Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira telling everyone that she can give exam now. Everyone think of that angel who made this possible. Naksh says Kartik spoiled everything, he is clever, I don’t like him, I will tell Papa about him. Gayu says no, he did this thing possible, he is not like you think of him. Akshara asks what do you mean. Gayu tells them everything of Kartik helped Naira and her dream. Gayu says Kartik wanted to fulfill Naitik’s dream.

Mishti praises Kartik. Naksh asks why did he do this and how, did we tell him to do this, he is not a right guy. Akshara asks him what happened to him. Bhabhimaa says you should praise Kartik, I will make sweets for Naira. Akshara says I know Kartik took wrong way. Naira says enough, my form got submitted, Gayu and Kartik did this for

good thing, none is hurt, I did not snatch anyone’s chance, I got my chance, don’t spoil it now. She goes.

Kuhu shows Kartik to Mishti on video call and says Kartik is unwell and I m taking care of him. Mishti says I will come. Kartik says no need, Kuhu is here, where are Akshara and Naira. Mishti says everyone is busy, I will send medicines. Kartik asks Kuhu not to add anyone in friends list on social media without knowing who are they, don’t share any personal details, pics, passwords, you know cyber crime increased, our security is in our hands.

Bhabhimaa wishes Naira gets first rank. Naira says its fine if I get 2nd rank, I just want degree, I will surprise Papa. Naksh says Naira said that in anger, don’t worry Maa, if Kartik was caught, Gayu would be arrested too, I will call him and talk. Akshara says enough, I know he took wrong way, but you also used such ways before, why are you worried, is there any way. He says no, just work, I will manage, don’t worry.

Everyone talk about Kartik. Devyaani gives kada for Kartik. Mishti asks Naira to talk to Kartik well. Gayu asks her not to show attitude. Mishti messages Kartik about sending Naira with kada. Kartik gets glad and jumps. Kuhu says Naira calls you right, frog and laughs. He gets ready and says no, I should look ill.

Naksh is on the way and sees that girl passing. He thinks what happened, I m seeing that girl everywhere. She comes and apologizes to him for that day. He asks whats your problem, who were those guys. She says I can’t tell you, thanks for help. He gives his card asking her to call him if she has any problem. She runs away. He says this girl is strange mystery.

Kartik sees Naira’s anklet and says it all started from Rishikesh. Gayu arrives there alone. Kartik dances thinking Naira came. He lies down on the bed and acts more ill. Gayu comes and gives him bouquet. Naira takes her dance teacher’s blessings. Akshara says Naira is my daughter, she wants to learn dance. The lady asks is this your dream, many mothers want to fulfill dreams via their daughters. Naira says I like classical dance, I learnt in childhood and want to continue that.

Akshara shows trophies. Dance teacher says dance is not theory, its practical. She asks Naira to dance. Naira dances and shows her classical dance skills. Everyone smile.

Gayu takes care of Kartik. Kartik asks her why did Naira not come. Gayu says her dance teacher came, that’s why. Naira asks the lady how did she feel her dance. The lady says I m hurt seeing this, you are mistaken about your talent, you have pride. Naira asks why, I did this dance and won prize too, I know everything and I did well. She says dance is emotion, its not like you. Naira says I can learn it. The lady says this is your problem, you think you can learn anything, people learn in many years, not in 15 days, practice needs time, you don’t have time and even I don’t have time. She says sorry Akshara, I can’t teach dance to your daughter. The lady goes.

Naira cries. Devyaani says she spoiled Naira’s mood and also broke her confidence. Bhabhimaa says but why did she break Naira’s heart. Devyaani says yes, we don’t want any dance teacher. Akshara says no, we are habitual to hear good about Naira, we can’t hear anything against her, Guru Maa is dance expert, if she tells something, why don’t we learn from her to become perfect, we should listen to her, maybe its true, we should make a stranger work on Naira, so that Naira can work hard and shine. Bhabhimaa says fine, will Guru Maa agree now. Akshara says we have to convince her.

Guru Maa says Naira is overconfident and will try, I understand she has no courage. Naira says my Papa’s dream will get fulfilled, I will learn dance from you and pass exam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. By the way…what happened with Tara???

    1. She’s gone now because oh what her freind did

  2. oh god plz karan come back…are plz plz director ji dont replace karan….plz trp bi jayegi aur show bi band hojayega….for karan mehra entry we all are excited and now you all are replacing some one else dong do this….plz

  3. naksh ke liye kyun aise logoun ko la rahe ho…we all request you plz dont make the show…..without akshara naithik bonding without karan the serial definitely going to be closed

  4. dont replace naithik plz

  5. It’s gonna be boring without Karan I don’t think I’ll even watch it ??

  6. Her guruma and gayu will be the new villain for naira I have read in spoilers

  7. Guruma wont exactly be the villain shr will be a strict teacher thats it…gayu might turn into villain cant predict anything. ..there r news saying naira will sacrifice for gayu…

  8. Angili Singania

    Naira also should now fall love with Kartik

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