Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with few months leap shown. Naira prays. Naksh comes and says its fine if Lord gives what you ask, else tell me, I will ask that from Lord for you. Naira smiles and hugs him. He asks why are you worried. She says since you came, you managed everything, else few months back, after mumma left, we all were shattered, but you managed everyone. He says nothing is imp to me than family. She says you proved it, there was no day when we did not miss mumma, when life is going to change…. He says I m also thinking what would mum do and say at this time, she would have done all day, mum sent me on trekking with friends, when I came back, she was not here, whom should I complain, sorry, forget this, start preparations, I will manage everything, I will not let you miss mum.

Naksh hugs her.

Naitik sees them and smiles. He says Naira is very lucky to get such brother. Gayu says my dress did not come till now, I wanted to wear that dress. Naira asks Gayu to wear her dress, I don’t have to go there, who will be more happy than you for this rasam. Gayu hugs her. Baisa prays that tilak rasam goes fine. Devyaani says Suwarna called, she is coming. Baisa asks why, we were going there. Naksh asks her not to worry. Rajshri says maybe they have such rasam. Baisa says fine then, but I don’t hope for good seeing the past.

Suwarna comes there and gives shagun for Naira. Bhabhimaa says they got much more for Naira, than we prepared. Rukmani says its glittering. Suwarna says this is nothing in front of Naira’s happiness. Suwarna asks Gayu to choose jewelry for Naira. Gayu says thank God Naira got a smile on face now.

Lav and Kush jump over Kartik’s back. Kartik talks to them. He says I had cute fight with Naira. Lav and Kush ask who troubled you, tell us, we will shoot them. Kartik asks sure, Manish Goenka troubled me, he always shows fake love and concern.

Naira says all this is very costly. Baisa says you will find everything new at first. Rukmani says yes, you will get habitual, see that will look like snake after wearing. Everyone look on. Suwarna says its fine Naira, you can keep what you want, else we will get something else. Bhabhimaa says its all good. Devyaani says their choice and traditions are different. Rajshri says everything should be fine. Mishti shows the sets. Naira and Gayu like same set for each other. Naira sees Akshara’s pic and recalls her. Naksh asks shall I help you if you are not able to decide. Suwarna smiles. She recalls Dadi’s words. Naira chooses an elegant set. Suwarna gives two sets to Gayu and Mishti. She gifts Naksh too. He refuses. She asks him to think they have mother son relation now, take this please. Naksh accepts. Naira thanks Suwarna. Suwarna thanks her and says everyone is happy thinking you and Kartik will stay with us. She asks them to get tilak soon and goes.

Kartik talks to designer and says I want something simple not loud, who chose this. Akhilesh and Manish look on. Akhilesh says I chose this, wear it. Kartik says don’t decide everything for me, simple court marriage is better for me, don’t do emotional blackmail to convince me. He goes. Akhilesh says let him go, he is in tension, it happens. Manish says my mood is also strange, I m happy, son’s tilak is happening, its different matter to think its happening with whom.

Everyone dance with Naira. Meri banwri gulaab. Gayu dances around Naira. Dadi does rituals with Kartik. Naksh does naagin dance. He makes Naitik dance along. They all smile and hug. Everyone look after arrangements in Kartik’s house. Kartik helps servants. He dances with Lav and Kush. Mishti acts like Kartik’s Dadi. They all smile. Baisa says its wrong to do this. Gayu says we will get ready soon.

Naksh checks arrangements. He looks for his clothes for tilak rasam. Naira gets clothes for him. He says you solved my problem. She says its two days and you did not have food or sleep well. He says food and sleep are little things in front of family. She says don’t tell me, have food. Naitik says I knew this, I m not that old that you both make me out of team. He gets coffee for them. Naksh and Naitik pull her leg. Naksh tells what Goenkas offered him when he went to meet them. Naira takes Goenkas side. She says don’t tell anything about them, I don’t like it. Naksh says you changed side, after marriage she will say, I don’t know my dad. She says never. Naitik says Kartik is nice guy, I m happy for you. She hugs them. Naksh says Naira will forget us, I m getting senti as you will leave us, you come with us, you will get bored here, I will hide you in fruits basket. She says no, go and get ready.

