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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking about Goa marriage. Bau ji says Naksh and Tara were marrying, but Akshara stopped them, calm down, its all fine. Dada ji says I don’t trust them now, we have to get them married. Akshara says I stopped them from marriage as they are young and does not know marriage meaning. I told this many times. Dada ji says whatever you say, I want to get them married, else we will get our family name ruined. She says they promised they will not do anything. Dada ji says enough of that, marriage will happen now.

Naksh and Tara come home. Naksh says no Dada ji, I m not ready for marriage now. I won’t marry. If you are hurt by us, we are sorry, we will try not to do anything, don’t force us to marry, marriage will happen one day, not now, when I

m ready to take Tara’s responsibility, I will marry. Akshara asks Tara does she feel this right, you have to study also, explain Dada ji. Tara says but Dada ji is not wrong, he is worried for me. Akshara says yes, explain him you won’t do anything. Naitik says we decided about marriage. Akshara asks them not to talk about marriage, we will agree when right time comes. Naitik says yes, we all should wait till Naksh gets independent. Dada ji, Sangram and Tara leave.

Ananya helps Varsha in packing. Varsha smiles and says she is seeing her daughter has grown up. She says like you take care of me, take care of everyone, I will miss you a lot. She hugs her. Ananya says I will also miss you, but don’t cry. Tara calls Naksh and asks why did he say he won’t marry, Dada ji felt bad. He says yes, but I did not wish to hurt him, I m sorry, its Sangram’s mistake, when he has seen it was not like he thought, why did he tell everyone, my family did not panic, your Dada ji overreacts always. She says this time Dada ji did not overreact. She angrily ends call.

Akshara talks to everyone and says we should give time to Naksh and Tara, so that they decide for marriage being sure, I know Dada ji does not like our no always. Naitik says Dada ji would feel whats need to think if we have business, so he wants marriage to be done. Bhabhimaa says we should do Naksh’s marriage, I mean I may die anytime. Naksh says I will tell Dadda ji not to call you till my marriage, don’t emotionally blackmail me, I took wise decision. Naitik tells Akshara that Naksh is getting mature. She smiles and says Naksh is her son.

Dada ji tells Sangram and Vikram that Naksh is Akshara’s son and will be like her. Sangram says only she refuses to us always, no man talk in that house. Dada ji says we can’t fight, as they can refuse for relation. Akshara says how to assure them that we will not end relation. Sangram says nothing will happen till Akshara is there, she agreed to us to shut our mouth, you kept condition that I can’t marry till Tara’s marriage, we three brothers will get old and die, Akshara will not let anyone of us get married, if I could, I will not leave her.

Akshara says Dada ji is girl’s family and will react like this, we will explain him with peace and love. Sangram thinks no peace and love, I have to think something else. Naksh gets his new car keys and is glad. Bhabhimaa says its good car. Naksh asks Bhabhimaa to come, he will drop her to temple. She says we will do puja first, let Akshara come. Naitik asks her to do puja. She does the puja and inaugurates the car. They all say the car features. Naksh leaves with Bhabhimaa.

Shaurya, Anshu and Varsha are leaving. They hug everyone and cry. Jasmeet cries seeing Anshu. Naitik tells Rajshri that Shaurya and Anshu will take care of them, call you and do videochat. He pacifies Rajshri. Naitik, Shaurya and Anshu do not let Rajshri say and tell what she wants to say. Kaki says parents get hurt when children go away, you will understand when Nannu goes abroad for studies. Shaurya asks them not to make them emotional, else they can’t leave. They crack joke and make them smile. Naitik says you should leave now. Varsha hugs them. Rajshri asks Varsha to take care of them. Anshu asks Jasmeet to take care. Nannu says he will take care of everyone. Shaurya, Anshu and Varsha leave. They all cry.

Akshara says I think we should leave Naitik, I have to attend friend’s marriage. He says yes. She says but I don’t feel to leave Rajshri and Kaki like this. He asks her to change their mood. She asks how. He signs Ananya. Ananya brings a laptop and shows video call of Shaurya, Anshu and Varsha. Shaurya says we are on the way. Anshu says they can talk to them anytime. Dadi says yes, technology does not make them look away. They all smile.

Akshara says you all smiled, now we will leave. Rajshri says I felt you will stay here. Akshara says sorry, I have to go in friend’s marriage. Ananya asks is her friend marrying now. Akshara says yes, she got happiness after long time. Rajshri asks her to go, don’t come if I call you, you don’t care for me. Akshara says fine, I won’t come, you have sent me to inlaws and now complain that I don’t come, why did you send me. Rajshri says fine, go, I know you have much work. She hugs Akshara. Rajshri cries. Akshara asks what happened. Rajshri says nothing, go now. Akshara asks her not to cry and leaves.

Tara says why is Naksh annoyed, he is not messaging, I can also get angry, I was angry on him. Aditya comes and asks her to have fruits and keeps it there. She gets an idea and smiles. Mishti says we will celebrate thanks giving here. Bhabhimaa asks what does she want. Mishti shows turkey. Devyaani says no. Bhabhimaa says its bad. Mishti says I want it. She gets annoyed and goes. Akshara and Naitik come home. Akshara asks why is Mishti angry. Bhabhimaa says Mishti wants to eat this. Akshara makes a turkey with fruits. Mishti likes it. They all praise Akshara for being so wise. Mishti says she is very happy. They all thank Akshara. Akshara says I could have not done all this without your support.

Naitik asks Akshara to come soon. She asks why, you asked me not to come yesterday. He says fine, I will get peace without you. They argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think.. May b by Friday or sat Akshara accident will happn

    1. Y u hope so

    2. Oh My God, What The Hell, What Accident, Is There An Accident That’s Going To Happen?

  2. aksara looks very beautiful and pretty even in normal dress friends if agree than reply

  3. Naksh is getting sensible… good.. and this serial is showing a very important thing… what happens due to doubt and impatience…. i think,a big fight may happen between the two families and Tara’s family will b the cause.. they might break up too… it’s unlike the other serials… often serials elongate stories with illogical things and leaps.. but it shows things related to our daily life.. that’s the best part. certainly the best serial I have ever seen..

    1. ya i agree with you

  4. I love dis serial. No fight nothing.

  5. East Or West #Yeh_Rishta_Kya_Kehlata_Hai is the best serial in the television industry. . . . . 🙂

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