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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik telling Akshara that he has fallen in love with her all over again. She asks by hearing my song, I did not sing that well. He says no, by your honesty, you gave that prize to someone else. She says I did not deserve this, but you deserve this medal. He says no, I will wear this medal when I find out that person who is doing all this. She says leave it, competition is over. He says yes, but who knows did rivalry ended or not.

Rukmani tells Maheshwaris about some girl’s marriage getting fixed. Kaki says that girl is younger than Ananya. Rukmani says I got a good proposal for Ananya too. Varsha and Jasmeet get doubtful hearing this. Rukmani shows the guy’s pic and praises the guy. Jasmeet and Varsha get shocked, and show pic to elders.


gets some vision and Naitik holds her. She says I m feeling dizzy, why will anyone do this to stop me from competing. He says those who do not want you to win. She says just family knows I have allergy with coil. He says how can anyone from our house.. She says I did not mean it. he says maybe Maya heard it from someone and using it. she says maybe and maybe not.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani tell Akshara about lake temple and yagya there. Bhabhimaa decides to go there. Bau ji agrees and hopes everything gets fine. Akshara says I can’t come, I have to go for checkup. Naitik says even I have work at office tomorrow. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani and Bau ji to go, and I will stay with Akshara. Naksh says you all go, I will stay with mumma. Bhabhimaa agrees.

Rajshri asks Rukmani what is this joke. Rukmani says what joke, its good pairing for Ananya. Varsha says how can you say this. Rukmani says see the truth, even this guy is rich, he is fat like Ananya. Varsha gets angry and asks her not to get any proposal, I will myself find guy for Ananya. Rukmani goes.

Aditya asks Tara to have food. Tara worries and asks why is this happening with us. He asks her to talk to Akshara. She calls Akshara and says I wanted to talk to you. Naksh hears her as he attends call. Tara asks did Naksh tell you, please do something. He says there is nothing between us, don’t call anyone of us now. He ends call. She cries.

Someone comes in Akshara’s room. She asks who is it, answer me. The person leaves. She says who can it be, this perfume smell, who is it. Naksh comes and says its me, why are you scared. She says no, did you come before. He says I came now to return your phone. She says I felt there is someone, did you see anyone leaving. He says no, take your phone. She asks him to see if there is anything kept now. He looks around and says nothing like that. She asks why is he worried, did he fight with Tara. He lies and says she was genuinely busy, its no big issue. He goes.

Bhabhimaa asks Bau ji to come. Karishma says I will just come by giving Naman’s medicines. Naman asks Naitik to come, as they can go office together. Devyaani asks Naman what happened. Naman says nothing. Karishma says he has fever since night. Bhabhimaa asks him not to go office. Naman says I have imp meeting. Naitik says I will attend meeting. Bhabhimaa asks Naman and Karishma to be at home. Girja asks Akshara did her medicines ended. She says no. Girja says I have checked, its not there. Naitik says strange, I will get it. Naksh asks Naitik to go, and I will get medicines. Naitik asks Akshara to call him if she needs anything. Mishti comes and says I was ready. She sprays perfume. Akshara thinks its same perfume. Karishma says Mishti its my perfume. Mishti says sorry, my perfumes got old. Akshara asks Karishma is this her perfume. Karishma says yes, I bought new, why. Akshara says its good. Karishma thanks her. Akshara thinks its same perfume, why did Karishma not tell me about it.

Karishma and Naman talk about their plan to send off Naksh, and Akshara’s presence won’t matter. He asks her to keep medicine box back. She says don’t tell me my plan, you do your plan. He waits for man to give the house’s mortgage paper. Akshara prays and thinks what to do, Naman and Karishma should not go on wrong path even by mistake, show me some way. Akshara gets vision.

Naksh buys medicines and collides with Tara on the way. He leaves angrily, while she asks him to listen to her once. She cries and runs after his car. He sees her in mirror and gets sad. He races the car. Naman asks Karishma to hurry up and keep papers ready, I don’t want anyone from family to see them. Karishma says don’t worry, no one is coming home soon. Akshara comes to them. Karishma shows Naman that she is coming and asks about her stick. Karishma says I will get it. Akshara says no, I will get it, you are doing work with Naman. Karishma looks at her. Akshara realizes what she said.

Karishma says no, Naman is not here, I m alone. Akshara says I heard file pages turning so I thought office work. Karishma says no, Naman is sleeping in room, its some other papers. She says I will get my stick and turns. The vase is about to fall and Akshara holds it. Karishma asks how did you know vase is falling. Akshara says when one sense goes, other senses get high, I will get stick and earphones. She goes. Karishma asks Naman did you see how Akshara held that vase. He says I don’t think so, focus on work. Akshara sits wearing headphones. Karishma calls her out and she does not respond acting as if she is listening music. Naman says that’s good. The man comes and gives mortgage papers. Naman says don’t worry about her, she can’t see. The man says you know you are keeping your house mortgaged. Naman says yes I know. The man says fine, sign on this. Naman sits to sign. Akshara goes and holds his hand. Akshara checks papers and gets shocked. Karishma and Naman get shocked knowing Akshara got her eyesight.

Akshara asks Naman were you going to keep house mortgaged and slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice slap ?

  2. Good finally naman n karishma trapped

  3. Diya aur/Yrkkh fan

    Nice one Akshara ! Naman deserved that tight slap who dose he and karishma think they are stealing property and business papers greedy so&so what next robbing them of Krishna’s. N&k should be thrown out of the house I hope devyaani see’s her son for what he is. glad Akshara got her sight back just in time . Please reply

  4. How can akshara get her eyesight back suddenly!!! Just in few minutes!! Thats bravo.. Anyways i love this serial so keep watching

  5. Good going… Recent development of #YRKKH is simply superb!!!!! Finally our sweet gorgeous #Akshara is getting her eye sight back at the right time. I think Akshara got her eye sight back few days ago but in order to know the intension of Naman n Karishma, she has to act blind. I also think Akshara purposely kept headphones onto her ears saying that she will listen music. But meantime she was actually hearing/monitoring Naman n Karishma’s conversation. Brilliant way to catch Naman n Karishma. Seriously Akshara u r very intelligent women. Ur acts are so real. I admire ur way of acting. No other actresses could have done so well as like u. Akshara u r really a superstar. I wish u’ll get the best mom,romantic couple, best bahu award in Star Parivaar Award 2016. Wish u all the very best #Akshara(i.e Hina Khan)

  6. Thanks director finally the show is getting nicer . Akshara got her eye sight back great. Pls do not let either Natik or Akshara quit ever . They make the best couple . Pls kick Naman and Karishma out of the house , so Divyani knows the truth about her son. Please bring their truth out to all families. Akshara to call Tara . Please make it interesting.

  7. Pls director also do something that Akshara finds out Tara and Naksh , may be she is thinking to return Tara phone back and thank her . Pls do something.

  8. Please director make tomorrow’s show super interesting as this the only series my entire family watches

  9. I wish Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai wins all awards this year . Best series to watch

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