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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with family cheering up Naksh. Tara cries and thinks to talk to Naksh once. Naksh recalls Tara and turns towards that side. He does not see Tara. Naira plays some game and asks Naksh to try. Tara’s friend asks her to apologize if she wants. Tara says I don’t know will he forgive me or not. She hears sound and turns to see. She sees Naksh laughing and looking very happy with his family.

She gets shocked. Her friend asks what did you say about Naksh, that he is heart broken, it does not seem so. Tara says I can’t stay here, tell Sangram that I m leaving. Tara cries and runs. Naksh turns to see and misses to see her. Tara says how did Naksh forget me so soon. She turns and sees Akshara. Tara cries and hugs her.

Naksh asks where did mumma go. Gayu says

she went to meet someone she knows. Akshara says I m relieved seeing you fine, don’t worry, I will not ask anything, I got all answers seeing your face, but you should have not run away like this, you did big mistake, running away from mistake is not a good thing, I know we should have explained Baisa, but leaving marriage like this is wrong, we can’t change this, but we can forget this, Naksh will be happy seeing you, come. Tara says I don’t think its needed, he is already very happy. Akshara says no, he will be happy, come. Tara refuses and thanks for understanding her. She leaves. Akshara asks her to listen and was coming infront of car. Naksh comes running and asks what are you doing in middle on the road, who was there, Gayu said you saw someone and came out.

Kuhu has fever and says Papa……. Varsha worries and calls elders. Varsha says Kuhu wants to meet Naitik, she will get fine meeting him. Shaurya says her fever will get high, we will call doctor. They start arguing again. Ananya asks Varsha to stop it. Rajshri says its not time to argue, find solution. Dadi says Kuhu got scared seeing your arguments, you both don’t care for anyone. Rajshri asks them to take Kuhu to doctor and then Akshara’s home.

Naitik asks Akshara did Naksh see Tara in café, did they talk. Tara says no, we did not talk and will not talk. Sangram asks why, what did Naksh do. Tara says nothing, I felt he will be heartbroken and sad like me, but he was celebrating and was happy that marriage broke, I m dying in guilt here, maybe he also wanted this and put blame on me, why did he do this with me. Sangram hugs and consoles her.

Akshara says Tara was very upset, like she had misunderstanding, I wanted to explain and she left. Naitik asks did you tell this to Naksh. She says no. He asks her not to tell this to Naksh. She says I think I should tell him so that they sort this matter. He says no need, Naksh will get depressed. She asks do you think its Tara’s mistake. He says I don’t know why did this happen, I just know my son got much hurt, I don’t know about Tara feeling guilty or not, we should not do anything to hurt Naksh. Tara says I should not feel guilty, as Naksh is happy, I felt marriage broke and it was wrong, now I feel it was right, this relation was made to break, I won’t have any relation with Naksh now.

Naksh looks on sad. Naira and Gayu sit to cheer him. He says I was thinking something about mumma, since she came from café, I feel she is thinking something. Naira says mumma changed these days, she always worries, she either gives lecture or gets upset, when we ask anything, she gets angry. He disagrees. Gayu says mothers have many responsibility. Naksh says right, my marriage broke and neighbors are bothering her with questions. Naira asks did Tara meet her. Gayu says no, maybe someone else met and asked about marriage, Akshara would have felt sad. Naksh says maybe, Gayu is smart.

Its night, Naitik and Akshara wonder who came at this time. Shaurya and Varsha get Kuhu. Naitik takes her and asks does she have fever. Shaurya says yes, we took her to doctor, and got her to meet you.

Devyaani gives kada for Kuhu. Naitik asks Kuhu to have it. She drinks it. She asks him will he play with her now. He says yes, promise. She asks will you leave me again, I miss you so much. He looks at Shaurya and hugs her. Gayu says we were thinking to come and meet you tomorrow. Naira asks what are you drinking. Akshara says she has fever, Devyaani gave her medicines. Naira says we will play doctor and you will get fine. Kuhu says no. Gayu says we will do magic and make you fine. Kuhu asks Naitik shall I go and play. He says yes. She goes. Devyaani says kids get happy and their illness goes. Naitik asks why did she get unwell. Bhabhimaa says family will know it, kids fall ill by heart upsetting. They all go. Akshara gets Dadi’s message and says Dadi is asking us to call her soon.

Akshara and Naitik call Dadi and ask is everything fine. Dadi says I want to give you both a responsibility, I know no one else can fulfill this. Akshara asks her to say. Dadi says you know Shaurya and Varsha’s relation, they are arguing a lot, I want things to conclude, they will come there to your house. Naitik says they are already here. Dadi says explain them till when will this go on, they won’t be happy, ask them to decide do they want to stay together or get separated. Naitik asks what are you saying. Dadi says yes, person has to take tough decision sometimes, I wanted to send Kuhu to her Nani, whats the use of relation where there is no happiness, I can’t see my family breaking daily, we will accept their decision, tell them when they come home today, they should come with this decision. Akshara and Naitik worry. He says whatever happened with Naksh is happening here. She says yes, we will try this house does not break. He nods.

Akshara tells Vishwamber that Shaurya and Varsha left, if they come home together, think we succeeded, else…. Rajshri says Varsha came alone Akshara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tarais the most foolish girl!! If she really loved naksh then she shd have understood that theres so much sadness and pain behind his smile!! But she always gets hyper without thinking abt a situation and is a coward to run away from situations and not face them!! Good she issuffering now.. Nakshshouldnot recoincilewithher..

  2. Yes I also think the same as u said..

  3. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai to soon take a
    leap is known to all. The ongoing track
    focuses on Naksh-Tara’s wedding being
    called off leading to turmoil in everybody’s
    life.According to sources, With nothing much
    left to explore now the makers decided to go
    for a leap. Following the leap, Hina Khan aka
    Akshara will be seen sporting a modernised
    look yet again. The Earlier leap made the
    actress donn trousers and shirts and now she
    will be seen wearing pallazos, tops and
    tunics.On the other hand, Naksh aka Rohan
    Mehra will be seen sporting the
    Ghajini’s Aamir Khan inspired look post leap.
    He will be seen opting for leather jackets and
    playing a serious matured man unlike his
    bubbly nature currently. He is also required to
    put on a few kilos to look matured.
    Well, sounds interesting!

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