Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira taking care of Gayu. Gayu says I m fine, this ring is pretty, who gave this. Naira says someone gave it, you rest now. Gayu says you are Papa’s princess, and I want to become Kartik’s queen. Naira gets sad.

Kartik goes to a hotel. He sees receptionist name Naira and gets sad. He goes and says why are you not leaving me, I m trying to get away and you are coming close, I can’t bear this, get away Naira. Naira tries to tell Gayu. Naitik comes and asks Gayu how is she, you have fever. Gayu says better. He asks Naira to give tablet to Gayu. Naira makes Gayu have medicines. She wishes Kartik comes back soon, she can’t handle this alone.

Baisa asks Mishti why Agarbatti is called Agarbatti. Mishti says I don’t know, you are elder and should

know. Baira asks about her knowledge, as she is always on tablet. Baisa asks Mishti to say some story from the tab. She asks Naira to come. Naira says I have make tea for Naitik and Gayu. Baisa says Chitti will do that, I was making agarbattis, I feel tired. She asks Naira to make agarbattis/incense sticks. Mishti asks do you know. Naira says yes, I learnt a lot of things in ashram. She sits to work. The power goes. Devyaani says inverter is also not charged. Bau ji says don’t know what happens in festivals that lights go so often. Naira ignites incense sticks and smiles. She imagines Kartik coming. She asks why did you go. He asks don’t you know. She says because I said no, will you come back if I say yes. He says no, I m gone now. She asks him to come back else….. He asks what else…. She cries. He wipes her tears. Music plays………….

She says I m restless to speak out my feelings to you. He asks her to say. She says go, I won’t go. He asks sure, shall I leave. She says no. He holds her and they light incense sticks together. He says this essence is of our love, when two lovers meet, world gets this essence, when we come close, the essence will get high. Chu kar gai……plays…………..Light comes and her imagination ends. She gets sad.

Its morning, Gayu cries seeing Sameer and Rashmi’s pic. Naira and everyone also get sad. Akshara and Naitik console Gayu. Naitik says I promised Rashmi, I won’t let tear come in your eyes, if you cry, my promise will break. Akshara says if Rashmi sees you crying on her birthday and missing her, she will not feel good. Bau ji says Naitik and Akshara did best to keep the promise. Bhabhimaa says yes, Rashmi left Gayu to them. Naira cries and talks to Rama.

Rama says I tried to talk to Gayu. Naira says I know, I heard everything. Rama says but we have to tell her. Naira says today she is very upset, I will talk tomorrow, first I will tell mumma, mumma can explain and console Gayu. Rama likes the idea and says Akshara will manage all this. Naira sees Kartik’s pic and wishes he switches on his phone, she needs to talk. Kartik switches on his phone. He is in some big hotel. A girl comes and hugs him. He says I missed you so much Kirti. She smiles and asks what about me, I missed you a lot, thanks for coming. He says so much formality. She says yes, as you met after long time, we did not talk since 2 years. They say I love you and hug. She says if I knew you will come running by one call, I would have tried before. He says I m not so bad, tell me what happened. She asks him who made this state of him. He worries.

Mishti says Kartik did not call till now. Gayu and Naira cry. Baisa asks Naira to help Gayu in puja arrangements. Mishti asks Naira why did you not tell about pandit stopping you, Baisa tells anything. Naira says she is elder and loves us, be quiet. Mishti asks how did you change from tigress to cat. Naira says I was tigress in jungle, I m in family now.

Akshara says its good we got red flowers. Karishma says I would have scolded the flower man. She sees her scented candles which she gave to Naira. Karishma says its Karwachauth puja items. Akshara asks who did puja. Karishma says maybe Chitti and his Meenakshi, or Naira and Gayu…. Akshara says no, I m sure Naira did not fast and Gayu did puja with us. Karishma says I have seen them going away after puja, did you see Naira eating after sargi, how to find for whom they did puja.

Kartik asks why did you not tell me before. She asks what will happen, its one way to get out of this mess, that I leave everything and run away, I don’t have courage, I think of family’s respect and stop. He asks did they care for you, why do you care for them. She says Papa still…. He says I heard it many times, please don’t get upset, there will be some way. She says I was waiting thinking this, but nothing happened, sometime there is no way and we stay with our pain, this will happen with me.

Baisa sees Naira’s work and asks her to see what Gayu did, Gayu did so well, you both are of same age, but sense is different. Gayu signs Naira. Naira says we don’t have anhy competition, I did mistake, maybe Gayu would have not done mistake. Baisa says I did not mean so. Naira says its fine. Baisa asks Gayu to get Rashmi’s things. Akshara says I will get it. Gayu says its in my cupboard, you can take anything. Naira says my room has bouquet, please get that too.

Akshara goes. She gets Gayu’s diary. She reads Ishq mujhko hua hai and says we know Gayu writes songs, but she did not sing this ever. Akshara goes to Naira’s room and sees frogs made by papers. She sees Naira and Gayu and says am I overthinking. Chitti comes and gives heart shaped crystal and says I cleaned Naira and Gayu’s room. She says this was in our collection, how did it come here and its for whom. She sees I love you Kartik written on it, and says in whose heart is Kartik, Naira or Gayu?

Akshara goes to Naira and Gayu, and sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So good .but who was that girl who hugged kartik and says i love you .this was so sad moment .i am thinking kartik is cheating nira ..

