Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira gets insecure

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying we need to focus on Akhilesh, I will help him in his venture and maybe everything gets fine. Naira says yes, finding past won’t help us. Samarth says I won’t work with this client again. Akhilesh asks what happened, come and discuss things, we will clear it out. Samarth smiles and thinks I have come to clear out all. He asks how are Kartik and Naira nature wise. Akhilesh says they are lovely, Mansi was responsible for Akshara’s accident, Naira has forgiven Mansi, I was feeling so guilty, don’t know how I spoke rudely to her that day. Samarth says you said she is very nice, she would not feel bad, would you discuss with Kartik once.

Akhilesh says he has much knowledge about the market, I thought to discuss with him. Samarth says you

said you have to prove yourself, I have no problem with Kartik, he is part of family, Manish will be involved, then he will give you ideas and advice, don’t get upset, listen to him, he is elder, intelligent and also successful. Akhilesh says I don’t to discuss anything, I don’t want anyone’s help or advice. Kartik and Naira hear him and go. Akhilesh asks what do you say, shall I start with 5 crores. Samarth says your wish, what can I say. Akhilesh says you are my brother, you can give me suggestions. Samarth says do as much you wan. He calls Nitin and asks is the info true, will company get bankrupt, good. He smiles.

Naksh asks are you making your fav cake. Kirti says its birthday of neighbor’s granddaughter, it was her request. He thinks sorry, I m concerned as I love you, you won’t understand my tension. She tastes the cake. He says you need not help others, I will order cake from Krishna. Lav and Kush ask what are you making. Naira says breakfast for Samarth, he is our guest and close relative, where is Kartik. Lav says hospital nurse has come with medicines, Kartik is busy, she said you are lucky to get a husband like Kartik. Naira recalls and asks why did she come. Lav says she visited a few times, I think Kartik gave medicines contract to her. Naira asks does she always meet Kartik. Lav says yes, she talks to him for an hour, I think she likes him. Kush says Kartik also praises her. Naira angrily kneads the dough. Dadi asks what will we tell them. Manish says say the same to everyone. She says I can’t lie to Kartik, I don’t want to bother him. Manish says their future shouldn’t get ruined. She asks why has Samarth returned after many years, even if he doesn’t doubt on us. He says maybe Akhilesh met him and brought him home, he was quite young then and won’t remember it, leave it. Akhilesh asks Manish to spare two mins for a talk.

Manish smiles and goes to him. Akhilesh says I want some money, I know division didn’t happen, its a legal process, it will need time, I need funds for investment, 5 crores, I m not begging you, but asking from my share, I need it till evening. He goes. Manish worries. Suwarna looks on. Samarth says this is still time for Diwali, but sound of fire crackers started coming, I like this sound. He goes to Dadi and says I shall take your leave now, sorry about Akhilesh’s matter, I m his brother, its my house too, even if I was raised in my maternal grandparents house, we aren’t enemies either, we are related by blood, I will try to explain Akhilesh, younger ones aren’t useless, right Tai ji? Manish looks at him. Samarth says I can tell him how much you worked hard to keep this family united, you have made many sacrifices, really, I understand everything now, I feel really bad about it, I didn’t get chance to say before but it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten everything, talke care, if possible, save your family from falling apart.

He goes thinking history will be repeated again, brothers will fight the same way, I will see how Manish arranges money in an hour. Naira comes to Kartik and sees him talking to nurse. Naira says she got medicines for me, but he is getting sympathy. Nurse gives multi vitamins for Kartik. Lav says this girl is pretty. Naira says she is flirting. Lav asks are you jealous, last time she stayed here for two hours. Naira shouts Kartik… please come here. He says sure, just two mins. Naira says these pills will be beneficial for your truth. Naira says I must act as wife sometimes, look at him, he has no shame. Kartik comes to Naira. He says medicines have come. She says yes, but she just left. He asks who, nurse Pinky. She says oh you know her name. He says yes, I have her number saved. She asks what else did you save of her. Kids take her side.

Kartik asks them to shut up. Lav says we got fees and will do our work. Naira asks why was he flirting. Kartik asks what are you thinking. Naira says you flirted with Pinky, don’t lie, he says you are blaming me. She says you are hurting me, you forgot me and became someone’s lover. He says you had a misconception. They argue. Kids watch them and eat snacks. She calls him a flirt. He says fine then, I will openly flirt with girls. She says I will bash up to your head. He says I will flirt with many girls. She says let me complete. He says don’t waste my time, let me go and flirt. Kids stop him, pointing the fork. Kartik asks them to come and pulls up sleeve. Kids run out. Kartik holds Naira close and says you are bossing me. She asks him not to flirt. He says you are jealous. She says yes, I have lost you once and got you by much difficulty, I don’t want to take risk. She cries and says sorry. He asks why, for being jealous? You can get jealous, don’t worry, this problem/I will be just yours. They hug.

Akhilesh says I just want my bonds. Kartik says we don’t have it. Akhilesh gets the documents and shows them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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