Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varsha asking Akshara to call Naitik and inform everything. Akshara says what shall I tell him, that Naira hates me and I don’t know my mistake, Naira is close to me now and still very far. Varsha says we will talk to Naira once, if she does not agree to come with us, we will call Naitik here. Naira drives the jeep angrily and stops at the end of the cliff. She recalls how she got saved from police. She was running away and Negi got her. He asks who is she, is she alone, did she have food. She says no. He asks her to come along, don’t get afraid, there is my ashram, there are many kids like you. FB ends.

Akshara and Varsha go to meet Naira, and see the men throwing things in the ashram. The man says Negi took loan by keeping ashram mortgaged. Akshara

says where are kids, what will we do now, where will we find Naira. Varsha asks her to come. Naira’s bag falls. They see family chart. Varsha says it means Tina is our Naira. Akshara says I m not in this picture, I don’t know what did I do, that she hates me. Varsha says just Naira can answer you, come.

Naira walks towards the edge of the cliff. Kartik stops her and asks do you want to die. She says I will kill you, if you follow me. He asks do you any other thing than dying and killing. He says sorry to shout on you, life is precious, die for a good cause, whats the use to die like this, thank me for this good advice, I forgot you don’t know to thank and apologize, I want to thank you for making this trip memorable, you troubled me a lot, I m leaving today, I gave you lift some day, you have to return the favor today, come.

Varsha and Akshara try finding Naira. Kartik and Naira reach market. He gives her the keys and says I want to give you advice, you should give a chance to everyone to explain, people are not bad always, situation is bad. He greets her and goes. She smiles. Naira gets Pungi’s call. Pungi cries. Naira asks why are you crying, I m coming. Naira runs. Kartik smiles seeing her, and sees her bracelet stuck in his watch. Naira reaches ashram. Negi tells her that Tejani vacated the ashram, maybe that madam can help us. Akshara gets unwell. Varsha says don’t do this to yourself, take care. Akshara says I want my daughter, where shall I find her.

Varsha says I m calling Negi. Naira runs to meet Akshara. Akshara cries. Varsha asks her not to lose courage, you have some patience. Akshara says no, I just want to see my Naira. Naira comes running to her. Akshara and Varsha smile. Naira says your puja got succeeded, you wanted me to come with you to Udaipur. Akshara says yes. Naira says I will come with you, but I have one condition, you have to return our ashram.

Naira says no one can take me to Udaipur, I can do anything for my ashram, just save my ashram, don’t think much, Lord gave you money, the kids need money, you save ashram, I will do as you say. Akshara and Varsha cry seeing Naira crying. Naitik says why am I not able to leave this time, if Akshara was with me, I would have explained her, she could atleast talk on phone, its imp.

Bhabhimaa talks on phone and tells Naksh and Devyaani that she wants to meet Guru ji and stay in ashram for few days, there is nothing to worry. Devyaani says it will be tough, phone and meetings are not allowed there. Naksh and Gayu ask her not to go. Bhabhimaa says its said that if this Sadhna is done by true heart, prayers will be answered, I will try and maybe our Naira will come back, let me go this time, else I will regret all my life. Bhabhimaa says I just wish we get Naira. Devyaani says fine, I will tell Rajpanna to drop you.

Akshara gives cheque to Tejani. Tejani asks Akshara what will you get by giving money to these poor people, you can invest money and make profit. This is their business. Naira scolds him and asks him to get loss, if you say anything about Negi, I will not leave you. He says this girl is fire, she will burn everything. She says I did mistake to trust you, get lost, if you see ashram again, then see. Negi thanks Akshara and asks kids to thank her. The kid says your children are lucky to get a mother like you. Naira cries and goes from there. Akshara looks on.

Akshara tells Naitik that she found Naira. They cry. He asks are you saying true. She says yes. He sits crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I want to see naitik reaction when he will get his princess again
    after these pas
    sed years..

  2. Nice finally naira going to udaipur

  3. Today episode has rocked I love yeh rishta Kya kehlata hai I hope akshara and Naira differences decrease that’s the thing I love about this serial they’re is no too much drama of there is a twist it ends so quickly I love yeh rishta

    **Guys vote for Yrkkh on please vote for the team of yrkkh

  4. i really excited ti watch a 2morrow episode. where we watch a naitik different reaction its always fab

  5. I hope they end Naira’s hate for Akshara quickly. This show is known for not dragging any tracks in the story. So hoping for a happy reunion of mother and daughter soon.

  6. really i m also so exciting to watch episode yrkkh. I just love it. Hope so Naiyra again does not go anywhere.

  7. I am enjoying Kartik scene in #YRKKH. BTW when Naira will reach Singhania Sadan, she will feel jealous of Gayu. Mind it friends. This will definitely happen as Naira’s mind is not crystal clear..

  8. awesome epi

  9. I read the spoilers “Naman will make a part between Akshara & Naira”.

  10. Naira won’t consider Akshara her mother. Akshara deserves it. It should happen with her . She pampered Naira so much that now Naira troubling her more than that . Naira is so egoistic girl. She shouldbe sensible and responsible but she is’nt like that at all . In fact she is the opposite of it . Naira alsp deserves it .

  11. Gayu’s character is crytal clear . She is good at heart , doesn’t feel jealous of anyone . She is unlike Naira who always ends up doing wrong things and Naira is the worst . I eill be very happy if she suffers for anything . She always thinks negatively and ends up hurting others .

  12. Sukanya was a root cause of all evils . She poisoned naira’ s mind against akshra ! Akshra too was very harsh with naira , she would always used lecturing her and this made naira hate her. On the other hand , naitik would explain naira everything in friendly way , that’s why she loved her dad the most !!
    The directer is giving a moral lesson to all teenagers that whatever their parents tell them , are 4 their good. They should realise the boundaries of their freedom and should follow family rules for better life ahead cuz these rules are only set for making them focused on their sucessful future life.

  13. yaar plz naitik hi naira nd akshara ko ek saath le ke aaye because he is laways a supportive husband. naitik ko hi pata chale naman ke baare main kartik gayu nd naira ka love triangle na chale because it should be become so boring the story surround our naitik nd akshara nd they both are usp of yrkkh

  14. the story is about how naira
    clears her misunderstanding abt akshara now..naira is not worst for ur kind information.she has a clean heart too warna why will she does so much for those kids n ashram.she doesnt hate any of family members of hers except akshara.she still loves everyone n misses everyone.she has misunderstandibg regarding akshara which ll b cleared in next stop being one dimentional.atleast naira is like us who does mistake,suffers for it,learn from it n do the right thing.i love her character.she is a flawed character.she has her own pain.stop saying she is worst.she is being brought up away from her family whatever b the reason how can u expect her to b all sugary sweet like gayu?who even after loosing parents didnt feel alone coz of the love given by all in the family.she didnt has to work hard to gather money to save her home.she studied in a good school,college.i love naitik akshara naksh naira family only.its so refreshing to see that when one family member has misunderstanding n angry all r trying to cheer her up.

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