Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Naksh and Kirti unite

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik requesting Manish to let Kirti take the decision. Manish says Kirti said she doesn’t want to meet Naksh, anyone can support him, but I will not forgive him, he will not argue now. He asks Naksh to just leave. He asks guards to shut the gate. Bhabhimaa says I won’t have medicine till I know about Naksh and Kirti. Rajshri says Naksh is trying to convince her, have medicine. Bhabhima says what will I answer Naitik, Naksh didn’t do big mistake. Rajshri and Devyaani ask her to have hope, Naira will manage everything.

Naira gets hiccups. Kartik gives her water. Koi bhi kuch bhi….plays… Naira thinks you are close and still away, you have hurt my heart a lot. He thinks how to say I love you a lot. Its morning, Kartik goes in lawn. He

sees Naksh sitting upset. He recalls when he tried to convince Naira and sat outside her house all night. Naksh comes to him. He says please make me meet Kirti, I want to meet her, I can’t live without her, I want to talk to her, I have learnt her importance in my life, I beg you. Kartik hugs him.

Naira talks to Rajshri on call. She says I have to make Naksh and Kirti meet once. Kartik comes. He stops her. He says we should make them meet once, then whatever their decision, its fine, did you think anyting. She says no, we will sit together. Manish looks on.

Kirti hears Naksh’s voice and gets up. She sees him live on the screen. Naksh says thanks for coming in my life, sorry for hurting your heart, you have filled love in my life, I just want a chance. Naira shows the marriage video. Kirti cries. Everyone comes. Kartik says Naksh will wait for you at the park. Manish says if you say, I can come along to drop you there. Kirti goes. Naira says we know your anger was right, but you supported us, thanks. Manish says I should thank you, I lost ability to think, I got it back after talking to you, I was annoyed with Naksh as he has hurt Kirti’s heart, when I saw Kirti not signing visa papers, I thought we are wrong, it should be Kirti’s decision. Kartik says we will just make them fate, decision will be of them, its their fate. Rajshri and Devyaani pray for Naksh.

Naksh, Naira and Kartik wait in the park. Kartik says its time for park closure, Naksh we should go. Naksh refuses to go. Akhilesh tells Dadi that Kirti is still in her room. Dadi and Manish worry. Naksh turns and says I heard Kirti. Kartik says she is not here. Naksh says no, I felt she is in problem, she is calling me. He runs. Kartik asks him to stop, he will fall in trouble. They run to stop Naksh. Naira falls. Kartik holds her. They hold hands and run to stop Naksh. Naksh looks for Kirti. Kartik says Kirti is not here. Naira says either Kirti can come here, or Naksh is missing her a lot. Kartik says why will Kirti come here. Naksh says I heard her, please listen to me. They all hear Kirti calling Naksh. They get shocked.

Naksh runs to see. They all follow. They get shocked seeing some goons troubling Kirti. Kirti cries. Naksh and Kartik angrily run and beat up the goons. Naira also beats the goons. The goons run away when parkr guards come. Kartik asks Kirti is she fine. Naksh sees Kirti. Kirti runs and hugs him. They cry. Naksh says sorry, I have hurt your heart, I cheated you. Kirti says no, I didn’t trust you. He says I couldn’t trust you, else I would have told you truth, I was afraid you will break relation. Naira says its strong relations which becomes support in storms. Naksh and Kirti sort the differences. Naksh says I did wrong with you two also, you both got away because of me, sorry. Naira says no. Kartik hugs him. They cry. Kartik says I should apologize to you, I misbehaved with you. Naksh says it was your concern for Kirti, I promise nothing such will happen again. They shake hands. Kartik gives Kirti’s hand to Naksh. He wishes them all the best. He asks Naksh to keep Kirti happy.

Manish, Dadi, Suwarna and Akhilesh come there. They get happy seeing Naksh and Kirti. Dadi and Suwarna hug Kirti. Manish hugs Naksh. Dadi says we shall go home now. Naksh asks can I take my wife home. Manish says sure, if you say we all will come to drop her. Naksh and Kirti hold hands and leave. They all wave them. Naira comes to her room. She sees I love you, hearts balloons, roses and pictures and lights. Music plays….. Kartik comes and smiles.

Naira says you didn’t come to take me, this is ego, ego is like termite for love, it has eaten up our relation, please leave Kartik. He cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for fast update

  2. Ponkuri

    Yes Thank you Ameena for the fast updates?
    Hi Bro Fenil Rahul Sis Kaina Anjana Raf Sachu Ayesha Aku Mitra Keesh Missy Meena TVfan1 Anjali n all??????

