Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira calling out Kartik. Dadi says anyone should have told us. Naitik says we thought Naira will convince Kartik. Naksh says it was Kartik and Naira’s performance, what to do now. Kirti says you said about giving titles. Gayu says good idea. Naksh says meanwhile Naira will convince Kartik. Dadi says people will make rumors if Kartik and Naira don’t come back. Naitik says Naksh and Gayu will manage. Naksh says we will save best thing for last, we present something interesting now. Gayu says we call the names given to us by friends and families as titles. Naksh says we prepared some titles for both family members.

Kartik gets shocked seeing Naira in truck. She says you thought you will go away from me by sitting in truck, you can’t get saved. He asks

how do you know I m here. She says some man has helped me and told you are in this truck. Kartik asks driver to stop truck. The man says no, its matter of love, truck won’t stop. Naira says he understood me.

Mishti says first title is always angry. Baisa says Suhasini will get this title. Mishti says it goes to Baisa. They laugh. Baisa gets the title. Mishti says our next title is Miss Organic. Devyaani asks Dadi not to feel bad. Lav and Kush say our Dadi is winner. Dadi takes the title and thanks them.

Naksh calls Naira. Gayu worries. Kartik says stop the truck, else I will jump. She says truck won’t stop, listen. He says I will jump down. She says fine, I will also jump after you. He says I m not joking, don’t test my patience. She says come on jump, I m also ready to jump.

YRKKH spoiler

Mishti says next title is best makeup shop. Surekha gets the title. Akhilesh laughs. Mishti says title for Mr. Reporter. Bau ji wins that title. Everyone clap and laugh. Mishti says Miss beautiful. Vishwamber says Rajshri deserves this. Mishti calls out Rajshri. Everyone clap. Rajshri takes the title and award. Mishti says Mr. Busy bee….. he is so busy that he has no time to come here. They go and give title to Manish, who is busy on his phone. Manish smiles and takes the title and award.

Driver asks Naira did the matter get fine. She says no, it started getting fine. Kartik says I did not jump it does not mean you won. Naira tries to convince him, why should 30 people get unhappy because of you. He says this is nothing new for Dadi. They argue to explain each other. She defends herself. He asks are you taking revenge from me. She says fine if you think so, do anything. He says stop the truck so that I go away from you. She says how dare you say this, you will get punished, come back with me and you have to dance.

Naitik calls them and says their phone is not connecting. Everyone think where did they go. Kartik says fine, I have a condition, you have to kiss me on cheek in front of everyone. Naira says what nonsense. He asks her to say if she agrees, else dance cancel. She says kiss is tough, will I love you not work. He says no, kiss or go away miss. She says everything will be there. He says much depends on this. She says its wrong. He says someone told me everything is fair in love and war.

They see highway and worry. Everyone discuss where could they go. Kartik calls Naksh. Naksh puts call on speaker. Kartik and Naira tell the problem. Surekha says everyone is worried. Dadi says you did wrong, you disappeared, what’s this anger, I m annoyed and don’t want to talk. Naira asks driver to take uturn. Driver says u turn is 4-5 kms away. Kartik says this is your mistake. Naira says its your mistake.

Dadi says mahurat will end, what will we do now, people will make fun. Naksh says everyone pay attention, presenting….. Kartik and Naira’s performance. Kartik keeps his mobile video chat on, and gives message to everyone that uturn is away, why to miss happiness. Kartik and Naira dance in the truck on humma humma song…… Everyone get surprised and witness their performance on big screen at Goenka home.

Kartik says if you don’t kiss me then see….. Naira throws the cloth over the phone. Baisa says why did this cloth come in between. Naira and Kartik get under the cloth. Naira kisses on his cheek and says conditions got fulfilled. He says its wrong. She says you said everything is fair in love and war. They continue the dance. Everyone smile and clap for them. Kartik says we took uturn. Naira says we are coming back home. They smile.

Its night, Dadi says we did this for Kartik’s happiness, we can’t dance on someone’ fingers everyday. Kartik comes and takes care of Dadi. Dadi says your sangeet has become memorable, I m glad our entire family was together. Kartik says Naira gets the credit, she did this for everyone’s happiness, you don’t keep any expectations from me. Manish asks so we shall ask Naira to come in functions or go on long tour, as flight does not cancel every day. Kartik says Naira wants entire family to be in all marriage functions, its my marriage and her marriage too. He goes. They all smile. Akhilesh says indirectly, Kartik said it. Manish says he is strange, he says hurtful things directly and touching things indirectly.

