Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone coming back to Maheshwari house. Vishwamber asks about the trip. They all say it was good. Naira gets a message and signs to Kartik. Kartik says I will freshen up and leaves. Naira asks where is Dadi, I will call her. She goes to Kartik and cries. She gives her phone and shows the video. He gets shocked and asks who is sending this to you. She says whoever it is asked us not to say anyone. He shuts the door and holds her to console.

Naksh walks to Kartik’s room. Kartik says what will I tell everyone, they all trust me, and Naksh is trusting me now. Shaurya stops Naksh. Naksh says I was going to Kartik, I had to give him money for cake and decorations. Shaurya says he is coming for breakfast, give money later. Naira gets another video. Kartik

and Naira see it. Naira says I did all this, its my mistake. Kartik says no, why did I drink, it was you with me, if it was someone else, anything would have happened. He says no, my heart is saying nothing happened.

She says how shall I agree. He consoles her and says did you see this video, its not complete, its edited. She says but it shows it was my mistake, you were also drunk and did not lose senses. He says its imp to know who made this video, what is he getting by troubling us, whose mistake was it, we will see later. He checks video again. She asks why are you seeing it again. He says sorry, don’t get me wrong, I want to know maybe we can get some clue. They hear some sound in the video. He asks did you hear that sound. She says yes, beep is of digital watch. She hears that again and recalls Chandu.

She says this is Chandu. He asks what, Chandu? She says yes, its him, he has such digital watch. He says Chandu is in jail now, it can’t be him. She asks is he taking revenge from me. He asks are you sure. She says yes. Kuhu calls Naira for breakfast. Kartik asks Naira to go. She asks are you with me. He says always. She asks will anything happen. He says I promise nothing such can happen. She leaves.

Devyaani asks children not to go anywhere again, house looked lonely. Bhabhimaa asks Naira is she not well. Naira says I m tired. Bhabhimaa says Naira and Kartik had a fight again? Naksh says no, Mishti and Kartik fought. Devyaani goes to see her. Bau ji and Naksh talk. Naira hears Bau ji saying Chandu has run away from jail. Kartik goes to police station. He says if this is Chandu, we will get his location, I can’t involve police in this matter, what shall I do, Naira messaged that police is finding Chandu, if they catch Chandu, I will not leave Chanhdu.

Inspector asks Kartik how come you here, can I help. Kartik says no, I was waiting for my friend. inspector goes. Kartik says now there is one way to catch Kartik. He messages Chandu. Chandu reads his message. Kartik writes why did you take Naira and my video, why are you taking revenge from me, my family will not leave me knowing this, don’t get me in this matter, I have 10 lakhs and you can get this. Chandu says 10 lakhs, Kartik is not my enemy, I can agree to him. Kartik thinks if Chandu agrees with this bribe, its good. Chandu replies him. Kartik says fool got trapped. Chandu waits to meet Kartik.

Kartik goes to meet Chandu and asks are you there. Chandu wears monkey cap and hides. He asks Kartik to come. Kartik says I got 10 lakhs, I have nothing more, I m doing small job, you have seen it was not my mistake, it was Naira’s mistake, she is boss’ daughter, I went on picnic on their saying, my bad fate. Kartik jumps to get Chandu and misses. Chandu sprays chilli on him and says you were becoming hero, I m Chandu, you thought I will get fooled, you love Naira, I have seen that, person do not act in drunken state, when you messaged, I understood you are trapping me. Kartik says I knew its him, I m not fool. Chandu says if police comes, I will send video.

Kartik says don’t send video, I did not inform police, take money and delete video. Chandu slaps him and asks shall I send this video to Naira’s family. Kartik says no, Naksh dislikes me, they will beat me. Chandu’s phone off. He picks it and says now I will send this video to Naksh.

Kartik fights with Chandu. Chandu is about to hit Kartik with a stick. Naira comes and hits on Chandu’s head. Chandu sees her and says Naira. Kartik gets up and asks Naira why did you come here. She says I need to talk to Chandu. She gets the phone. She apologizes to Chandu. She says I know what you are going through, listen to me once. He calls her a liar. She says you had misunderstanding like I had about my mum, I did not call police. Chandu says you cheated me. Naira says I did not do anything. Kartik says trust us, Naira did not get you caught. She says my family was trying to free you, its okay you are doubting on me, as I also did not trust my mumma, you leave and take money, police will not come after you, I will fight for you till the blames on you is proved wrong. Chandu starts leaving and stops by believing Naira.

Naira asks why did you stop, go, or trust me for the last time, you will be saved from regret. Chandu says fine, I m going back to police station, if you don’t help me, I will run again. He apologizes to Naira and Kartik. Kartik says we should also say sorry. Chandu says he is a good guy, hold him and do not let him go anywhere. Chandu leaves. Kartik asks Naira are you happy now. She says yes. He says everything got fine.

Kartik says you always call me frog. She says frog and a great friend, please keep this friendship forever. He promises her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anika

    Today I loved the way Kartik composed Naira. Naira and Kartik was supporting each other. And in precap Naira first time talked to Kartik in soft-romantic way instead of fighting like tom&jerry ?.Seems like we’re going to see some sweet cute romantic Kaira moments in upcoming episodes. ?

  2. Wow! Such a weirdo Epi!???

  3. Hi guys do u prefer kaira or Kayu! If kaira then do u like vivaan and gayu???

    1. Anika

      Pari I don’t care about others.
      Only love Kaira ? <3

    2. Me too. Only Kaira is real! ?

  4. I love kayu

  5. Y is karthik so amazing yaar.aww .naira wow heroine comes to save hero the way she understands n talks to chandu and solves it good naira.karthiks unconditional love towards naira is too good.

  6. Wow the episode is very fantastic because one friend realized that he had done a mistake

  7. Suhana66

    Gayaan jodi is great, so is Kaira, amd eagerly waiting for the track of proposing, and when are they going to Switzerland cause I can’t wait anymore, Gatu should whom Kartik loves.

  8. Will they ever show naitik and Akshara here after?? Naitik is not been shown since a long time, and also the same thing is going on with Akshara..

    1. Ha naitik left the show so they r searching for a new actor as replacement .akshara was on holiday the illness she will be shown from Monday that’s what spoilers say ,

  9. Hi guys can I join you people!!

  10. Hey guyzzz I’m new here …bt l love KAIRA scenes very much…

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