Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara taken by the goons. Shekhar asks his staff to follow up. Naitik and Akshara get inside the haveli. Shekhar asks them not to fall in the trap by the goons questions. The goon asks Naitik about lean guy/ Akshara, who looks like a girl. Akshara signs Naitik that she wants to see Naira, don’t know where is she. Naitik signs Akshara to think good. They make excuses. Naira cries and wishes Naitik comes fast. The girls say no one will come to save us. Naira says my parents love me a lot, they will come. Everyone pray for Naira at home.

Mirchi Seth comes there and sits. Naitik tells about the chillies deal. Shekhar asks Naitik when is Mirchi Seth coming. Akshara starts coughing. Mirchi Seth asks what happened to her. Naitik says I think she

is getting headache and vomit by perfume smell. Mirchi Seth sends her to washroom. Akshara goes to washroom. She thinks where did my moustache go and worries. She hides seeing a man. The moustache sticks to his slipper and he goes. She thinks what to do now. Naitik shows the chillies and asks Mirchi Seth to check. Akshara hides her face. Mirchi Seth gets busy on phone. Naitik says the boy is young and lean, he will come in sometime. Akshara looks for Naira. She sees a girl crying and goes inside that room. She calls out Naira slowly.

Naitik says I will just go and check my partner, he is sensitive. Naira cries and asks Akshara to come soon. Akshara sees a room locked and calls out Naira. Naira hears her and says mumma… Akshara and Naira cry. Akshara says we have come to take you and looks for the keys. She says someone is coming, no one should know we are here, be quiet. Naitik tells the man that I will bring my partner, wait. The man asks is he alive or dead. Naitik says he is alive, but like dead, he has fallen here. The man says what happened, I will see. He comes inside and asks where is he. Naitik holds the man and says I will not leave you, you kidnapped my daughter, I will see everyone. He makes the man faint and goes. Akshara hides seeing a lady coming. The lady talks to the girls. Akshara hits her on her head. She goes to Naira. Naira gets scared. Akshara removes her beard. Naira cries and hugs her. She says take me and all of them from here. Akshara says yes, don’t worry, we will take everyone, not just Naira, police is with us. Mirchi Seth asks his goons to find out where did those men go, if anything is wrong, then shoot them. Naitik comes there and meets Naira. He hugs Naira. Akshara calls Shekhar.

Sandhya is shown. She gets informed about Mirchi Seth sending girls abroad, senior officer Shekhar is already in this mission. Sandhya says we will not leave Mirchi Seth. Shekhar tells Akshara that we are coming now. The goons catch Shekhar. Akshara hears this and tells Naitik. Akshara cries and says how will we take all the girls with us. Naitik says there will be some way, be strong. She says there is one way. She calls Sandhya…. And cries.

Sandhya reaches the place and beats the goons. Akshara hugs her and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Sandhaya rathi….love u….

  1. Hi every one, this serial going right track nd no boaring compare to DABH.

  2. Nice episode waiting for Sandya’s action

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