Naira says we will do Naksh’s sangeet in running truck or train. Naksh says not in mine, in Gayu’s marriage. Bhabhimaa says your marriage will happen soon. Naksh says I don’t have time for this, I m going to get havan items. Naira says wait, Pungi will get items from Rishikesh. Baisa worries. Naira calls Pungi. Baisa thinks Naira can know that we did not send invitation to ashram. She asks Naira to choose chunri for Mata Rani. Naira says phone is off. Baisa asks her to go and put phone on charging. Naira goes. Bhabhimaa says Baisa, Naira will talk some day, when she knows, she will get annoyed. Baisa says I can bear annoyance, if anything wrong happens in marriage, I can’t bear it. Suwarna calls Naira and says we had fun in sangeet, thanks. Naira says do you thank for every little thing. Suwarna says you did big thing, I don’t remember when I danced last time, Manish was very happy, its all because of you, you got happiness for us, Saas makes bahu dance, you made Saas dance. Naira says no. Suwarna says relax, I was joking, its good, I did not forget that I dance. Naira says you danced so perfect, we will dance together. Suwarna says when you and Kartik settle well then…Naira says aunty….. Suwarna sees Kartik and says I will call you later. She ends call.

Naira talks to Pungi and asks when are you coming, what, you did not get card. Baisa and Bhabhimaa worry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Heyyy….I’m sorry to ask something which is not abt yrkkh and being first time to comment jumping out of topic….any one know one series which is really old like a girl who sells flowers getting married to a rich guy on a temple …by filling her maang. And the girl was really short but the guy was tall….I don’t remember was it on star plus or Sony…if anyone knows abt this pls do reply

    1. Rahul96

      Sorry Swetha dii I have no idea !! But I think it can be hiten-gauri but that show ended on 2002 . But can you tell me the year please???

    2. Hi Swetha check Wikipedia – list of star plus shows

  2. Rosa18

    Hello evrybody Aliyaa di ,Lasya,Ekta dii,Rahul bhai,Aniket bhai,Sophie dii,Fenil bhai,Ishika dii,Pawan bhai,Pat dii,Sachu dii,Chanya dii,Soumya,Hales dii,Vrushy dii and all other members whose name i hv missed unintentionally so guyzz how r u???
    Coming to the episode it was just Awsome,Lovely,Cute,Splendid and what not i just loved the Humma song and i guess every body did……..Even the Naira-Suwarna phone convo was very nice……Precap did make me a littile thats it….Love yrkkh always Keep Watching!!

  3. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    Hope Everyone is fine.
    Loved kaira’s dance today. Fabulous.
    Can’t wait for cocktail party !!

    1. Rahul96

      Hmm but I think that something big and bad is going to happen after cocktail party. I have read in the spoiler

      1. Vrushy

        Yup, the goenka’s would come to know about Naira running away from.her home !!

  4. Fenil

    Hello Vrushy,Hales,Lasiii,Rahulbhai , Aniketbhai,Twana,Rosa,Sesha,Suha,SophiDii,Somya ,Vinni,and all…!!

    Episode was marvellous
    Cute Awards Function
    Amazing Dance of kaira….

    Aniket bhai i m shreemali soni , i can speak in marwadi

    Somya ,first Friends should be parents .Pat dii ,Raf and Aniket ne sahi kaha hain.

    Personal Note : Friends my best friend Faiyaz met with an big accident last night , he is in condition critical
    ,I don’t want to loose my one more frd , so pls pray for him .

    1. Rahul96

      Hi Fenil Bhaiya , so your real name is shreemali soni!!! And don’t worry bhaiya we will definitely pray to God for your best friend!!!! God will never do any wrong

    2. Shesha

      That’s teribble bhai
      Don’t worry.. i’m sure he will feeel better
      We will all definetly pray for your friend
      God will never do injustice with the good

    3. Soumya85

      I will pray for ur best friend bhaiya and I know god will not do anything bad to good people

    4. Hi Fenel
      We are praying for him
      God is Good

  5. seriously now days sangeet track is boring when compared to yash wedding n sangeet track.the performances were so bland especially that south indian dance humma humma track also was not needed just forced scene .where are kaira to be seen other than their romantic tracks neither they show naira with family scenes nor karthik with others just dadi n her drama .just drag fest they r creating .was it necessary for mansi track right now too many tracks spoiling the marriage essence .karthik always angry n naira going behind him than romance same repetition going on .karthik not for once he thought before leaving what will singhnias have to face if their son in law goes off he just thought about his hurt .why is not naira shown to take stand fir anything .she is just now for songs n romance .I hope future at least is better scenes are shown .sorry for the rant

