Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira plans Naksh and Kirti’s haldi


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pilot saying I can’t drive alone, I need a co pilot. The attendant says I will announce and maybe there is some pilot in passengers. Kartik says stop, they will panic. He gets Manish. Manish asks how will I do this, I didn’t fly since long. Kartik asks him to try. He introduces Manish Goenka, who is a licensed pilot, he flies his private plane. He asks the pilot to please trust him. Pilot asks him to send Manish. Manish says I didn’t fly since long but we both need each other. Kartik says we need you two to get us out of this problem. Manish gets on the work. Kartik stays with him. Suwarna asks Naira where did Kartik take Manish. Naira says in cockpit, pilot fainted. They all get shocked. Suwarna and Akhilesh say Manish is a licensed pilot. Passengers asks

are they mad, call him back. Naira defends Manish. Naksh justifies that Manish is helping them. Akhilesh asks them to sit calm.

Kartik holds Manish. They all sit tensed. Naira prays. Kartik asks Manish to try his best and leave everything on Lord. Manish and pilot make the situation stable. Everyone thanks Lord. Kids say it was dangerous roller coaster. Naksh tells Kirti that everything is fine now. Manish says we are safe now, plane is on auto pilot now, you can take over. Pilot thanks him for saving everyone’s lives. Manish sees Kartik. Manish asks how is captain now. The attendants say thanks, he is better now, we told him, he is very impressed. Captain thanks Manish. Manish says I just made a try on my son’s saying, take care of yourself, manage your seat.

Everyone claps for Manish. Naira thanks him. Manih gives the credit to Kartik. Kartik gives credit to Naira. Kartik says we should give the deserving credit to one. Manish sees Suwarna and they smile. Rajshri says we can do haldi after flight lands. Naksh asks Kirti why is she worried. Kirti says our safety is imp than haldi. Dadi apologizes as their rasam is not happening because of her. Kirti and Suwarna ask her not to feel guilty. Dadi cries and goes.

Naira says when Dadi is wishing, haldi should happen on mahurat, many hurdles came and all rasams happened on time. Baisa asks where will we do rasam. Naksh says we have groom, bride and haldi. Kartik says we don’t have permission, we should get it. Kartik asks attendant to take permission from captain. Captain comes and says we don’t permit this, but since your family did much, we will say yes just to say thanks. Manish says we have to ask co passengers also. Kartik asks the passengers. They all agree. Captain says just be careful that plane doesn’t get bad, and send some sweets. They all smile. Kartik and Naira go to get Dadi and show her the decorations. Dadi gets surprised. She asks what’s all this. Kartik says Naksh and Kirti’s haldi will happen here. Kirti says its Naira’s idea. She thanks Naira. Dadi cries. Naira asks her to save tears for Kirti’s bidaai, there is just 10 mins for mahurat.

She takes Naksh and Kirti. She says your haldi will be happening and then you can’t see each other till marriage. Kartik asks how can you lose this chance, remember when we were marrying, I thought to make the most of it. Naira asks them to meet. Kartik wishes them all the best. They leave. Naksh and Kirti see each other. Kartik and Naira argue. He jokes asking her to say what to do in young age. He asks her to settle scores. Kirti says I had to say thanks, this time to Lord for giving you, our story is different, don’t know its love marriage or arranged, we didn’t meet or talk much. Naksh says sometimes to understand each other, talking is not necessary. Naira and Kartik come and say sorry, come out, its time for mahurat. Rajshri says we got ready, Kuldevi is not here. Devyaani says Kuldevi is here on silver coin. Dadi says its good, we will do its puja. They hear announcement that they can do haldi now. Naira asks Kartik to help her. She gets Naksh and Kirti. Kartik gives rings. Naira says Kartik gave idea that they can exchange rings as well. They all clap. Naksh thinks of Naitik. Naksh asks him not to get upset thinking of Naitik. He hugs her.

Naira and everyone sing and dance. Kirti smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naira naira….they breathe naira….. God knows why….every good idea has to be of naira…..

  2. Kaina1

    Dear viewers of yrkkh this is to inform you that if you missing comedy night with kapil or the kapil Sharma show then we the team of yrkkh has decided to fulfill that gap and now we are serving you with anything that makes no sense and instead of tensing you will make you go ROFL

    WARNING:- watch this episode only if your tv is old model becoz after this you will defiantly throw your tv away in your attempt to stop watching this crap (called as HYPOTHESIS TO PROVE KAIRA GREAT)

    1. Aku

      No comments yaar.. they just can’t stop showing each other mahan.. I’m just so done with it.. and I’m only reading the update for your analysis.. I stopped watching it a long ago

    2. Lol ? Kaina love your comment… I was waiting for your analysis before deciding to watching it, but seeing as my tv isn’t that old I’m not going to risk it!! From reading the telly update it’s obviously been another Mahaan Naira to the rescue episode… makes me want to throw up ? ?