    Oh I love today episode????????????

    1. Aku

      Heya.. how are you?

    2. Tvfan1 are you dear?

  3. Its burning to read the episode.. naksh and cunning naira have equal rights to become lead.. since it was fight between naksh n keemti tey solved it in two days.. if it was kaira tey will take one month plus ten songs to unite them. But v shud feel thanks to director tat he didn’t solve the fight in ten minutes. Naksh you r very lucky tar ur face was shown more for two days. Shit.. now to uNite naira n karthik tey will literally eat the episode.. cunning lady. Thinks herself as devika.. she was a runaway coward .. wen family was away in Capetown it was naksh who lied to family and came to india to unite. Naksh should be hero of serial not this rabbit teeth naira

    1. Aku

      Hahhahahahaaaa so true.. we all agree with you.. naira is just a foolish ugly duckling selfish and mean girl.. overacting ki Dukan and make up Makhan.. so idiot Shivangi is.. all over Insta she is getting trolled for her dressing and acting and fir b much uthakar ajati hai.. and naira should never been a lead.. by doing this CVs are creating more love and respect for naksh in our hearts and more hatred for naira.. naksh has always been an understanding person.. he knows how to maintain relations and has always relations.. and naira what she has done all life is being selfish mean arrogant and annoying and attention seeker.. cz of her Naitik akshara for so many years didn’t talk to each other.. everyone in house was separated sort off cz of naira.. after Shivangi Joshi entered the show.. the show lost its charm.. cz it been unrelated after that.. till Akshara and Naitik were the leads.. the show looked so relatable and so realistic.. now everything is so fake .. naksh should have been the lead… He is the true upbringing of Akshara and Naitik and not the fake naira

      1. pls dont say bad about actors. character making is too bad it is pblm of writers not actors but her actg litle over aaanu

    2. Kaina1

      exactly yaar my words naksh shoul be hero of show not these coward

  4. I will read the update here and see episode on hota tar but I see only the scene related to family or kreesh. If it is only kaira lik tey both seeing each other, childishness or foolish romance I am literally skipping the part… Getting vomit seeing karthik falling behind as if he never saw any girl or he only has a wife. Fed up. But still I will see the serial but I will skip the parts.

    1. Exactly,I just read update and watched on hotstar now,skipped all the Kaira part,not surprised to know that many are doing like that,that hyped manaana part and track coming up also should not be watched on tv,atleast Keesh fans should keep away,trp will drop or not ,not sure,still,for our peace of mind,there was much scope for Keesh romance slowly building up,they ruined that also,I will never watch this show on tv again.

  5. I agree akshara was important to family but she gained it over years. But this insecure naira wants all importance now only.

  6. Aku

    So much screenspace for keesh..I’m.loving it ???? and kaira I won’t say anything.. someone few days back compared Akshara and naira about leaving the house.. during Akshara time she didn’t come home on her own.. Naitik went to take her.. and before that she came for Shivratri that too bhabhimaa and Gayatri wanted her to come.. they called her home..

  7. Hi everyone…..
    What an episode!!! Bang on!!! That was one intense love story….. OMG! Naksh looked so handsome and charming when he was in pain dying to see his wife …. Today even though they tried to insert Naira in between it didn’t work at all….. Totally ignored that presence because this love story on the other side was so intense…… Thank u CVS…. Nw pls continue with Kaira milan which they will stretch as far as they can….flash mob surprise candle light dinner, party and what not. … Bt this episode is going to be run on repeat mode in hotstar till the website gets corrupt.
    Saw some kaira fans requesting for kaira’s honeymoon trip to Greece “ALONE”….I also want the same….. If keesh goes along (I know that is going to happen) they will spoil the whole trip for keesh… If two ppl bound by love are together any place is like heaven to them….

  8. Hate off to Mona and rishi Dev they neled it…I m so happy by their reunion their bond is of heart bcz that naksh is able to listen kirti voice or senses her being in trouble it’s called true love…..nd today’s kaira is also did good…nd naira did right with kartik he deserve this ….

    Hii to alll

  9. Wherever naksh and kirti go irritating pair also accompanied them naksh is not a kid and kirti also they are matured guys they solve their issues makers should give some space to naksh and kirti

  10. Naira ko mahaan prove karne mein poora episode laga dete hain, keesh moment bhi naira-kartik ko dikha rahe hain, naira madam pehle se hi speech prepare karke aayi thi,footage khane ka koi mauka ni chodti aur keh rahi hai kartik mein ego hai, ego in dono mein hai, kabhi bhi apne pyaar par trust nahin karte, blame karte hain doosre ko…..keesh were looking awesome… Mohena-rishi are great actors…..

