Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik acts indifferent

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying I m sorry, I risked my life, you worried for me, you love me a lot, I love you too. Kartik says you don’t understand me, if we love each other, why did we get apart. She asks what. He asks shall I remind you, how you made me distant. She says I did it for your sake. He asks then why did I get hurt the most, tell me. Dadi comes and says sorry to disturb, they are waiting for you, it doesn’t look good. Kartik leaves. Dadi thinks its good I interrupted them, else Naira would have told him everything, it would have been a scene in front of the guests. Naira cries. Pungi calls her. Naira asks how are you…..

Kirti looks for Naitik. She sees Priyanka’s incoming call on his phone. Naksh asks for tea. She gives tea. He asks where is dad,

did he go and sleep. She thinks its so stupid to tell Naksh, what will I tell him without knowing their talk. She says dad maybe sleeping. Naitik says no, I went to Bhabhimaa, sorry you made tea and…. He checks missed calls. Kartik says I missed a paper, I will get it. Naira says Kartik worked hard, but everyone blamed him for a mistake. Kartik comes and hears her. Naira says he helped me but did his work too, don’t know why everyone call him a henpecked husband, I don’t like it, so I made him away from me, I went to dad and told him not to come, I love him a lot, I don’t want him to concentrate on me, I m not so selfish, even Kartik isn’t such, don’t know why everyone thinks so, how shall I solve this problem. She turns.

Kartik hides. Naira says I can’t tell Kartik, he may think I m breaking his family. He thinks our relation got weak, I didn’t know you will believe anyone and not discuss with me, you don’t care what I think about this. He opens the door again and acts to come in. Naira ends call. She asks did you get free. Kartik says there is no need to discuss it now, it has been an eventful day, its better we give each other a break, so just let it be. He kisses her and goes with the document.

Naitik calls Priyanka. She says sorry, I m pressurizing a lot, I won’t say now, I will wait, tell them when you want, don’t know how will they react. He thanks her. Kartik works. Naira says we shall sleep now. He says I have work, you go and sleep. He gets headache. She keeps pill box for him and sleeps. He sees her sleeping and the aid box. He says you didn’t do right, I m very hurt.

Its morning, Devyaani says I m happy seeing Naksh and Kirti doing boutique work together. Kartik works out and recalls Naira’s words. Bhabhimaa says even Naitik and Akshara had some problems first. Rajshri says yes then they understood each other well. Naira greets Kartik. He falls down and gets hurt. Devyaani says compromising looks good initially, this seems to be a burden after some time. Bhabhimaa says real test begins after that phase. Rajshri says sometimes a small thing hurts a lot. Naira says sorry, are you fine. He says I m fine. Rajshri says I wish we realize such things and rectify it. Devyaani says we delay in accepting mistake. Bhabhimaa says till then things get spoiled. Naira asks Kartik to take rest. He says no, you have no idea about the stressful business. He goes. Devyaani, Rajshri and Bhabhimaa continue the talk. Rajshri says every relation has to go through tough times, if it has to be beautiful like butterflies.

Naira asks Kartik is the matter between them ended, did they become happy like before. She shows smiley. He nods. Kirti says thank God you helped, I was worried. Naksh says we have space at home. He covers her with a chunri and says this color suits you, make a dress for yourself. He jokes. She laughs. He says don’t keep the roll there, it will fall. She says its fine, its not any glass item. They go. The cloth roll falls down and spreads the paint boxes. The clothes get spoiled.

Dadi says I want a nice gift for friend’s son, get a designer saree for me. Suwarna says I will get gift, Surekha will get saree. They ask Naira to make Lav and Kush study separately. Lav and Kush fight and complain about chewing gum stuck in hair. Dadi says Naira would have kept it, I have seen Naira eating chewing gum, no one else eats chewing gum here. Naira says I didn’t keep it, I didn’t give them. Manish and Kartik come. Dadi asks what will we do now. Kartik says Lav and Kush got naughty, stay under control. He asks Naira to be careful and not leave anything here and there. Dadi thinks what happened that he is shouting at Naira. Kartik says get some hot oil, I will try and remove the gum. He goes. Suwarna takes Naira along. Manish and Akhilesh ask Kartik to come. Kartik thinks Naira didn’t come yet, maybe I have to go without saying bye. He waits.

He sees Manish and says I forgot my charger. They leave. Dadi smiles and says Kartik is back on the right track, Lord bless him. Naira says I will make tea for Kartik. She asks where did they go. Surekha says office, they wanted to see presentation before the meeting. Naira thinks Kartik left without saying bye.

Naira’s car breaks down. Someone comes to give lift. Kartik sees her car and shouts Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I’m really worried for naira Becouse I’ve got a feeling that she might have beeen kidnapped by some guy and I’m hoping that kartik will his wife naira take her back to her husband house really soon

  2. Fenil

    Hello YRKKH Family.
    Track-Joru Ka Ghulaam
    Nicely manage by writers,Naira ko Karthik ke pyaar ki kadar hi nahi hain Jo usko thik lagta hain karti hain best scolding to Naira by Karthik @Academy….now she crying…ek baar bhi koi baat karthik ke saath discuss nahi karti…”Agar Mere Liye kiya toh phir mujhe hi itni chot kyun phonchi” well said sabki khushi ke liye uthaya hua step kisi ek ko dard deta hi hain….
    Keesh storyline magically moving….Beautiful moments they are sharing…
    Bhabhimaa,Devyaani,Rajshree’s conversation amazing and perfect directed with cinematography.
    Subham called Jiju to Naksh wow.
    Naitik and Priyanka big puzzle hope only Keesh get involved in this track.

    1. Soofia Bhatti

      Hey I’m soofia I’m really worried for naira Becouse I’ve got a feeling that she might have beeen kidnapped by some guy and I’m hoping that kartik will his wife naira take her back to her husband house really soon

  3. i am big yrkkh fan…but stopped watching serial bcoz of naira and kartik over the top romance and mahanta…please writer make this serial beautiful again as it was earlier.till than will juz read updates…

  4. Will she stay away each and every time when Kartik is handed over important deals??
    Naira can solve every other’s problems, but not her own.. She is just over dramatisizing things..

    Dadi’s mindset- Extreme positive and caring one episode, Back to form for next 3 or 4 episodes..
    Can you connect her today’s reaction with yesterday, where she was shown caring for Naira and gifting her?? Such an inconsistency.. What CVs are trying?? Even after all such events, same Naira vs Dadi and others being mute..But they will be shown as loving and caring for Naira in other scenes..

    As long as Kartik behave as he needs no one, but only Naira and she is his only world, things will be difficult for her..Even in a normal family, No one show off their love this much infront of others or goes on praising wife to top, infront of elders in family..Need to behave gently and somewhat decent in a joint family.. He seems united with his parents.. But not even one scene of him with them has been shown or his bond with any other members in the family.. Even yesterday what is the need to keep a grumpy and sad face infront of others, if you fought with wife?

    They could have beautifully handled Keesh..They took almost one year to build the characters of kaira and their bond..But never such solid base for Keesh and seems they are rushing..

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