Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh singing Pretty woman. Kartik and everyone sing for Ananya. They all dance. Kartik dances with Naira in his imagination. He sees Naira with everyone and smiles. They all take pics. Chandu looks on and says I should get a chance once. Nannu gets drugs from his friends and takes it. He thanks and says I could not take regular dose as Varsha is along, I will put this tablet in chewing gum box, I will see Varsha catches me now. Varsha says where did Nannu go. Nannu comes and dances. Kartik asks Nannu for a chewing gum. Nannu does not give him. He dances and the box falls down. Kartik says I asked for one and got box now. Mishti comes and takes Kartik.

Naira gives phone to Ananya and makes her talk to Ranveer. Ranveer apologizes for not being there on

her birthday. Naksh pulls her leg. He asks why are you upset, are you missing Ranveer. Kartik says no cry today, just smile and sing. Naksh says yes, we all are here with you. Ananya thanks all of them. Kartik asks her to keep this senti dialogues for closing, party just started.

He asks waiter to get masks. Ananya asks whose idea was this. Naksh says you thought people don’t follow you on social media. Naira says I heard Ananya likes mask party. Kartik says my friend Paras arranged all this, we could not arrange Ranveer. They all wear the masks and dance. Baaton se thi……plays……….. Kartik and Naira dance. Gayu dances with Vivaan. She says I had to say something imp to you, your place is more than friend in my life, I can’t say it, you understand. Vivaan thinks I undersood this, its good you told me directly. She says I love….. His mask falls and she stops. He wears his mask back. Chandu comes there and sees Naira. Kartik looks at Naira. Gayu dances with Kartik, as everyone partners. Naira dances with Chandu.

Chandu asks waiter for drink and pours on Naira’s dress. She goes to clean it. Chandu goes after her. Kartik thinks where did Naira go, did she get sad again. Chandu follows Naira. Kartik goes after Naira. Nannu dances weirdly. Varsha thinks what happened to Nannu. Everyone look at him.

Naira goes to clean her dress. Chandu comes to the room. She gets shocked seeing….. Naksh thinks where is Naira. Naira says you….. Kartik says yes its me, why did you leave door open, its not safe. She says I have shut the door. She asks him to go. He says I came to ask do you need my help. She says no thanks. He says I m waiting outside, get ready and come, we will go together. She says fine and shuts door. Naira smiles recalling Kartik’s words. Chandu goes to use chloroform. Naira goes out and Kartik greets her. He says I m waiting for you, do you want something. She says I need your help. He says you need my help and reacts filmi way. She says the tap is not opening, I need to clean the dress. He jokes on her and goes to repair tap. Naksh says Naira is not here and asks Mishti. Mishti says Naira went to washroom.

Mishti thinks this is not right Kartik, I have to save you from Naksh. Naksh says I will just go and see Naira once. Chandu thinks how to take revenge from Naira when Kartik is here. Kartik repairs the tap. Naira looks on. Kartik says it will start now. He asks Naira why is she staring, stand away and look that side. The chewing gum box falls. She picks it and eats a gum. She makes Kartik eat one and says this increases stamina. She says this is blueberry, I hate it. He says chill, its not mine, its your brother Nannu’s. She says you can’t fix this. He says how can this happen and removes his coat. He says look now and pulls tap. The tap breaks and water falls over them. They both cover the tap to stop water. She says good, I have seen your talent, I don’t want to get drenched. He says you are saying as if its my mistake. She says no, I m going, you be here. They both go out of washroom.

She asks did tap get repaired. Kartik smiles. Chandu sees them laughing. She says I got tired, I m feeling sleepy. Kartik falls near her. She says my dress got spoiled, a stupid guy spoiled my dress, do you know him. Kartik says world is stupid, you are also stupid and don’t smile. They both get in drugs effect and are not in senses. Chandu looks at their silly talk. Kartik says you always talk a lot. She says sorry. Kartik says Naira, I love you. She looks at him. Music plays…………

Naira talks to Kartik. She says we are friends, if anything happened, tell me, did you do any mischief or old revenge…. Kartik looks on. Naksh calls out Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys I’m feeling sad for gayu but Karthik and Naira are best couple.. Can ny1 tell me who’s the leading couple Chandu or Karthik or Naira or gayu??

    1. Chandu ah???? I didnt get u
      u meant karthik naira ir karthik gayu mostly its kaira as the end game but their love story will nit be a rosy one .
      if u mean to ask who rbthe leads ak nk are th leads but nextbgen leads are naira n karthik

      1. Thank u fr da information… But have u absorbed 1 thing !! If we will take Naira – nai nd join to Karthik – thik.. It will bcm naithik.. Funny r8?

  2. i love this story
    thankyou star plus n thanky Naiyra n karthik .###?

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