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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ananya talking to Naksh. She lies to Dadi and says she will meet her later. Dadi wants to know about Naksh and Ananya, if they are hiding something. Devyaani tells Bau ji that he should tell Bhabhimaa to stop Naitik and Akshara. He says I m recalling the old time and wish that time comes back again. Naksh tells everyone that he feels Bhabhimaa hates Akshara and also loves her, I m so confused, I m feeling I can lose in my plan, I have hurt my parents too. Sanju, Yash, Ananya and Naira pacify him and ask him not to lose courage, he is a superb son who cares for his parents, they are proud of him, he is their role model. Naksh finds Naira upset.

Ananya comes home and Dadi asks her to tell everything, she can’t divert the talk. She asks why is Naksh hurting

Akshara so much. Ananya says I really don’t know anything. Dadi asks her to say it, by swearing on her. Ananya says Naksh has done this intentionally, and tells everything. Dadi gets glad that Naksh is so young, and tring to do a big thing, she is proud of him. Naksh feels sad as he has hurt Akshara. Ananya calls him and he says I m thinking how did I fail after many tries. Dadi talks to him and he asks does she know. She says yes, I m proud of it.

Dadi encourages him, and says he will get success in his attempts. Naksh smiles. The family sits for breakfast. Mishti asks Akshara to have food, why is everyone upset. Devyaani says we will have it and asks them to start eating. Akshara sits upset. Nandini comes there with Rukmani and greets them. Rukmani says she is glad to see them together. She asks them to save these memories, as Akshara and Naitik are going back abroad. Nandini hugs Naitik and cries. Nandini cries and tells Akshara that she will always be right for her. She hugs her. Bhabhimaa leaves.

Naksh goes to her and gets sad. Akshara and Naitik pack their bags. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…………….plays…………….. Naksh sees their family pic and cries. Akshara and Naitik prepare to leave for airport. Bhabhimaa looks at them. Naira cries and leaves. Everyone go to get her. Rajshri says its good Akshara and Naitik are going back, they will forget everything. Vishwamber says Naksh will know what he did was wrong. Naitik asks whats this new trick. Karishma says I hope she is fine. Naitik says I know where she will be. They find her in Naksh’s tent and Naira says they lied to her always. Akshara says we never lied.

Naira says they said join families are best and understand each other, but no one understands each other here, the problem did not sort till now, its better to be alone. She tells them that she will not believe in family, values and all that, every relation is fake, nothing matters to them. Akshara cries and goes. They ask her did she get Akshara. Akshara holds Bhabhimaa’s hand and asks her to come along. She takes her to her room, and Bhabhimaa asks why did she get her here. Akshara closes the room.

She stops Bhabhimaa and says she will not go without hearing her. Bhabhimaa says I don’t want to hear anything. Akshara says you have to know, I was quiet for 10 years, that one day you will understand me, I united my kid with you, I will wait for forgiveness all my life, she has just shown her arrogance and annoyance. She says she did not tell her anything, and says Naira does not believe in families because of her, Dadda ji and she has taught them family, how to unite family, and she has given this teaching to her kids, and today they feel I lied, as they can see the broken links between us, they lost faith in relations, all because of her.

Bhabhimaa asks what is she saying. Akshara says she has proved all her teachings wrong, her anger has ruined all relations. Everyone wait outside. Akshara says Naira is going with this mindset of relations, everything is ruined, she will never listen to us, my both kids got away from me because of you, they think Naitik and I lied to them, you wanted this. Bhabhimaa says you did all this, I was not happy for 10 years, how to forgive you for this, its not a small sin, you killed my husband’s life. Akshara says I did not take his life and shouts crying. Bhabhimaa looks on.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow this has gone too far and too interesting yaa hoo

  2. This has gone too far… they need to sort it out between them otherwise it just gets boring for us as we ALL KNOW that they will sort it out and Akshara and Naitik will not go to cape town

  3. y update is gettng too late…????…where is todays…???

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