Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya apologizing to Varsha. She asks him not to worry for her, she did all this being Ananya’s mother, and forget about forgiveness, I m not great to forgive you, don’t try to come close, our relation is over. She goes. Rajshri says no one will tell anything to Varsha now. Tara comes downstairs laughing and says Naksh where were you, you said you will kiss me and make me fine. Everyone look on. Akshara asks Tara to come. Tara asks her not to come in between, she already has problems with Naksh, give us time, I don’t like anyone saying in our personal life. Naksh shouts Tara. She asks what Tara. Akshara says we will talk later, you are drunk, come. Tara says don’t talk in between, everyone ask me to do this and that, everyone ask me to sit, eat, drink,

walk and do everything like Akshara, I can’t become like Akshara, you are great, but I m Tara, I can’t do acting to become great. Naksh asks her to shut up. Tara says Naksh, you know you don’t need GF or wife, you have no place in your life, you have great family.

She says I don’t think I can manage like this, you have family with you. Naitik asks Tara not to say anything else, so that you regret later. Tara says sweet uncle, you also stood to support you, we will start Akshara coaching classes. She says we will show how to become great in everyone’s eyes. Naksh asks her to come. Dada ji and Sangram get shocked seeing Tara. Dada ji scolds Tara. Sangram says I think someone made her drink bhaang. Dada ji says forgive her, she did big mistake, take her home Sangram. Akshara says I know she is not in senses, she needs rest. Tara refuses to go, and says everyone just listens to Akshara. Sangram takes her. Varsha gets angry seeing Kuhu. Naitik takes Kuhu. Everyone talk about the matter, they have to sort the problems. Vishwamber says Naitik did a lot till now, we can’t give him more trouble. Omi says yes, this truth have to come out some day. Kuhu calls Naitik as Papa and asks him to come. He says I have work, I will come. Kuhu kisses him. He kisses her too and sends her.

Akshara asks Naksh why are you worried. He says sorry, Tara had no rights to say that, I m upset. She says its fine, she was not in senses. He says she said wrong, I will talk to her. She stops him and says you are in senses, calm down, talk to her later, promise me you won’t say anything wrong to her. He says fine and goes. Naitik says I m in senses, shall I talk to them, I also felt bad, she said that was in her heart. Akshara says we will clear all her misunderstandings, don’t worry. He says I got angry. She asks him to calm down, its not serious thing, we have big problem now and have to find solution. He goes.

Tara gets up and Sangram gets the tea. He reminds her that she did. She asks what. He asks who made you drink bhaang thandai. She says you feel I was drunk. He says yes, you said nonsense there. She asks what did I do, tell me. He says don’t ask me, there were so many people and you spoke nonsense. Dada ji comes there and looks at her.

Varsha is sad. Kuhu plays with Nannu. Rajshri asks Nannu not to play with water gun, they can fall. Varsha gets angry and starts leaving. Kuhu slips and Varsha holds her. She scolds her angrily asking her not to run and get hurt, its good I held you, else you would have been hurt. She goes. Rajshri wishes Akshara was here.

Tara says really sorry. Dada ji gets angry and asks her to apologize to Akshara, she did not say a word, anyone else would have slapped you, you said all that which was in your heart, you will apologizes to everyone there. She agrees. He goes. She says Akshara showed everyone that she is good infront of everyone, but whatever I said would be true too.

Akshara tells Shaurya that this time she will support Varsha, as its his fault. He asks her to make him talk to Varsha. She says nothing will change now. He says but I can explain myself, talk to her once.

Karishma scolds Mishti and Devyaani asks the matter. Mishti hugs Devyaani and goes. Devyaani asks why are you so annoyed, Mishti is not living with you. Karishma says its good you realized, I felt no one cares for us. Devyaani says you both are still part of this family. Karishma says rules are others for everyone, Shaurya did big mistake and he is given place in this house, because he is Akshara’s own brother, and Naman is Naitik’s step brother. She gets angry and leaves with Naman. Devyaani worries.

Akshara and Varsha talk on phone. Varsha cries and says this is tough for me, I m not able to love or hate Kuhu, I feel upset hearing her and get pity seeing her innocent face, its not Kuhu’s mistake. Akshara says just a woman can think of other’s pain forgetting own pain, you decide anything, I will always be with you. Naitik comes to Akshara.

Varsha scolds Shaurya and asks if I did same mistake and had a daughter, would you accept her and forgive me, just say yes or no.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thx amena

  2. Just kick Tara from da show… She is really irritating… Her voice is so broken… What the hell director chose this type of idiot girl for our sweet handsome Naksh. ?

    1. sarayu (honey)

      totally agree with you raunak, tara is so irritating and why did the director chose her for super cool naksh

  3. Sanju was thousand times better than Tara! Bring her back in the show. Its a humble request….

  4. Gargi Harkawat

    Very fast update, thx for fast update..

  5. Stupid tara,go to hell,u r not suitable for our Naksh and his family,always blame Akshara wit out any reason,wat a iritate character,pls bring beautiful girl for our Naksh

  6. Stupid idiot dumb Tara kick her out of show.she doesn’t suit for naksh and akshra family .naksh should break relation with her make any other girl for naksh

  7. Tara does not suit Naksh they should have taken some beautiful girl

  8. Seriously Tara n Naksh are nt best pair…

  9. Ya I too agree with u all……

  10. Varsha has a loving heart and she will love Kuhu.

    Tara is too young to think of marrying and be responsible. She needs time and she is not a bad girl just because she blabbered something due to bhaang influence.

    Naksh thinks every girl should be like his mother which is impossible. He has to wait for a very long time to get such a girl.

  11. Pls let Tara stay in the show . Pls do not bring Karishma and Naman back inside the house . Karishma is just too much and do not listen to Divayni . Pls director

  12. I know the reason………. That Akshara (Hina Khan) is not willing to act as a mother-in-law character ……………… so that Tara’s character will end soon.

  13. East or West #YRKKH is the best show in Indian Television. ✌

  14. #YRKKH always rocksSs!!!!!! ?✌????????

  15. Akshara is too good to be true. Tara is the norm.

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