Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira and Mishti talking. Mishti gets hurt and Naira cares for her. Naira thinks about Akshara’s blindness and tells Mishti. She cries. Naitik hears them. Vishwamber takes care of Akshara. Bau ji tells Devyaani that he felt bad and saw complaint in Vishwamber’s eyes, I could not become a good father in law. Devyaani says it was not in our hands, we are also upset like them, and helpless, its not our mistake. She says your BP is low, don’t take stress. He says BP will be fine, when everything gets fine. Naitik recalls everyone’s words and says I can’t understand Akshara’s pain.

Varsha comes home and greets everyone. She hugs Nannu, Jasmeet and others. She says Akshara, you here, its great, I came to give surprise, and I got surprise seeing Akshara,

I wanted to meet you, where is Ananya. Rajshri says she went out for some work. Dadi asks how did she come like this. Varsha says I came to see your happiness, I was getting bored there, and came to you all, Anshu will manage everything.

She says she got shades for Akshara, which she liked in Goa. She makes Akshara wear the glasses. Rajshri cries. Varsha compliments her. She finds everyone upset and asks what happened, no one is happy seeing me. The walking stick falls from Akshara’s hand. Varsha picks it and asks how is it here, blind people use it. She looks at Akshara and gets shocked.

She removes the glasses and sees her. Akshara cries and says you got the right gift for me, I needed this. Varsha cries and hugs Akshara. Naira gives tea to Naitik. His eyes are closed and tries taking it. Naira says tea will fall. Bau ji and Devyaani ask why is he sitting with closed eyes. Naitik says maybe I can see few things with closed eyes, I took decision, I won’t open eyes till I don’t understand Akshara’s pain completely. I want to see how Akshara feels, till I don’t know this, I will not open eyes. They all get shocked.

Bau ji says to understand Akshara’s pain, its not necessary to go through that pain, we know if anyone in family is affected, everyone is affected, this way everyone will break. Naira says we all know you love mumma a lot, we love her and you equally, we can’t you like this, I m scared, if you get hurt then…

Varsha asks Akshara to think if Naitik is hurt then… how can she hurt Naitik. Akshara says I m trying to lessen his troubles, what would you do being in my place, try to understand, they all are hurt because of my blindness. Devyaani says its not needed Naitik. Naitik says its needed to know that pain by experiencing it. I m trying to understand Akshara’s feelings. Varsha says you did not agree to anyone till now, when Naitik was in coma, everyone wanted to keep him in hospital, you kept him at home to take care of him, why are you snatching his rights.

Rajshri comes and says Akshara can try to go away from them, but they are with her, Naitik has sent medicines. Naitik says sorry, but I need your help, its necessary to understand Akshara’s pain. They all worry for him. he says we do this with Akshara, that’s why she feels so. Rajshri tells Akshara that family has right to share sorrow, why is she running from herself. Varsha says you felt bad when Naitik said you are not a good mum, now you made Naitik realize that he is not a good husband. Rajshri asks Akshara will she leave them too.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani wish Akshara changes mind and comes back. Vishwamber asks Rajshri what did she teach Akshara now, her inlaws did not support her. She says this happens at many times, we don’t see things clear, I m your wife, you will take back your words tomorrow.

Akshara wakes up and hears Naksh’s voicemails. He says they all miss her. She cries. She wants water and says Varsha… Varsha is sleeping. Akshara gets up and looks for her stick. Naitik holds her and says I will never leave supporting you. She says you.. and realizes she imagined him. Naitik wakes up and is still with closed eyes.

Its morning, Bhabhimaa and Naira talk to Akshara. Naira says Naitik’s smile will come when Akshara comes back, and even his eye…. Bhabhimaa stops her. Akshara asks what happened to his eyes. Naira says nothing. Akshara says tell me, what happened. Naira says he has shut his eyes, Akshara gets shocked.

Akshara tells Vishwamber that she has to go to her home. Vishwamber says she won’t go, till Naitik comes and accepts this mistake. Rajshri says she will go and argues with Vishwamber.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I saw the episode I really was happy when varsha came back yes but Monday pre cap I’m with rajshiri Vishambarnath has lost his mind
    Vishambarnath: you won’t go anywhere until naitik comes and apologizes
    Rajshiri:she will go
    Vishambarnath: I’m her father
    Rajshiri: I’m her mom let her go that was the pre cap

  2. Varsha my love u are back again… Welcome back.

  3. Naitik following Gandhari’s footsteps

  4. interesting 1

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