  11. Sejsmiles

    Back to kaira nonsense.

  12. Kaina1

    keesh scene hayeeeeeeeeeee me sadke jaon thu thu humare naksh ko kisi ki nazar na thu thu haan toh cvs kardiya apne kaira ko mahan proov mil gaya chen btw cvs that was a fail try anyways keesh scene full 100 /100 bas baki goenkas kaira kutte ki maut maro i am by no way forgiving you guys for this crap that i have to bear for everyday the only reason to watch this show is naksh and after keesh milan i am done andd btw cvs tum sabka bdau bano naira ka karthik ka sabka aur usme naksh ka bday song bajana “tum ho toh sab kuch naya hai” kya cvs bhul gaye “naksh ka bday matlab shinghaniyas ki pre-diwali” aanyways guy thanks for shinghaniya scene and keesh scene btw guys am i thinking that at the start of this serial even shinghaniays werentthat likable but none of hate them but here with goenkas almost every1 is hating them cvs dont you think that this needs some damage control anyways now no matter how much damage control you do you have develop a strong didlike for goenkas and this isnt ending anytime soon
    @kairalover sorry dear tumse tumahara naam toh pucha hi nahi waise kya naam hai aapka shivangi joshi ?? ya phir mohsin ?? ya phir rajan shahi ?? ya phir bhavana vyas ?? anyways dude whatever i dont care
    @kairalover @laveena guya do point on a comment in which i got personnel abt kaira aur any1

    1. Hi! well meh ab kya kahu aap ko. ap ki tarah ki mentality aur words meh use nahi kar sakti. literllay yaar kahan kahan seh nikalti ho. wow! m impressed. lekin agar yehi vocablary aap apne paas sambhal ke rakho. i could say use the vocablary on keesh but sorry they r even not that bad.
      Aur baat rahi mere naam ki toh toh jo bhi hai bohat acha hain. And plz stop blaming kaira and if u like Keesh appreciate them more. kher who m i to tell u. u know wht u r saying.
      Btw @laveena i totally agree with your point of view. yehi show keesh seh shuru karte aur Ttp la ke dhikate. Only because of Kaira yrkkh is in top.
      well m so excited abt naira bday

  13. Tomorrow onwards again it’s going to be ye kaira Kya kehlatha hei……..

    But loved keesh scenes especially the way they have given some screen space to rishi did his role in a perfect way.he expressed his anger but not in arrogant way.

    Naksh is the real victim for a long time, keerthi become hurt but showing kaira as the victim. disgusting

  14. Anjana,
    “Yeh kaira kya kehlatha hai” ? ? ? ? …gud one….. they will insert 2 sec of keesh to make us watch and rest is history…..
    Kaira’S nok jok, bachpana and what not…

  15. Frustrated viewer

    TO THE WRITERS IF THEY BOTHER TO SEE AND READ THIS PLEASE GROW UP AND LEARN TO HANDLE A SHOW EITH MORE THAN ONE LEAD KAIRA ARE NOT THE ONLY COUPLE KEESH IS ALSO THE SAME PROBABLY A LITTLE MORE MATURED. And yes you dumb ass Naira he had ego he did not take you back and you have brains to fight for the that wow and you are the lead my foot. And all those Karthik fans you are right we can’t compare Karthik and Naksh because Naksh has brains where as Karthik is an immature fool. Who first ignited fire than puts some petrol to it and then cries for help. Please it is a sincere request we not in an age old world show us something we believe can be true. And if you can’t handle multiple leads please send kaira for a long vacation. I want to see a new love blossom

    1. Fenil

      Agreed to ur points.
      we love KaIra Keesh Both and Rajan Shahi can manage two pairs yaar.

  16. omg..omg..omg keesh I love u guys I kept this episode safe in my fon so that till another full keesh scene I will keep watching it…of course the first hug with so much emotions no words to describe…naksh is a calm,sensible,can handle everything with sensitivity that’s why I love him so so much such a perfect guy for keerti at least for the first time we got to see keesh true love amazing,great,beautiful and of course Magical…..

    and now just see ab kartik naira mode pe aya to naira kartik mode par gayi ye toh hona hi tha attention to seek karni hi hai bandariya ko ab thori manegi jab pati samjhane ki koshish karraha he to nakhre dikhana hai Mann karraha hai screen ke ander Jaakar saali iss bandariya ka mun idhar se udhar kardun ke na maayke ki rahe or naa hi sasural ki….ye to har usual crap ki tarha dikharahe hen ab amma sahiba bhi nakhre dikhayenge so that her dear husband will make too many efforts to convince her even she will make him a dog…I don’t know anything about shivangi much but I hate the way she intentionally make face like crying or something and even her voice it’s clearly seems she is acting…there is nothing real in her acting am not gonna watch even on YouTube till there is keesh scenes….