    1. Agree with you. Karthik getting angry and leaving at the slightest issue is getting boring. Naira have some self respect your boy seems to be a pathetic self pitying one, I don’t think you can depend on a kid to live life

  6. Rahul96

    Hiii guys
    I am sorry guys I am busy these days .. I am having train tomorrow , going back to Kolkata!! So sorry guys , I will reply to each and everyone . And soumya to you dear also.!!

    1. Soumya85

      Happy and safe journey rahul bhaiya

  7. Hi My YRKKH family – Rahul bhaiya, Aniket, Twana, Ishika dii, Pawan, Adi, ridz, fenil bhaiya, Chanya, Trishi, Lasya, Pat dii, Sophie dii, Sachu dii,Tanu di, Sindhu di, Dona, Rosa, Aliyaa, Soumya, Vrushy, Shesha & All YRKKH fans & silent readrs…
    Hi Rosa, I’m good! How r U??
    Hi Rahul bhaiya, its Ok!! Don’t b sorry bhaiya, Have a safe journey!!! Take care bro.Hope, U r very fine now!!
    Hi Fenil bhaiya, Don’t worry! Wil definitely pray for ua best frnd. As Shesha said, God never do injustice with good people!! Our prayers r with him, he will b fine bro!!

    How r U all guys??
    Hey Dilwale Captain (Aniket).!
    I don’t have anything to say U bro, Just tell me ua birth date if U don’t mind!! Take care!!

  8. Twana

    Helloo Everyone!!
    Fulfilling my BFF ka request!! Sorry guys I can’t address everyone individually…I’m too busy these day!!!
    I hope everyone z fine!!! All the best to those who hv exmzz…And the ones who r ill…get well soon………
    And I must tell that many fans n members r missing….Why z this??? Comment guys..I miss the comments of u all..
    Fenil bhaiya I pray that ur friend gets well very soon!!!!!! Is he in ICU?
    BFF n Raf study well…
    Lasya how r u?? Enjoyed ur holidays with family?
    Rahul bhaiyaa…Hi..How r u???? Is that u in the pro pic???
    Today’s ep was nice…Waiting for the cocktail party…I wonder how Goenka’s react after knowing Niara leaving her home….I hope they won’t cancel the Wedding..
    Hey Our Lenghty Comments Queen Z Back!!!! Hi Pat diiii………How r u these days?
    Sophie dii How r u?
    Gotta go guys…See ya guys soon…Love u all!!!

    1. Fenil

      Yes Dear Twana, he is in ICU

  9. Hi Fenil bhaiya, Acho h mana thari company mil gi.! And yes will pray 4 ua Best Friend.! B with him bhai.! U said that u dont want 2 loose ua 1 more friend. What does this means? I mean 2 ask whom u have lost here b4? Hi BFF, I wont Thanks 4 fulfilling my wish coz I have made a compromise.! How is ua stdy going? U too prepare well.! Hi Gayu, Dont b 4mal dude.! U kno evathing abt us, then dont u kno that I dont like to share my DOB.! Well, I am saying u, but u dont tell any1. I was born on 21st Feb 1999.!

    1. Fenil

      Hii Aniket Bhai , yaa mane thori company mili woh mara good luck .

      Yaa , we loose our one Best friend Dipak 5 months ago ( Dangue Case- 3 days )

  10. Hi Sister, where r u? No c 4m u since a long time.! Hi Bachelor bhai Have a safe journey.! There r Very less comments these days. So I would request u all to pls share ua views regarding Akshara shud re-enter Yeh Rishta or no. If yes then whom wuld u like 2 c as Akshara- Hina or some other Actress.! Ua view must also have a reason n justification. Come-on Family members pls reply.!

  11. Soumya85

    Hi my yrkkh family members….how r u all??
    Episode was just mindblouing…love kaira’s dance??mohsin was looking superb..precab was full of suspense…I have seen that kaira’s marriage will be broken by karthik’s Dadi as they will get to know about naira’s past but karthik will support naira.