Dadi says men will come from their side, Manish you have to manage everything. Manish asks them not to worry. Everyone get ready. Naira compliments Naksh and says your tilak can also get fixed today. Naksh jokes. Naitik says we should not get late. Varsha says I will stay with Naira. Naira says no, Chitti will be at home, you all go. Varsha says fine, we will go after some time. Naira, Naksh and Naitik see Akshara’s pic.

Dadi gets shocked seeing Singhania and Maheshwari family women. She apologizes and stops them saying women have nothing to do in tilak rasam, its happens between the men of two families.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kairaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. missing Rohan…………….

  3. Hii all….
    I don’t wander to be the part of this family any more…
    Dont get me wrong…..
    I am not leaving the group because of aniket bhai….
    Intact I am leaving the Group because of Vrushy Di…..
    Actuality I live in nuclear family only work my mom dad and my bro….
    Dinner my childhood I wished I should have a joint family with lots of brothers and sisters…..
    I eat happy when I got them all in the form of u…..
    But let me tell u Vrushy Di… Facility isn’t about how u let go….. It’s about how u hold on….
    If u had any problem with aniket bhais decision u should have corrected him….. Not dominate by saying u don’t want to b the part of family of he don’t listen u…..
    If u remember them last time also when u all said to add Trusna pari tvfan he took time but finally he was the one who compromised his decision….. He added them…. Later he took our opinion and when we all agreed that yes our family shouldn’t expand only then he maid a fix decision……
    Even today when u said u will leave the group he compromised again……
    U know what…. Sometimes I feel the way akshara took efforts to keep her health united the same way aniket bhai is trying to keep us united…..
    He always adjusted for us…..
    And I don’t know whether u will support him or not…. But I am always with him….
    Today only in his previous comments he said that our group is symbol of UNITY IN MEMBERS AND DIVERSITY IN POV…. So how can u say that u want to leave the family…..
    If this is what family is then I am very happy with my nuclear family coz we at home next said that if u don’t listen me then I don’t want to live with you and don’t want to be a part of ur family…..
    And kayal I don’t want to comment on you but let me tell you that I’d we were insecure about each other then we would have never been friends and that too so close….. I think u will never understand this…..

    This was my last comment here but when aliya Di will return I just want to give her my email ID coz I don’t want to lose my sister aliya Di and my brother aniket bhai…..

    Surprisingly twana Di u also left ur BFF…..!!!!

    Bye bye all of u….

    1. Vrushy

      When I said that I don’t want to be part of this family I intend to mean that don’t include me in the group of people. I never intent to quit this site as I know my beliefs are strong and right. I neve meant to dominate aniket. He wrote a comment which included the names of the 23 members of family and it supposedly had my name.
      Whereas I didn’t want to be included in it !! Its my opinion.
      And just to point out you considered me quitting as inappropriate but then what you are doing is the same thing. You found my behaviour wrong and thus you want to quit !! Lolzzz.
      You should preach before you teach.

    2. No Pawan don’t go please…

    3. Pawan plz don’t leave the grp….I didn’t mean to hurt Aniket…………As I’m his BFF,not of course his only BFF but as his BFF I was just trying to make u all understand my point of creating a grp in any other app including our 23 ppl n taking all other fans who like to join us in this page coz everyone z allowed in this grp..n u know even u would be hurt if someone had refused u frm coming to this grp!
      I would have been hurt if it was me……….
      Aniket was protective abt us n I agree he z one in a million! I’m telling this again that if u got hurt bcoz of me then I’m extremely sorry Aniket……I didn’t mean to hurt u…u’ll remain as the best person I’ve met! Not just Aniket….What we all were doing z wrong na? Do
      Sorry Again…
      If I made any mistake plz correct me!
      Pawan I didn’t mean that……….Itz just this z not our own website to do whatever we want!
      We shld give chance to fans of YRKKH as they also have a right on this page
      Just go n see in Ishqbaaz page they accept anyone…itz for the show..and they do hv daily more than 100 comments!
      We’ll surely create a grp on hike…but we’ll use a more secure way than this page!
      Aniket pir se sorry…Holding my ears…I’m so sorry!

