Badhai ho badhai…

Pandit asks who will keep pallu on groom’s head, mum does this ritual. Gayu signs Naira. Naira keeps her pallu over Naksh’s head. Dadi does Naksh’s tilak. Everyone gives him gifts. Naira signs Gayu to keep pallu. Naira does Naksh’s aarti and tilak. Manish feeds sweets to Naksh. Naitik says congrats, Naksh is your son and Kirti is our daughter from today. Everyone dances around Naksh. Naira keeps the things in room. She turns and sees Kartik. She says I understand everything. He says I just came to keep things. She asks where are the things. He turns and gets a coin from pocket. He says this coin fell from envelop, its so imp, so I thought to keep it safe. She asks really, you are so good, I m impressed. He says you don’t value me, I will keep this. She says we will leave, come. He throws a rose at her. They tease each other. He says puja and rasam are over, just romance is left. She says anyone will come. He says let anyone come, I m not afraid, I married you and have license to romance. He holds glass bottle and saves it from falling down.

Baisa tells about the ritual. Dadi keeps pot on her head and walks. Naira and Kartik hold the pot when Dadi stumbles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode when kartik washes naksh feet and said that i can wash you also that was amazing scene.loved it

  2. Fenil

    Hello Everybody.

    Finally wait over.

    Aflatoon episode.positive vibes spreads after many days.

    Beautiful dance and unique rasam of sugar cube.

  3. superb episode.luvd it.karthi nailed it was awesome.
    kaira romance was awwwwww..
    karthik was smiling listening to mr.goenka woww..positive wibes frm kartik…hope after this mrge they will focus on karthik n manish patchup…
    precap-buadadi is wrong this can she do dt..

    1. Really looking forward to Manish and kartik’s patchup track…..We want to see some family bonds naught these fights

  4. Hi Everyone

    The thilak part was mind really look like old yrkkh.thry are trying to give importance to kaira like akshara and natitik.ak and na were doing most of the ritual in every was really interesting to watch at that time..the song was awesome.i don’t want daadi to keep pot on head.dont know how kaira’s s going to react.

  5. why is Dadi still around? why issint she kidnapped and tortured?? I will only watch this show when that happen as she is a 2 faced biach

  6. I just want that they give the same screen space to KirAksh as KaIra

  7. Fenil

    YRKKH has invited
    special ppls on Naksh-Keerthi’s
    2.Anushka Sharma
    3.Nivay / ChanduDev (ASR & Chandani /Chandu and Dev)Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon-03
    4.Remo D’Souza

    So happy i m , what about you guys?

    1. Mona146

      no one invited it is part of their movie promotion.

      1. Fenil

        Yaa , i agree but see Popularity of YRKKH.

      2. Mona146

        nowadays filmstars are coming for promotion in SAB TV also. almost all shows irrespective if popularity

    2. I am really so happy.waiting for the episode……..

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