Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira seeing her home and crying. She hears everyone doing preparations. Mishti asks them to go downstairs, Naira would be coming. Naitik calls everyone and says Naira has come. They all come there and get glad seeing Naira. Devyaani, Rajshri and all elders bless Naira and cry. Devyaani says Akshara, Naira got more pretty than before. Naksh comes and sees Naira. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai………….plays………….

Naksh goes to his room and cries. Gayu sees Naira and cries. She hugs Naira and asks where were you, why did you not come till now. Naira asks who are you. Mishti says don’t tell Naira, let her guess. Gayu gives hint to Naira. Naira says Gayu. Gayu says you are beautiful and smart. She hugs Naira. Kuhu and Mishti hug Naira. Naira says I have

something for you both. She gives them sea rocks. They hug Naira. Everyone surprise Naira and sing Gun gun muskarane…….. Naira sings along. They all hug Naira. Naira asks for Bhabhimaa. Devyaani says she is not at home, she went to have mannat for you. Dadi asks did you not miss us, where were you. Rajshri asks why did you not come back.

Naitik says we will talk later, Naira is tired, she should take rest. Vishwamber says yes, we will know everything soon. Dadi says we did not do her aarti, she came after much time. Akshara does aarti and applies tika. Naira gets away. Naitik asks what happened. Naira says allergy. Akshara asks since when, it was not before. Naira says don’t know. Devyaani says leave it Akshara, make her wear this. Akshara says Bhabhimaa made this wristband for you, she is not here, so I will make you wear this. Naitik asks Naira to forward her hand.

Akshara asks Naira why did she wear rubber band, blood flow will stop. Naira asks why, what problem do you have, I m used to this, this won’t be removed. Naitik says fine, as you like, but remove this for some time. Akshara makes her wear wristband. Devyaani says Bhabhimaa made this so that you are always connected to us. Rajshri asks Gayu to take Naira to room. The kids take Naira. Devyaani asks what happened to Naira, I felt she is not happy. Rajshri says she did not hug anyone. Dadi asks is she annoyed. Naitik says no, she is just calm, she will be happy meeting us, our happiness came back with Naira. Bau ji asks Akshara where did she get Naira.

Naira is lost, while Gayu and others talk to her. Bau ji asks why was Naira away. Naitik says she would have some reason that she was away. Rajshri says did she run away or anyone took her, we don’t know. Naitik says Akshara told me that ashram people were good and loved Naira, Naira did not wish to talk to us. Naira goes to Naksh and cries seeing him.

Naira calls out Naksh. He says your brother is dead. She hugs him and asks why are you saying this. He asks how did you think of me now, why did you stay away from home till now, you were staying there with your wish, we were mad to miss you, you did not see us, you know what happened here, there is no use to tell you. She says I missed you. He says don’t lie. She says sorry, leave me. She falls down. He hugs her and says sorry, did you get hurt, are you fine. She says you still love me, why did you act. He says I m annoyed, you left all of us, why did you not contact us. She says I could not come. He asks her to say what happened. He hugs her and asks her to take her time, we are glad that you are back. She hurts her hand by the rubber band.

Akshara locks Naira’s room. Naira says I m going and will never come back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So nice episode

  2. I love yrkkh…..i love each nd every character but i hate akshara…..dunno why but i hate her a lot….i think naira is ver right over her thinking about her mom….even tara was right…..nd hina khan is like……this is just bcz of her that nakshatra are seperated……

    1. Please dia don’t say anything about akshara because she is not at fault
      Nice episode hope Naira will change and akshara gets back her Natik and naira

    2. Dia how long have you been watching this show? Akshara is the reason why this show has lasted so long. I’m surprised you don’t see the fault in Niara. Niara is the one that ran away on an assumption that her mother will turn her in to the police? You don’t see fault in Tara? Tara who childishly blamed akshara for breaking up a marriage that she ran away from? I’m sorry but I don’t understand the blame on akshara

  3. Very nice episode

  4. Hate Akshara as she is always poking nose in everyone’s life.

  5. yrkkh is blend of all emotions.dont hate any character.i m shivangi fan still i love all.along with naira i love all.i want fily bonding again with naitik,akshara,naksh n naira..
    i love this family.n plz plz kartik is only made for their love story not gayu.

  6. Sunita pls dn’t blame akshara she is nice we should understand feeling from her side

    1. I don’t understand the people hating on Akshara she is a mother. She has every right to tell her children what is right and what is wrong. Sunita and Dia seem like young girls who only seem to blame akshara and not Niara or Tara

      1. EXACTLY TRUE..

  7. Yuvraj Dheeraj Malviya

    Ap ka seryal mujhe bahut bahut acha lgta he pliz ap ese hi siryal late ho bahut Acha he me sirf ap ka hi sir y’alldekhta or kuch nhi i me miss you Avni…

  8. nice episode super se bhi uuper best naitik nd akshara

  9. I like akshara character very much….she has much patience than others and naira character was rude she changed a little from childhood …she thinks she is right Everytime and a bit fast too …she hurts her mother every moment …Nd I think there is no need to get away from home Nd hate her mother …if she does wrong she have to get punished …as akshara said …wts wrong in it…??

  10. Don’t spoil.the show by nayara immature behavior.. there should b an insight…that is within….the character has to look within as to y her mom did that…the righteous person…maturity is needed

    .not stupidity…nayara has to be more concerned…rather than being stupid..
    If a daughter doesn’t understand mothers feelings
    ..she is selfish and senseless…

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