Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with duggu arguing with yash and then he gives him a gaali the elders here this.. Nandini shouts, “NAKSH”.. yash complains about duggu to nandini.. Naitik tries to intervene.. nandini tells yash that he knows na that duggu always does this! Naitik shouts at duggu.. he says that everything is acceptable, but gaali

Bm is trying to make yash understand.. nandini is angry.. mohit tries to intervene.. but nandini doesnt listen. she says this happens everytime! How is this fair? Bm says that try to understand.. but nandini leaves for home. mohit says to forget all this from nandini’s side.

Naitik is shouting at duggu.. he asks him why he did this? What made him say this? Duggu goes and hugs g3.. but g3 doesnt support him. Naitik tells duggu to go and apologize.. to both yash and bua. Duggu doesn’t agree. Naitik says you want to stubborn right? I am stubborn too. He packs all of duggu’s toys and grounds him. No playing, no toys, no party. Only school and studies. He closes the door to his room. He doesn’t allow g3 to deny.

Here, the maheshwari’s plan some party.. they are happy that Naitik would be involved in some function

Naksh come to know that nandini left.. they are shocked.akshi tries to call nandini, but naitik says that they will go and apologize. G3 starts crying she says that she is responsible for all this. Akshi calms her down Bm says its okay.. nandini was angry.. but Naitik says her anger is right and justified.

Vish asks what rj wants as their anniversary gift. Rj says she doesnt want anything! Vish says okay. Rj gets shocked.. she feels she should have demanded

Duggu is walking in the room.. he hears some noise.. he goes and sees a guy playing.. he sees a red ball in his hand.. they talk.. they both like playing. theyh start passing the ball from duggus room to the ground.

The maheshwaris are discussing about the party.. and having some fun over dinner.. Vish gets a call.. he has to leave for some meeting, to Delhi Unavoidable situation
Duggu says that everyone is upset over his behaviour. Akshi comes in.. she says g3 didn’t come as she is very angry. She gets him food. Duggu asks if everyone is angry? Akshi says who taught him to give such gaalis? Duggu asks akshi if she would tell sorry to everyone on his behalf. Akshi is very angry. She asks that he wants his toys is that why he is saying sorry? Duggu says he won’t repeat this! She says she wont say anything to anyone. he would have to say it himself. Akshi is going to sleep with him.

Ananya is searching something near the place where rj is sitting.. she asks what is ananya searching? Ananya says, “her smile” (Awww!) Rj smiles! Ananya mocks rj.. lovely scene <3 Duggu comes in his uniform next morning. Naitik is still angry. Akshi gives him his bag and tiffin.. people successfully ignore him. Naksh inform them that they and nandini sorted out the issue. Both sides apologized. Just then, they see some cards.. they are from duggu.. He has written that he is really really sorry.. "please forgive him" PRECAP:: Akshi asks duggu to get ready and go to Maheshwaris place.. duggu doesnt want to go! Naitik says in a no-nonsense tone that he needs to fet ready and they all will go.

Update Credit to: Stutz

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