    4. I guess anyone who doesn’t listen to almighty Aniket and his fabulous family immediately get rude people clattering back to them for having an opinion !!!
      THere’s nothing wrong with making friendships online, but safety is one of those things that cant be protected on an open forum. Fair and square.
      Pawan, if you were a close bff with the members of this group, no friend would leave their group behind. Yet you, being a hippocrite, tel; Vrushy youre mad for her leaving, and then you leave yourself. What LOGIC.

      Please continue being friends if you want, but what is right, is right.

  4. Hey family
    All of you – what is wrong with you all fighting like this.
    This needs to stop now
    Sachu help we need your wisdom here
    Why are you letting some random person – comments – create a rift amongst us.
    Now Vrushy – your point is noted but when has Aniket disrespected or be rude to you? Never right.
    There is a way that we can gently & kindly explain to each other if we feel they are wrong in what they say or do.
    I am with Pawan, I was more hurt with you when you say you don’t want to be part of us.
    We all know where Aniket is coming from & gentle explaining could have done it.
    The group members Aniket is talking about are the ones that he has exchanged emails with.
    His comments were not rude just straight forward and he never stopped anyone from commenting.
    Everyone should calm down yarr.
    Think of it – one person commented, raising an ugly opinion & all he’ll break loose. Please all think about this conversation from the beginning & you will see that this is what Aniket is trying to avoid.
    Twana, you are so sweet in trying to keep the peace – God bless you
    I just decided to check & saw this mess.
    What happened to our big loving & happy family?
    I am not going to apologise to anyone if you are hurt by my comments.
    So just stop it yah with this non sense
    What is this.

  5. In a family if one of us makes a mistake or we think they made a mistake it is our place to try & make them realise that mistake. Sometimes when you have a group & you all get on well and are nice to each other it is difficult to want to allow others in for fear of them spoiling the dynamics. I love commenting here & I enjoy the interaction with everyone. I enjoy the way the young ones are so sweet with each other – I love it.
    Someone on this page was very quick to condemn Aniket in regards to Clare & I don’t know for whatever reason they did it. The undertone of the comments was not right at all, if you had waited – this group is fair, we would have said something and the issue would have been resolved.
    The negativity here this morning to now is not good.
    Personally, I don’t just take anyone home to my family, I get to know them first & then make the decision to take them home. Reason being I am looking after the security of my family as I do not want anyone to hurt or insult them.
    When I read negative comments or what I consider to be negative I think about the motive behind it before I respond to it.
    I am trying to write all this so that it makes sense and not insult people.

  6. And Piu, you are more than welcome to your POV
    Can I ask a question – if in your family, you are sidelined always & preference is given to one of your siblings only – how would you feel?
    Everything revolves around them, if it is not about them then it is nothing?
    YRKKH is about relationships & what or how you name it – I think something like how do you call this kind relationship. I don’t speak Hindi and you probably know it better than I do. Just think about it.
    I watch the show not for the actors or actresses but for the story that it is telling and I want to learn from it and as StarPlus says another kind of thinking – nayi soch – I think. (I am trying to get this point across, so bear with my limited Hindi translations)
    I have always protested that the show should not just concentrate only on one person or two but should revolve around all characters of the show & off course some will have more dominance than others.
    I love Kaira but I would like to know & see what is happening in Gayu’s life, Naksh’s life, and the other kids.
    Yes Kaira is important for the show but they need the other characters to make their story believeable and make sense.
    And the point that Gayu is adopted, so why should she be important in the show. Gayu would have stayed with her father’s family and enjoy all the luxuries of an only child but she chooses to be with the Singhanias. And she is loved equally.
    I don’t think they should make the show revolve around Kaira – No
    There are other characters in the show that’s worth developing.
    Look at YHM because they are obsessed in making the 3 leads be at the centre their character have not developed and neither are the others. And now it has gone stupid and I have stopped watching as it is not doing anything for me – no learning curves – same old same old story lines.

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