  12. Soumya85

    As for captain’s question..I think akshara should come back as sometimes naira needs someone as akshara is more mature and understanding.She was very clever to manage the situations.
    Hina will not came back and I can’t suggest any other actress because i don’t know much..
    But even i m happy as they r showing New generation handling situations by their own way which is good..I even love the New generation acters

  13. Hi Aniket!!
    Sorry bro, I really don’t know dat U don’t like to share ua DOB…Oh, 21st Feb! It means u r eldr than me Aniket bhaiya.!!!Ok Aniket, I won’t tell ua DOB to any1. Happy?? Few days b4 U told dat u’l turn 18 next month so I askd U Aniket!! BTW, Do u knw my DOB??

    Hi Twana, U 2 study welll.!!

  14. Hii guys sorry for late reply.
    I am currently in train . Going from Mumbai to Kolkata . It’s 26 hour long journey!!! Now the Time in 17:49 pm and date is 31/1/2017 will arrive on Kolkata 19:40 pm on 1/2/2017. It’s almost 26 hour long journey!!!
    Hii Fenil Bhaiya please keep us updated about your Best Friend health and Bhaiya we will definitely pray for your best friend!!!
    And Yess Twana it’s me in the dp. I know I am very handsome thanks for your compliments!!!????????.
    Yess guys it’s me in the dp!!

    1. ….. And Yess Twana it’s me in the *profile picture*. I know…..

  15. Hii guys ???? the way by which Aniket is conducting survey here I think ??that specially rajan sir has given this task to him???. What say Aniket???????
    Okk jokes apart Yess I also want akshara back !!! Which actress??? I have no idea!!

    Hi Soumya I have readen your last comment of 26 January . I will do comment on it but after reaching hostel. Sorry I hope you understand!!! And yes Soumya we are with you!!
    I don’t know about others ??? but I am with you and even you and me live in the same city!!!! So I am definitely 200% with you!!!!! Btw what is the weather condition of Kolkata??? Do we need woollen clothes there ?? Because it was hot in Mumbai!!

    And su I will too give my intro but tomorrow after reaching my hostel!!!

  16. Hi Rahul, Aniket, Sruthi, Shilpa, Twana, Sachu, Aliya, Riya, Vrushy, Pawana, Soumya, Kajol, Trishi, Has, Sophie, Karishma, Ishika, Saba, Ponkuri, Aarti, Ridz, Saraya, Pari, Shesha, TVFan 1, Jas, Trusna, Amalina, RV, Divi, Ishu, Adi, Nikhil, Paaki, Sanjana, Chanya, Tanu, Rosa, Raf, Fenil, Sindhu, Dona, & all YRKKH Fans (Family)
    I pray all is well
    Those of you studying for exams, board and all please study hard. I pray for good success for you.
    The episode is wonderful. Kartik is warming up. Yes Naira is trying hard for peace. Baisa is wrong in not inviting Pungi for the wedding. Whatever she scared of is still going to come out according to the spoiler. It would have been good if that information was given to the Goenkas by the family than through a third party. Then they would have explained the circumstances well.
    I never approved of Naira’s decision at that time. Because I felt she punished the whole family for one simple misunderstanding.
    If the Goenkas rejected Naira because of that then they are not good people because children make mistakes and if they learned from it then we should be big enough to forgive them. They have known Naira now for a few months – so they can see that she is not the same as that girl who used to duped rich people to help feed the children in the orphanage. If we in society, who has plenty are willing to share to the less privileged instead of going for the newest cars or technologies then we will be able to reduce the plight of poor children in our societies. And this is a serious problem every where – east, west, north & south
    But According to spoilers Kartik is going to stand by her – this is why I love him so much – the son I am yet to have ????????
    (And I haven’t forgotten Luv & Kush, my future twins ??)
    Kartik’s family still don’t understand him. He is simple with a generous heart. And they will play right into Kartik’s hands as this is what he wants original to exclude them.
    Now as for Naira & Kartiks fight & makeup – that just normal in loving relationships how couples get to know each other well. They will learn how to pacify each other & will become strong. Naitik and Akshara were like that in the beginning. And Naitik could not stand Rajeshri and used to make fun of her but look now he calls her mum & understands her.
    I will stop here – I pray you all are having a blessed day.
    Thanks Ameena for the superb update. ????????????????
    My comments are long so it takes the moderators longer to post it – so I will try to do short ones but can’t promise anything ??????????
    ????????????? to you all

    1. Sorry for some mistakes but I know you all get what I am trying to say right. ????????

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