Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara getting Naira home. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask why is Naira walking like this. The girl tells Naksh that she did modeling and then the guys did not let her leave the work, and trapped her. She asks him to forget what she said. She says don’t know why I m sitting here and telling this to you, and asks her to go. He asks her to take help from others. She says they are dangerous people, you stay away from me. She leaves. Naira says she will dance and show Guru Maa that she is strong. Gayu tells everyone that Kartik saved them. Inspector tells Rajshri and Vishwamber that goons were dangerous and its big thing they got caught. Vishwamber and Rajshri thank Kartik for saving Gayu and Kuhu. Kartik sneezes. Varsha asks him to go to doctor, it maybe viral. Kartik

says I will go.

Naira says if I get determined, I can do anything, even if no one supports me, Akshara challenged me infront of Guru Maa, but I m no less, I will not let Akshara win. Akshara writes diary. She writes that she challenged Naira when Naira was leaving hope, she knows Naira will win to make her lose, even Naitik would have done same.

Naksh asks the girl why is she hiding. She says the goons came here. He says don’t worry, I will drop you. She asks him to go. He asks her to come. Naksh fights with goons. Kartik passes by and helps Naksh. Kartik saves Naksh and gets beaten. Kartik asks Naksh why was he fighting. Naksh lies to him and asks him to take care, the goons can attack on him too. He goes. Kartik says matter is something else, I m fighting with goons since morning.

Akshara hugs Gayu and asks are you fine, how is Kuhu. Gayu says we are fine, and jewelry got saved too. Naira comes there. Naksh comes home injured and everyone worry for him. Akshara asks what happened. Naksh says nothing, don’t panic. Naksh says goons attacked me to get wallet, Kartik helped me, he was going to doctor, Kartik is fine. Devyaani says he is ill and fought twice. Naksh asks what. Gayu says thieves tried to rob Rajshri’s house and Kartik saved us. They all praise Kartik. Mishti says we should do something special for Kartik. Bhabhimaa says we will call him on lunch, I will make food for him. Gayu says I will help you and smiles.

Kartik applies medicine and says I m not scared of goons, I m just scared of medicines. Akshara calls him and asks him to apply cream to his wounds. He smiles and asks how did you know I m hurt. She says even Naksh got hurt, I don’t know how to thank you and whats our relation, you made me meet Naira and helped my children. He thanks her for becoming his friend. She invites him on lunch. He says yes, and recalls Naksh’s words. He says I would have come but, I have much work in office, I can’t come, sorry. She says finish work and come. He says it won’t be possible. She asks him to come tomorrow and ends call. He says fine, maybe I m thinking more, Naksh won’t be annoyed now, I m not going, aunty is calling, I can finally meet Naira tomorrow.

Naksh recalls the girl and says why did she not tell me her problem, maybe I could help her. Naira thinks of Kartik and says he turned great, two fights in a day. Gayu thinks of Kartik and praises him. She says its good Akshara called him, I can say him thanks. Naira says I will say thanks to him for form submission and helping Naksh and Gayu. Gayu thinks to do something special. Naira says I have to make my leg fine before Guru Maa comes, so that she does not get any chance to me, I won’t lose, I will dance.

Naitik talks to Akshara on phone and tells her how all matters got resolved, and everyone is thanking me and sending blessings, I don’t deserve this. She says why not, you worked hard. He thanks her for keeping family united and give much love to children, getting Naira back. He apologizes for hurting her a lot. She says fine, I will accept your sorry when you come soon. She ends call and asks him to come soon, Naira is completing your dream.

Its morning, Naira greets Guru Maa. Guru Maa asks her to show what she taught her yesterday, then she will teach her next steps. Naira dances and is hurt. Akshara looks on and worries. Guru Maa asks Naira to dance well. Naira dances. Gayu comes there and sees Akshara busy with Naira. She says I will come later and goes. Guru Maa gives tips and asks Naira to continue. Naira falls. Akshara rushes to her with concern. Naira stops her. She thinks I challenged her, she will be annoyed, but she will work hard. She asks Naira to get up else what will she dance on stage, did you not see how much we work at home and don’t get tired. Guru Maa says they are lazy, they will know hardwork when they do.

Naira cuts cake and feeds cake to Kartik. Gayu gets sad seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Akshat

    Poor Gayu…..she is awesome nd better than naira ….I just want tthat kartik weds gayu not that stupid nd irritating naira……Only kayu sounds gud nd that naira is nothing in front of gayu

    • Fiyana Fia

      That’s too sad as it will be kaira. And naira and gayu both are wonderful. Also kartik and naira look beautiful together. We all love them.

    • pooja227

      I also feel gayu is much much better than arrogant Naira who always has attitude on her face and rude to everyone. Gayu is sweet and Kartik should reciprocate.

      I hate Naira. And also Naksh. Why Akshara’s kids are so arrogant?