  3. Kaina1

    Anyways coming to episode guys I was laughing like hell I mean full on “kuch bhi” yaar .guys seriously rite now I am in position that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry seriously yaar haste haste stomach pain ho gaya hai mujhe. ALL I AM WAITITNG IS FOR UDAIPUR POLICE (TEEJ) AND UDAIPUR AIRPORT AND AIRLINES TO FILED A DEFAMATION CASE AGAINST CVS OF YRKKH FOR PROTRAYNG THEM SO BADLY
    Anyways episode starts with co-pilot panicking and asking for another pilot (cvs if you don’t know than let me tell you even co-pilot are trained to fly independently) and then they decide to ask passenger for pilot (I know u laughing like me) and then karthik stops them saying that passenger will panic and he brings in manish NOW @MITRA GIRL UR PREDICTION COMES TRUE manish is nervous and karthik support and guess what karthik is standing in cockpit with manish and pilot and here my airline don’t even let me enter cabin seriously how cum a passenger be allowed in cockpit along with his constant non-sense blabbering allright even if you hadn’t fall laughing by nowthen this particular scene will defiantly make you go ROFL will whole of the flight is shaking and the passenger sitting are shaking drastically then to our karthik sahib is standing in cockpit and encouraging pilots and not even falling (ironman I guess) then comes the part which has made my belief that kaira are fake more stronger well two minutes b4 karthik was telling air hostess not to tell anyone that captain has got unconscious becoz everyone will panic and now just 2 mins latter our over-acting ki dukaan naira announces in full volume that captain got unconscious I mean fake concern at its best yaar common cvs do you except that audience will buy this utter nonsense I mean 2 mins b4 you showed something and 2 mins after you are showing something else and that to with your lead couple yaar hadd hai and then some co-passenger argue and as usual our mannerless naira shouts at that I mean common yaar there are ppl worried for their life and you shouting at them seriously my un-acceptance for naira is increasing every second anyways leave it now these cvs show us outer view if airplane and guess what there is not a single sign of any kind of strom instead sun is shining bright in the sky and then if you notice naira and karthik seat was at last in Friday episode but now naira is sitting at first seat I mean pitaji ki property hai pura plane ??? anyways voila manish is a magician and no everything is fine and manish comes out and guess what!!!!!! He is served with standing ovation I mean seriously who allowed whole airlines passenger to stand up like that ( I don’t know what will they do if they meet neerja bhanot) and guess what this plane has only 4 ppl first first captain jo baihosh ho gaya dusra co pilot jise kush nahi aata tesra ek aadmi jo sirf yes sir karta hai aur choutha ek ladki jo airlines ki guidelines mane ke bajaye karthik ke order maan rahi hai anyway manish gives his victory speech (read it as karthik praise) and the naira follows the ritual (read it as karthik praise ) well naira praise karthik and karthik praise naira scene (hatered increased to 100 folds) now think how you feel when some keep on saying nonsense and more nonsense well that is exactly how I felt in karthik praising session meanwhile naksh comforts keerti (much to my relief after this utter nonsense) anyways I am still laughing at that standing ovation and victory speech and kaira self proclamation anyways everyone worries abt how haldi will happen and the again keesh scene oh I adore them so much full 10/10 to that scene and then after 1 min of heaven in keesh scene we are again taken to hell with naira speaking and guess what she comes up with idea of celebrating haldi in airplane ( I so knew this isuch kind of degraded foolish idea can come in naira’s brain only) and then airlines say no and guess what karthik and manish ask for permission from co-passenger and guess what passenger grant permission and not only that even airlines grant permission I fell off my chair seeing that I mean cvs why don’t you bang your heads on wall for falling so low to show kaira great and now comes the most dangerous part our kaira along with everyone decorated whole flight with flowers you know what guys after this scene I am admitted to ICU a my brain has literally stop working anyways yaar cvs just a question bhai dimag hai ki nahi ?? and then again keerti praises naira I know naira the great needs this magar yaar iss stupidity ke liye thanks and then again naira opens her mouth guys just a free advice close your ears if you don’t want to be irritated by blood boiling voice and after hell we are again taken to heaven with a keesh scene and I tell you guys it was adorable especially kirti “bas thanks bolna chahti hoon bhagwaan ko aap ke liye” OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS THE BEAUTY OF KEESH THEY DON’T GO OVER THE TOP WITH THEIR SCENE AND STILL THEY ARE SO ROMANTIC I MEAN COMMON YAAR THAT WHOLE SCEN WAS SO SO ROMANTIC and guys don’t enjoy much soon karthik interrupts (go to hell karthik ) and then again follows kaira greatness and then comes the part which annoyed me keesh engagement and again credit goes to karthik (my foot) I mean all my hope that keesh are parallel lead went to drain after this but I REALLY RALLY LIKE NAKSH MISSING NAITIK but here too that naira had to poke her nose I mean keerti could console naksh she did
    Guys I just want to know how the ppl who work in airlines feel after this episode and guess what tomorrow they will be dancing inn air line
    I mean cvs even rahul Gandhi makes sense (at 0.01% occasion) but you guys hav negligible chance with sense
    Anyways guys I cant tell you how much I enjoyed keesh convo so much yaar they are goals man they are so so adorable I mean seriously yaar me toh sadke jawa yaar they are goals

    1. V can watch all other parts of kaira like a comedy show but then the praising comes oh God I’m like some one kill me for watching the show.i skip as much as I can then also it boils my blood.

