Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish reaching police station. Kartik sees him and gets angry. Akhilesh asks Kartik to sign on the papers. Kartik asks what is it. Akhilesh says its bail papers. Kartik says tell Manish not to waste money on me, inspector you do your work please. Manish looks on. Naira thinks of Kartik and cries. Inspector takes Kartik. Manish asks Akhilesh to stop Kartik. Akhilesh asks Kartik are you mad, you did not do mistake. Kartik says police thinks I killed Akshara, Naitik and Naira say the same. Akhilesh says none has proof.

Kartik says its not needed, I don’t want to prove anything. Akhilesh says don’t be an emotional fool, they don’t trust you now. Kartik says I don’t trust myself. Akhilesh says shut up. Kartik says I will support Naira in whatever

she thinks, I love her. Akhilesh says you have to lose love forever if you take the blame, if you try to prove yourself innocent, you can win Naira’s trust again, for her love and that family, I have seen they love you, if you want to win their love, don’t take this blame on you.

Kartik signs on the papers. Manish smiles. Akhilesh says advocate Bhatia is big advocate, he will manage everything. Manish asks shall we go home. Kartik leaves. Akhilesh goes after him. Manish looks on. Naira cries. Kartik comes there and throws papers in her window. She reads I didn’t do it. She stands in the window and sees him. He apologizes and shows it written that I didn’t do it. She shuts the window. Yeh rishta kya…..plays……. Naira goes downstairs and hears elders talking of their sorrow Kartik has given them. She cries. Naitik coughs. She gives him water. Kartik cries and recalls their happy time. Naitik says its Kartik’s mistake, he snatched my Akshara, I will never forgive him. Naira says I will also not forgive him and myself, I wish we did not meet, we did not turn friends, we had no relation. She thinks of Kartik and cries. She says I wish Kartik heard me and did not do this.

Kartik says you know Mam, I did not do anything, I can’t imagine doing this, I got much love from you. Akhilesh says he is not answering, where did he go. Manish says he went to Naira. Kartik says till when will Naira make me wait. Manish says till he is linked to them, its tough for him to return, he has decided to sink, how can anyone help him. Akhilesh says he loves Naira. Manish says his love is love, what about our love for him.

Kartik waits for Naira. Naitik falls asleep. Varsha asks for storeroom keys. Devyaani says Akshara managed keys and everyone, don’t know we can manage ourselves or not. Kartik feels cold and lies on the bench. Karishma says Bau ji, we don’t have prescription for Bhabhimaa’s medicines. Devyaani gets kada. Bhabhimaa refuses. Naira asks her to have it. Bhabhimaa cries and goes. Baisa says I spoke to pandit, we will keep Shoksabha tomorrow. Naira says no need. Baisa asks will we not do it for soul peace. Naira says not till Papa gets fine, give him some time. Baisa says I know, few things have to be done on time. Rukmani says yes, Baisa is right. Baisa says we have to do all rituals. Gayu says Naira is saying we will do after Naitik gets fine. Baisa says I m saying this puja can’t be postponed, did Kartik think before doing accident, he ruined everything. Gayu holds Naira. Naira cries.

Kartik says how to make you trust me Naira. He feels cold and shivers outside. Naira cries and goes to kitchen. Rajshri comes there. She cooks food. She explains Naira that no one can save anyone from burning, its fate, we have to manage family. Rajshri cries and tells Naira that every daughter is mum’s shadow, Akshara would have had same expectations form you. She gives her the food bowl. Kartik sees Naira coming. He gets up and smiles. She looks at him.

Kartik hugs Naira and says I love you a lot. She pushes him away and says you have snatched my family’s happiness. They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The upcoming episodes will see Naira taking Kartik to the spot where the accident took place and will question him about how the traumatic event unfolded to which Kartik will state that he does not remember anything. Naira will be upset hearing this and will humiliate him for killing her mother.

    Kartik will be extremely heartbroken and will decide to take a drastic step to put an end to his life and will try to jump off a cliff. But just when he attempts the suicide, somebody will save him.

    Subsequently, Kartik’s family will reach the Singhania family to ask about his whereabouts and they too would be insulted and showed the door. The story will take a major twist when Kartik will surrender himself to the police. Parallel to this, Naira will find out that Kartik is innocent and just as she finds out, she will learn about Kartik surrendering to prison.

    Naira will then rush to free him leaving Naitik in a dilemma of sorts. Naira and Kartik will together fight for justice and the track seems like something worth anticipating for!

    1. true , hope this happens soon…..

  2. Abhigya

    but there is a comeback of hina mam akshara i think in fb they have been posted can anyone make clear of it and also a spoiler says that akshara sends thankyou gifts to naitik which makes naitik and naira and the whole family shocked and surprised… please can anyone clear my doubt

    1. Hina khan is not coming back ahe said it very clearly yrkkh is over for her..
      yes there are news of akshara being replaced and they are auditioning no confirmation aaj tak hot news they said.
      and thank u gifts are sent by naira in the name of akshara to convey them msg to accept and move on and to make them happy

    2. Yes hina khan is coming back the only reason she went was because she wad getting married they ain’t going to find her body but later she will be back

      1. Abhigya

        thank you shilpa and payal fr ur reply sry fr my late reply and i’m willing and liking to be frnd with you both sry if am wrong

  3. I don’t think that hina khan will comeback. And also if akshara will comeback then her face will be different. This is a smart move of makers by not showing akshara dead body. Still there is a lot of mystery in this track , to make things clear have to wait for 3-4 episodes. Naira and her family reaction was obvious. But i am feeling sorry for kartik he has always done good for Naira and her family but he has always been received at the bad end . Let it be Naira or Naksh , he is always been insulted. Really feeling bad for kartik. I don’t think that naira will be able to take place of akshara. Just prove kartik’s innocence somehow. Unite kaira, bring akshara back with new face.

  4. Please prove kartik’s innocence and bring akshara with new face.

  5. Guys,,Hina will never come back & the show is dull without her…

  6. Is hina khan coming again can anyone tell me

  7. Vrushy

    Kaira dream sequence was like a breath of fresh air amid all the depression !!
    The spoilers say that karthik would be proved innocent in the upcoming week. Just keeping fingers crossed that this track ends in this week.
    Ps : TRP of yrkkh is 3.4 this week.

  8. Show without hina is like diwali without lights, hina plsssssss come back, I love u alot n miss u badly this show is not gud to watch without u, hina pls pls plssssssss come back

  9. Guys saw a tv segment naira gets hints about akrthik innocence and she will prove karthik innocent way to go naira…

  10. Abhigya

    thank you shilpa and payal fr ur reply sry fr my late reply and i’m willing and liking to be frnd with you both sry if am wrong and i hope i get many frnds in yrkkh group

  11. Guys can someone tell is hina khan coming back or some new akshara will come ,pls dont separate kaira

  12. yaa yaa u are right we want akshara bach as well as our kaira

  13. bach*back

  14. It is said that in yesterday’s hot news that Payal Rajput may choosen as replacement for Akshara.Is it true??

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