  17. Aku

    Guys now keesh is over. Ab sirf kaira hoga. For us keesh are also equally important but for these fools keesh was just a track.. now naira ka bdy track shuru ho jayega.. uss maharani Ko itna hi shok tha family ke Sath spent krne ka th kisne bola tha bhagne Ko ? Fake people

  18. Tvfan1

    okay guys..finally they united!!
    and now…i don’t want to talk about the negative points and all that..but anyway what i wanted to mention was that..can we just talk about the show and bash the characters..not the actors/actresses?

    Like I mean for guys will have to accept shivangi..and she still is..she does what she has to according to the CVs…and as for Mohsin same thing…

    So I request to stop bashing the actors and actresses who are doing a great job…and it’s all CVs fault!
    Because I mean if u guys do remember..before the leap..the trps was low..and even comments in TU was low..but after the leap..we gained so many viewers…and the CVs might still think that we still love Kaira..I mean we all do love Kaira..but not when the overdo it..
    There’s that scene that always pops up when I see ‘Overdoing of Kaira’..That scene at keesh’s engagement..when Naira & karthik falls from the tree and the family catches..what rubbish yaar….

    anyway back to my point..please please do not bash the actors/actresses as this is just as show we should only talk about the characters…

    1. It’s not just the CVS fault , Shivangi and mohsin are to be blamed equally. They were so insecure from the keesh wedding track that makers have to introduce naira fake pregnancy track just to make them happy. Makers planned a grand keesh wedding but it was dropped due to the insecurity of Shivangi-mohsin, Shivangi was performing all the rituals for naksh which were supposed to be done by some elder. So in yrkkh leads don’t do what they are told, makers have to do everything according to the leads Shivangi-mohsin

    2. Aku

      Well I won’t agree with the point that Shivangi is doing all that CVs are saying.. infact CVs are writing what Shivangi wants just to make her feel secure.. they don’t care about the story or about the show al they care about is Shivangi ki security.. and as far as naira is concerned she is just a mean selfish and fake person.. and very very very insecure.. and that’s the whole reason that I hate her that she just wants very one to dance at her tones.. and that’s what’s happening all others characters are being shown as fools just to make this idiot look mahan.. for me since now only kaira kaira kaira song is going to be there.. so the show is over.. CVs kaira Shivangi may just go to the hell.. iss bakwas annoying kaira se better th YHM hai..

      1. Tvfan1

        i didn’t really know the fact that cvs are writing what shivangi is do u know btw? anyway there was a rumor about mohsin saying that they felt insecure and blah blah..but when he was asked that by the media he said he did not say such thing..anyway..i didn’t about shivangi’s thing..but..we can all agree on the fact that her acting is good

      2. Kaina1

        no way dear shivangi ‘s acting is pathetic i mean by no chance i can stand her her acting in naira being fun-loving indepenet rebellious angry with akshara was great yup i like her that way but dude you have to agree that she is pathetic with emotional scene and mature bahu kind of scene and dude u have to agree with me that her voice modulation is devatatingly pathetic can you stand naira voice in emotional scene i am sure no no one can yaar kush scene me voh apni voice mmature kar leti aur kuch scene woh apni voice ko ekdum baccho jaisa rehene deti hai and when she cries it more like howling then carrying she need to get to acting workshop as soon as possible or it will get worst

    3. Aku

      Shivangi and good acting.. oh my god please…she is just an overactor and nothing else.. all she knows is to put on 10kg of make up and then put 20kg of jewellery and then jump around like a monkey.. and shout on elders.. and yes starting mei Shivangi was good.. untill the patch up with Akshara.. I too liked that part.. but after that.. she went worst.. and kaina is right.. she needs to go and get a workshop.. maybe I might be wrong in story part.. but after the rumours of her being insecure came.. keesh marriage track was sidelined.. and all the time focus shifted to kaira.. be it fake pregnancy or Ayan introduction or Soumya death case.. which further made me believed that the rumours were true.. if they hadn’t been so then keesh marriage would have happen in August itself and also keesh would have been given importance.. not that overacting ki Dukan make up ka Makhan fake and ill-mannered naira kaira

      1. Tvfan1

        first of chill dear….
        look i’m trying to be calm as possible..what do you think..i also love kaira now?? No..I like keesh love…and don’t need to get so hyper on it..IT’S JUST A SHOW 🙂
        So..let’s stop this conversation right here…cause talking about this will make our blood boil…cause we r all part of the yrkkh fam..and we r all friends…!