    2. Even i felt exactly the same after watching this episode. You missed one thing about nira. Nira dress and jewellery was more heavy than (bride) Kriti. Don’t know why cv’s are ignoring kriti and naksh? Its their wedding, even they are the one who had shown less in every episode. Even dadi and kartik daddy scenes are more in every episode.

      1. I have never commented here but been a silent reader of your comments.. but watching this episode my blood was boiling like anything… KAIRA , NAIRA, KARTHIK .. uff.. I believe that the serial name yeh rishtha is kept purposely for the story it been portrayed so far – how to cross the hurdles with the help of the family, share happiness, give equal space to everyone.. but now I could c only naira being mahaan and telling those philosophical quotes ( of course I wonder if she followed any of it at all) guys please stop this CVS from spoiling the good story, spoiling marriage and romance if Keesh..

    3. Even i felt exactly the same after watching this episode. You missed one thing about nira. Nira dress and jewellery was more heavy than (bride) Kriti. Don’t know why cv’s are ignoring kriti and naksh? Its their wedding, even they are the one who had shown less in every episode. Even dadi and kartik daddy scenes are more in every episode.

    1. Tvfan1

      Thanks for the news kaina!!
      But wtf?

      The cvs need to get ideas from the ffs which members are writing..cox theu are better than this

    2. Aku

      No yaar.. esa Ni hona chahiye.. Naitik and Akshara only look good together.. don’t do this CVs

  4. Wow there are lots of people commenting in amazing way, sorry i forgot Who but someone said kaira the mahan is going to encourage Manish ,and it happened in the same way .Manish said only because of Karthik he did.but if v forget that then also what was the role of karthik n cockpit.oh God it was so irritating.moreover he was advising them don’t announce bcoz everyone will panic . advice itself is wrong,but our intelligent naira informed everyone and took class for them.

    When I see Naira with ornaments I feel to remove that from her.
    @missy you are right keerthi looks amazing with that simple jewelry.
    There is not a single scene with out kaira

  5. Hey Anjana, Ponkuri & Kaina sis; Fenil bro and all YRKKH family.
    I pray all is well
    I haven’t watch the episode just read the update – thanks Amena sis for the write up
    So I see Naira and Kaira mahan continues. Tomorrow looks interesting.
    Fenil bro you have been MIA (missing in action) for a while. Where are you?
    Kaina sis i see you have given us part 2 of your episodic analysis, I will read it soon I have some work to complete. I like to read your comments when I am not distracted – they are too interesting.
    Have a good evening all

    1. Hi Missy hope you are doing well.
      I think fenil is busy with festival celebrations.
      Hi fenil. V all sisters and brothers miss you

  6. Didn’t like the whole episode except keesh
    Naira was sitting at the back, why did she have to come in front?? Just so that when Manish is successful she is the first to hug him, and she must be fitted inn the frame ???

    1. True.

  7. oh god again naira what I liked about the episode was:
    1)thank god they showed manish as the pilot and when manish came everyone were proud but he gave credit to kartik and kartik to naira uff this naira ki Barbar band karwao yar and dear CVS when u give all the words to kaira how will keesh have
    something to talk???and kaira bring keesh to be together and guess what CVS are soo stubborn that they only showed kaira flirting and when keesh were talking not even for 1 min the great mahan kaira disturbed them like seriously
    naira was not looking less than a naagin and kartik he just knows to romance and that kind of childish.
    and when manish came everyone were praising him and naira hugged him and keerti was just standing and smiling WTF yar she is his daughter at least give her this right to hug her father but no they showed naira go to hell
    and I can’t believe the haldi idea also naira I mean are they trying to show naira is too smart only she can do everything and everyone else have to listen to her and say woww bitia rani my foot.
    and thank god devyaani took out the sikka and not naira
    and the more we want to see keesh the more they are showing kaira go to hell CVS with your favourite kaira
    can’t u see the whole 21 mins everyone is praising naira common CVS the bucket is full now close the tap plz

    1. Harshali and keesh 143 they are not ready to give that small part to keerthi.they just want to show naira.when devayani took the sikka I also said thank God it’s not Naira.

