Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh telling Akshara that she is afraid for Naira and Gayu. She asks him to trust Kartik, he always proved his loyalty. He says I would have not been afraid if you went with them. She says I would have gone if I did not had to stay back for gems. She packs her bag. Naksh goes. She says I m going without Naitik, I would have not gone if I was not helpless, now even these things are missing Naitik. Naitik’s kada falls. She picks it and says where are you Naitik…..

Naitik is somewhere and writes AK/Akshara on a cow bell. He screams. Naman asks him to relax, his throat will ache, don’t stare at me, instead stare at the sights here, I have work, be here, have a great day. Naman asks the men to give food and coffee to Naitik, he likes coffee a lot.

Naman asks Naitik not to try to do anything, else Akshara, Naira and Naksh…. You know what I can do. He gives electric current to Naitik by the wrist watch. He says I m going far, but I m close. He says I will free Naitik till he gives us account number. The man says once Naitik knows Akshara and kids are coming here, he will try to run away. Naman says don’t worry, I have fed much fear in his heart, he does not know they all are coming here. Naitik asks can you know Akshara that I m here, will you take me from here. Can we meet and see each other?

Akshara meets elders. Devyaani does her aarti. Bhabhimaa says we are happy that you are going. Karishma asks her to give contact number after reaching there. She clicks pic of her ticket details. Naksh asks Akshara to come. Akshara’s dress gets stuck in nail. She stops and sees Naitik’s pic. Mishti shows the cow bell and asks Akshara to get one for her room. Akshara hears Naitik calling her and stops. Naksh asks what happened. She says nothing. She gets call and says yes, I m coming and will reach tomorrow morning.

Kartik, Naira and Gayu are on the way and talk. Naira thinks whats in Kartik’s bag, I will check it when I get chance. Naira asks them to go and get registration done, I have to see museum, give me your bags, I will hold it. Gayu and Kartik give their bags, and leave. Gayu likes a cart and talks to Kartik. Naira checks his bag and does not get anything. She says I have to keep an eye on him, I have to know whats his intentions, I will keep this bag with security guys.

Rajshri gets a call and says its really good news, thanks. Vishwamber asks what is it. Rajshri calls everyone and tells them that news, that Nannu did not trouble anyone, took medicines too, its victory for us. Kaki gets glad and hugs Rajshri. Rajshri says you are hesitant to show love, unlike anger. She hugs Kaki.

Karishma tells Naman that Akshara went with the gems, why are you asking, you are in Kenya and they are going Switzerland. He says Naitik is asking. She asks where is Naitik. He says its all fine. She says I m not of Mishti’s age, I feel you are doing mistake, family has forgiven us for mistakes before, this time they will not forgive us. He says I understand, don’t take tension, we are fine, I m missing you, its romantic weather. She asks where are you. He says Kenya. She says romantic weather in Kenya. He says yes, man can romance anywhere, I have work, I will talk later. He ends call. He says let Akshara and kids come for exhibition, it don’t affect me, they will not know about us. Naira says whats Kartik’s plan, I will check his bags and phone. Kartik comes and says Gayu will take two hours, come we will have coffee. She goes. He says what happened, I will find out whats her problem.

Naira smiles seeing the big water bubbles. Kartik comes and sees her dancing. He smiles and starts dreaming…. They dance on Chukar gai…….yahan wahan hai tu……. They look pretty together, and dance in romantic way. They have an eyelock and smile…….

A man collides with Kartik and his dream breaks. Kartik says its enough of dream love, it will be real Ishq wala love here in Zurich. Gayu tells about the restaurant. Kartik gets a call. Naira thinks to check his phone.

Naitik talks to Akshara and misses her, saying you wanted to come here, I have no sign of yours, Naman made me wear this watch, I think my good time went with the watch you gave me, now I just have hope that you came here, and maybe my time changes then. He imagines Akshara. She calls him out and comes to him. He says Akshara and runs to her. She opens her arms and smiles. He reaches the limit and gets electric shock by the watch. He sees she disappeared and shouts Akshara.

Akshara helps a man and gets Naitik’s watch. She says Naitik’s watch here in Zurich and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Muslima

    What is the song name?

    1. Its specially a song created for kaira by star plus

  2. Really loved today’s episode….wat a song…KAIRA is just superbbb….hope they show now real scenes…for a moment I forgot that I’m watching serial…..luv kaira…and yes shivi is a such beautiful doll..& mohsin too…

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