  2. Shilpa

    Naira is such an amazing girl ….every couple in television angry man and girl next door fall in love but here angry girl falling in love with a happy go lucky guy…..Naira has her own identity and she is confident girl.. she is the real parchayi of akshara the only difference is her way of tackling issues I’d different .she has gone through so many struggles when she was in Rishikesh ….yet she fought her battles and helped ashram people….Naira and Karthik are made for each ther

    • Angel NIDA

      You are the only one who understand naira character tell this cheap and stupid comments that naira is perfect for karthik and no one else you said truly

  3. Priya

    Producer didn’t find better partner for kartik nor naksh…it seems no good actress for naksh…both of time

  4. Merlin

    Gayuu myt b bttr dn they r gud ..infact amzinn togthr.karthik n naira..No offence bt pyar toh pyr hota ..u cnt compromise ur love in order to attirudes or looks

  5. Piu

    lol the girl who gpt everything in this year is poor n the girl whos life is all messed up is irritating wow!!gayu is one brainless woman who cant even see the guy is just into her.everytime she feels jealous whenever akshara gives time to naira knowing how is ak-naira relationship many years she was the only daughter n niw she has to share love with naira which madamji cant do.insecure gayu n she thinks herself as akshara who nvr felt insecure even when she was a newly wed.thousand times she has seen how kaira r so comfortable with each other still shes like oh kartik likes me too.i m so happy naira has started thinking abt kartik.they r much better together with so much comfortability n nok-jhok unlike gayu who tries to make kartik like sumone who shes not in real.hope naira wont sacrifice for this bimbo who acts bechari abla nari all time.

  6. archana

    iam so glad to watch our karan mehra after a very long time . nd a cute bonding between our naitik nd akshara phone convo . plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz karan bahiya come back on the show we all miss u a lot nd i watch the the repeat telecaste of yrkkh because of our karan mehra iam very happy to read a yrkkh telly update that’s why i decide to watch yrkkh

  7. Piu

    sorry to burst ur bubbles gayu ll turn negative soon n naira is gonna forgive her mother.suddenly ppl r finding naira rude towards her mother.where were these ppl when she saved her from goons,defend her infront of rukmani aunty n so on.naira is much better than gayu who goes insecure with her own sister.atleast naira understand what is family n doesnt keep on saying i m alone i m alone.

  8. akshat

    Gayu manage all the work of offic as well as she manage every function ……even form fili krne me b kayu ki partnership ne hi kaam kya……bt still naira is better for dumbo people

  9. kriya

    naira is a girl who faced lot of struggles from her childhood infront of naira gayu is not atall better..gayu is beautiful..but karthik ko pyaar ho gaya in every means with naira..kaira is the best

  10. kriya

    naira is a talented energetic actress who is better in every emotions
    I always love kaira its best yaar
    nd glad to see karanmehra…

  11. rayna

    both naira nd gayu is beautiful but i like naira
    i think gayu should also get someone good
    kaira will be always best

  12. ashwani

    Naira face struggle okkk……bt gayu ne b apni ma ko kho dya tha usne akshra ka pura office smbhala and she never get jealous with naira….when naira was sad after her form rejected gayu console her very beautifully… obviously if she get success in any dealing she will want appreciation bt akshra naksh bhabi ma everyon’s focus is on naira than obviously she will feel sad its human nature ……For me only Kayu is best….Gayu deserve better

  13. ashwani

    Ooops I should say kartik deserve better….for him gayu is best not naira irritang rude arrpgant egoistic nd stupid

  14. Vrushna

    Omg!!! Kaira and kayu…ppl are still confused over tis?

    Itz obviously KAIRA girls…I already mentioned in a comment I guess…u guys just observe..whenever karthik and naira interact and it’s their romance…YEH RISHTA kYA Kehlta hai song plays in d background wch clearly means Kaira is d next lead Jodi like akshara and naitik!!
    So simple and ppl are fighting over for kayu!!

    • Angel NIDA

      U R right tell this stupid comments that Kaira is one and only lead like akshara and naitik and no one else

  15. vaishnavi

    Naira rocks…want to see mom-beti bonding…kaira is just really a fabulous lovely jodi…kaira ROKS..

  16. fan

    gayu is really good and calm . she likes kartik and that’s not her mistake .if naira starts getting feelings for kartik then gayu should stop thinking about kartik , because the love of kaira has become mutual . I like kaira very much and I think they should bring a good pair for gayu too because gayu’s character is very good

  17. sneha

    all of us know directors will make jodi of kaira not gayu ……bt for sure its true that gayu is better than naira in every angle ……so she deserve kartik bt its not gonna happen in yrkkh

  18. Romi

    Naira was spoiled from her childhood , when her mum asked her to choose best friends , she chose sukanya who was the most spoiled child!naira suffered just becoz of her stupidity . If she favours her mum( saves her from goons ) only she wants to be great infront of the world. Otherwise , when she insults her mum or rukmani ji then look at her facial expressions ! It’s totally disgusting !
    It’s true that gayu is alone becoz when she needs someone , then everyone is busy with that bhagori naira! And if she becomes negative then its directer’s choice ! And she deserves to be negative to kick that irritant naira out of the show!!😂😆😁

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