  8. I was literally laughing by reading ur comment kaina seriously I just don’t have words to say
    ur comment is mind blowingggg amazing awesome the only comment that made me laugh thank you for making me laugh
    I wonder how do u think this

  9. and I agree with u kaina naira’s voice is so bad I don’t even like to hear
    and I started watching yrkkh just for keesh from February that too only on YouTube I never watched it on TV nor I do if they keep showing kaira then the less trp is much better

  10. and that spoiler naitik having affair no ways
    I think we should give a big applause to people who have time to write fake and nonsense spoilers(my views)if that happens than I won’t even watch it I will just watch keesh wedding and if keerti turns negative my goodbye forever will be waiting for yrkkh

  11. The most nonsensical, dumb, futile & laughable track they have ever shown in yrkkh, it is ? pure ghatya garbage, I didn’t know nayi soch promoting means degrading other institutions, companies, associations. I really feel offended by writers move, do they really think we are so much uneducated, uncultured & ignorant to buy this rubbish ( i am sorry for using such strong words)
    Even the ones who never got the opportunity to board a plane are not so naive to believe this, all plane crew are well prepared for emergencies, they are trained and they certainly have more experience on how to deal in such situations than 2 spoiled brats without goals in life killing time either by romancing or poking their nose in others matter.
    What make a character interesting is his/her realism, ppl are more attached to character who are relatable, who are more humane, who evolute, who accomplish their goals despit the hardships, nothing is easy in life no one is perfect or should be perfect it is the efforts, the dermination, the struggles in order to reach his/her destination that make someone worth watching . I fail to see these in naira & karthik they don’t have anything to accomplish neither they even did anything in life ( don’t understand why all this praise) daddy have lot of money so why bothering getting higher education or a job, can show up in office time to time to shut the mouth of critics, only son of daddy so obviously he and his wife ( who already is the head in her mayka) can from now on start behaving like the head of family.
    I’m sorry to all kaira fan for being so harsh, i was liking them at their start but now they are the most pathetic, useless, worthless, unrealistic, annoying characters of this show

    1. Wow.i like your comment.

      1. Thanks dear, it is my outburst to such crap

    2. After watching this episode , dr baba ram rahim msg insan song look sendible to me, “You are the love chargerrrrrrrrrrrr…”.

  12. Plane chalaya manish ne uska himmat badhaya karyik ne but paltu kutta kartik goves credit to naira.
    Kartik is not husband but pet dog of naira

  13. Naira looks ugly and her voice is irritating don’t know who let her step into television industry. I can’t stand that girl one bit.
    Actress calls herself a trained dancer but dances like hyperactive monkey. No trained dancer dances like that.
    Her dance video from childhood circulating on social media shows how her parents made her dl “crass and vulgar” dance steps at such a young age.

    1. Aku

      Yeah you are right.. the actress playing Keerti mohena Singh is much better dancer and she has even done a dance show.. but kya fayda uske iss talent ka.. CVs Ko th uss bakwas Shivangi uff naira Ko hi mahan dikhana hai.. jisse kuch Ata ways b Ni hai.. except insecurity ke and attention grab krne ke

  14. Plane chalaya manish ne and paltu kutta kartik praises naira for that?
    Hadd hai bhai. It’s onething to love and respect ur wife but yahan toh kartik slavery k hai naira ka.

  15. I just wanna to say that….. ?????. I am sorry everyone ??????. I think i am not gonna comment for 2-3 months!! . Sorry!!

  16. After seeing all these, I came to a conclusion. For a person to be strong, mature, understanding, and be mahan, you have to stay away from your family as a kid, and you have to be angry on them as a kid.
    Because the only characters who are mahan in the show are Kaira and both of them as kids, had a bitter relationship with their family and stayed away from them. They are much more understanding people than Naksh, Keerthi, Yash, Gayu and Ananya!! All you guys, tough luck, why did you stay with your family?? Why understood your elders and respected them, it is because of that now you all don’t have the mahantha our GREAT KAIRA has!!!
    I must say this is nayi soch, for we all heard and believe that a child’s upbringing would be nice only if he or she grow up with family, because there are many people to guide you, advise you correct you, show you the right path, but here, the thing is just the reverse!!
    Guys, it is nayi soch!!!

  17. We all knew this was in store….. Manish praising Karthik and obviously Karthik praising Naira. As they have done this much they should have included one more small clip where all the family members and the other passengers together in chorus scream that,”naira ekdum akshara jaisi hai”. I know the other passengers won’t know Akshara but that isn’t an issue….. When CVS can do all these nonsensical drama to just portray Kaira as Mahan then why not this too…. Anyway it is better to just watch yrkkh in hotstar so that we can just see keesh..

  18. Hahahahahaha….. Yes KAINA my prediction worked…. Easy to guess how kaira obsessed minds (CVS) work.

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