Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying I m fed up of Naira, she is stubborn, explain her how to stay in inlaws, she uses Kartik to do her wishful. She sees Kartik at the door. Kartik says I have to talk to you. Dadi asks him to come. Suwarna goes. Kartik says your friend asked about you and said you refused to go in party with her, all okay? She nods. He shows the dance competition form. She turns away. Naira recalls Naitik and Dadi’s words. She cries.

She gets a note and sees Akshara’s pic. She says Kartik….. Kartik comes. He holds her face and asks her to prepare for competition, Dadi agreed. She asks why did you do this. He asks don’t I know its Akshara’s dream, won’t you fulfill it. She says I will but not this way, I value your love, I m luckiest girl, but this

is my family, I have to make an equation, till when will you become my voice and convince everyone, you should have asked me once. He says what does it matter. She says it matters, how will Dadi feel that I have sent you to convince her, she would be hurt.

He says you are thinking a lot. She says you did not think, I m surprised, its my dream, I should work hard. He says you tried, did anything happen, its not easy to convince Dadi, I understand her, our thinkings have much difference. She says you did not give me chance and decided I could not do, always two generations adjust. He says we did not had time. She says relations get better, Dadi and I would have understood our point of view, I want to make a bond, like you have bond with my family, they are your relations, I also have to make relations here. He says first we will understand our relation and then think of others. He goes.

Dadi calls Suwarna and Surekha. She says big pandit called to remind our brahman bhoj. They say we will prepare. Dadi says its Naira’s responsibility, she has no time, so I refused, I decided this, if we give her responsibility, Kartik would have come to ask me, so this is fine. Suwarna says we would have helped. Dadi says enough. Surekha says we did not break this tradition. Dadi says when many things are breaking, tradition is not a big thing.

Kartik is angry. Akhilesh asks why are you angry. Kartik says I m not. Akhilesh asks did anything happen, keep yourself at Naira’s place and see, we can support wife. Manish looks on. He says Delhi investor wanted to meet, we will go. Kartik says I will go, its my investor now. He goes. Manish asks what happened to him. Akhilesh says nothing. Manish says I m his father.

Dadi puts garland on her husband’s pic. She says I did not break any rules for my sons, I love Kartik and broke rule for him, I m angry on myself. She cries. Naira comes there and says I came to say something, thanks for agreeing for my dance, I did not wish to convince this way like Kartik did, I wanted you to agree by heart, not by pressure, I wanted you to understand me.

Dadi says your wish is fulfilling, I don’t like repeating things, go and prepare, do your best, you are Goenkas’ bahu. Naira says don’t know is Dadi annoyed or….She goes. Kartik packs his bag. Naira says your Maayka is this house, where will you go. He says I m not annoyed, I m going Delhi for work. He gets ready. She asks who else is going with you. He says Akhilesh can’t come, Manish is coming along. She says its good. She asks him to have tea. He keeps the cup. She jokes. She says I did not mean to say that. He says I understood what you meant, I just wanted to help. Hee goes.

Kartik tells kids that he is going for work, he will take them next time. Surekha gives him papers. Naira goes after him. Kartik says Dadi, I m going Delhi for office work. Dadi wards off bad sight and blesses him. She asks him to take care. Naira says I did not wish this to happen, Kartik spoiled his relation to fulfill my dream. Akhilesh asks Kartik to come. Naira wishes Kartik turns and sees her once. Suwarna looks on.

Kartik leaves. Naira hugs Suwarna and asks why do things spoil when we try to make it fine. Suwarna says this is called life, how will we grow if everything is fine, these small things make our relation better. Kids ask her about brahman bhoj. Suwarna says Dadi refused for it as everyone is busy. Naira attends Gayu’s call. Gayu asks what happened, did you convince Dadi, I knew she won’t agree. Naira says Dadi agrees. Gayu says wow, why did you not say before. Naira says Kartik convinced Dadi. Gayu says I will give good news to everyone. She ends call.

Naira says Kartik is not replying, and sends more messages. She says I will not sleep till you show me your face. Kartik coughs. Manish gets doctor for Kartik. He says I feel you are unwell, he will do checkup once. Doctor checks Kartik. Kartik sees Manish. Doctor says Kartik has fever, he will be fine with injection. Manish reacts why injection, give some tablet. Kartik smiles. Doctor says Kartik has to travel, he will get fine by injection soon. Kartik says injection is fine. Manish recalls little Kartik used to gets scared of injection. Manish thinks time changed everything, today I m scared and son…. Kartik gets injection and shouts Pa…. Manish turns to him.

Naira says you cancelled maha bhoj because of my dance, it was my duty that your work is not incomplete. Dadi smiles. Dancers and brahmans come. Brahmans says you will insult us by making us dine at impure place. Naira worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Muskan2002

    Oh god ddays aanish and kartiks scene…it just brought tears in my eyes….they perfectly convey emotions hats off to sachin sir and mohsin?…. i hope kartik soon realises how much manish loves him….and he also gives manish tgat much of love and respect he deserves

  2. Wow…episode was awesome…Precap is amazing!!! Waiting for that eagerly!!!

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