    4. Aku

      Infact the Kanchi or the girl portraying mishti’s role are much much much much better than Shivangi.. that small child is 10000000 times better actor than this shivangi

    5. shivangi joshi acting is ok bt its overactg

  19. Don’t forget naksh is such a coward person. Because of him kaira got separated . I think cvs should not show any keesh scence

    1. Kaina1

      hey hai kairalover with another name anyways dude it is other way round keesh got seprated becoz of karthik

      1. hi kaina! i didn’t knew i have a great importance for. wow m soo happy. thanks a lot.
        coming to point yaar seriously its not me and who i m i know better. tum jesso se dari nahi bethi ke apne naam badlo. i m proud to be a kaira lover and will always comment with this name.
        and yes u were asking my name so i don’t really m interested in telling u. waise bhi yaar aap jitni cheap mentality aur vocablry mere paas nahi hai. i read ur above comment “bas baki goenkas kaira kutte ki maut maro”. wow! please apni vocablry apne paas rakho. yaar afsos hota aap jaise log yrkkh veiwer ho.
        kher keep on going, what can i say, yes i do love kaira very much and will always do. Btw m excited for nairas bday

    2. Fenil

      Ohh so now u will blame Naksh for this separation and what about before this and this time also THEIR LOVE IS NOT STRONG Oky….They have no mutual understanding all the time….Don’t blame Naksh…..if i will start na u will regrat to come here don’t make me to do what i never want oky. we can also blame Kaira for Keesh separation oky but we are not because we love both pair equally so keep your tiny mouth shut or put mung so that next day u can eat mund in salad. Karthik is coward boy Karthik kisike bhi behkave mein aa jata hain khud ka toh dimaag bhensh charane gaya hain baat kar rahge ho…chalo bhago…HAWA AANE DOOO…
      Love you dear u r so lucky that u got my reply !!

    3. Aku

      Excuse me.. naksh is not a coward person.. naira is a coward person.. she was the one who ran away and not naksh.. and it’s cz of kaira’s immaturity and selfish nature that they got separated.. infact due to them keesh got separated and then they are like..oh my god ab kya hoga.. pehle th khud alag karo.. uske Baad kuch nautanki karo.. yahan no one will agree with you.. so please go to a place where there are people like you who are into kaira..

    4. Hi,attention seeking Kaira lover?how r u?fine thank you,should not show keesh scenes it seems,joke…..

    5. hahahahaha,pathetic Kaira fan’s cry?show 30 minutes kaira for this fellow,somebody give him a medal for loyalty to kaira.non sense

  20. Is kaira’s love so immature and weak it can break because of someone… If something happens will they just blame each other, not listening to what the other person has to say and give threats. Why didn’t Naira share the news about Naksh to Karthik before he saw the video? Karthik asked if there was an issue and why she looked tensed and lost … Did Naksh request Naira to hide the truth. It is very easy to put the blame on someone’s shoulder when the problem lies within oneself isn’t it?
    Let cvs not show keesh…. Let’s see what is going to happen…. CVS and the makers know what is happening around them,bt they r helpless bcoz at one point of time kaira saved them so they have to move with the flow…. If keesh is avoided they will regret…..

  21. Fenil

    Awesome episode.
    yesterday Mohena Kumari complete ONE YEAR AS KEERTI MANISH GOENKA/KEERTI NAKSH SINGHANIA in YRKKH. I joined her yesterday in LIVE on Insta…she is so humble and kind soul oh my GOD pure Live chat mein sirf AUDIANCE FANS Fans Page ko hi sab credit dii hain…all Thanks to my viewers my fans ….Mene bhi bhar bhar ke msgs chode hain Keesh ke Keerti ke liye…That was my first experience i was lucky that time i was online and i got chance.
    waiting for KaIra milan hope Karthik asked forgiveness genuinely achhi tarah se jis tarah chillaya hain ussi tarah MAAFI maango ab.

    1. Tvfan1

      hey r u?
      nice to see ur comment

      1. Fenil

        I m fine… you were missing from long time…

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