    1. Kartik is not cheating naira and that is kartik’s sister kriti

    2. He is not cheating Naira… She is karthik sister…and she will b opposite to Naksh

    3. It is Karthik’s sister.

    4. Kaira lover ❤❤

      No no karthik loves naira till infinity. The girl who was introduced is karthik’s elder sister!

  2. I don’t think karthik will cheat on Naira after all that they’ve been through. She’s probably some other friend or relative. They might be exaggerating or might love each other in a different way.
    Now that I’ve read this episode i think Rama isn’t that bad cuz she’s supporting Naira but this baisa is still quite annoying.
    And at the end when akshara finds the i ❤️ U note, laterwards she might thing that gayu loves karthik as Naira doesn’t always express openly in her room. Like… gayu Is literally always thinking about karthik and talking to herself about how much she loves him.
    I hope Akshara doesn’t just think that gayu loves karthik coz of how often naira and karthik had their (cute and silly) arguments. Cuz as we all know, gayu and naira both love karthik however karthik only loves one of them(naira)
    #Kaira xX

  3. I am pretty sure she is kartik’s sister

  4. Maybe she is sister of karthik I think

  5. i think she is his sister

  6. lol chill guys.mohsin in his IV has already said kirti is his no worry our kartik is one woman man bas right now heartbreak k mare brain use karna bhul gaya hai n all pain is felt by naira 🙁 this bua dadi!y did she come back!!plz leave n take ur gayu with u too so that kaira can live happily.i m glad naira was brought up by ashram.agar is family me badi hoti to gayu jysi hi spineless,bimbo,dumbhead,delusional hoti thank god!mishti n naira r the saving grace of ur stupid family sumone tell this to buadadi.loved the dream cute chemistry n after a long sum good scenes of kaira in one frame.

  7. srilatha patange

    she is karthiks elder sis n nakshs heroine

  8. That girl was kartik elder sister

  9. Is naitik really nairavfather? ??
    Was he the same person who left home for seven years as naira was not there. ??? when bua dadi all time taunts naira he doesn’t even stand for her or neither goes to her n talk to n console her.but for gayu he cant see her eyes.pkzz yaar naira ko rishikesh bhejo…thia family doesn’t deserve u.keerthi is better she didn’t meet karthik for two yrs yet found out he is depressed but here singhanais esp naitik xant see anything else other than rashmi ki ammnant.poor naira ia orphan among family.

  10. I think the writer/ director’s trying to gain sympathy from viewers for stupid dumb head Gayu focusing her parents are dead and she’s alone….But….since ever her parents left she replaced Naira’s place in Singhaniya house…Got all the happiness Naira deserved while Naira lived orphan’s life in Rishikesh…That dumb head Gayu didn’t even ask Naira a single time if there anything more than frienship between Naira and Kartik…Selfish, dumbo…And everyone is saying Gayu Gayu why is she getting a lot of attention all of sudden…. I think the writer/ director must be family or close relative of stupid Gayu lol…always changing track in favour of her…well what ever they do…whole world hates Gayu right now…we can see each and everyone
    requesting kaira’s union…who ever is the story writer please don’t be blind…make some changes in the track according to the viewers…more than 90% people are in favour of Kaira…also sacrifice drama is old and repeated… if this track continues like this…YRKKH will lose many viewers in near future….Btw it’s so surprising not a single member of family noticed when Naira danced and expressed her love in front of Kartik…amazing ??….

  11. please dont call gayu stupid or dumb.. I dont get why u ppl scold gayu so much and praise naira..
    Gayu and naira both are different and unique.. Gayu didnt send Naira to rishikesh so pls stop blaming her
    Gayu lost her parents and she stayed in Singhania house when Naira was away from home in Rishikesh
    Naira is very arrogant and she always does what she likes in anger not very matured like Gayu…. remeber the jeep wala incident when
    she drives it too fast n rude to give answer to roadside ppl..I agree Naira is beautiful and Kaira pair is what you all like
    But please dont scold gayu. she doesnt even know Naira and Karthik love each other.. This world n ppl always keep proving being fair and beautiful is the best thing.,.
    Only darkskinned ppl like me can understand that… we might b dark but we do look beautiful and we are not dumb.. pls dont judge us based on our colour

    1. Excuse me none iof them have done racism here so stop saying such things. I understand ur pain n agony but nobody vhates her for that
      nobody likes naira just for her colour n beauty and al
      yes naira is a fkawed character and that’s what we like about her .she is different and she never plays victim card .ifbshe has done wrong she knows how to redeem herself. she is realistic. unlike gayu who calls herself like ak.bit ak always is level headed n strong but gayi is not like her .gayu n her grand mother always plays victim card . anyways once u decided I dont wanna defend anyone neither rant about anyone
      everyone vis entitled to their opinion. but plzz dont indirectly call us racist we r not not a single time we have called someone dark n all.

    2. Nobody hated Gayu until she started being troublesome and an obstacle for Kaira…We also agree Naira and Gayu are totally different from each other…Well..It is every individual’s analysis …which person is better and why…people can’t just say don’t say this and don’t say that… every viewer has right to judge as per their perception… i don’t think anybody is judging any character only because of looks…it is from the character being portrayed also….

  12. yes she is kartiks sister.she will be a new lover for naksh aftet TARA. she will try to unite KAIRA…
    AS naksh would start loving her and wanting to spend time with her he would also get into this mission(KAIRA unitation) .
    But I want very soon to unite KAIRA.
    and i think now soon theyll again drag the show….

  13. Gayu please die

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