Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying one min ended, what happened next. Mishti says let Naira come. Dream shows Kartik falling down stairs and Naira coming with devil horns and hunter. He asks what happened, I was saying I love you. She shouts I love you, how dare you say this, I regarded you friend and you are sleeve’s snake, I mean frog, see how I get your tar tar out. She beats him. Kartik shouts no, you are my best friend, what are you showing me Mishti. She says I m your true friend, so I m showing this, don’t hurry. He says yes, I understood. Sweets fall on her and she gets sad. He says your name is Mishti, you Gulab jamun fell on you, just cover this by jacket, none will know. Naira comes and taunts him for covering up mistakes.

Kartik says I m expert since childhood,

this is little thing, I hide big things. Mishti says he is saying right. Mishti goes. Kartik says you are going Switzerland without Akshara, she will be alone. She says she is equal to ten. He says I m worried for her. She thinks I know why you are worried. He says it will be fun. She thinks it will be seen there. Color goes in her eyes. He says wait, I will clean it, else it will affect vision. She says it won’t affect, I can see properly. She falls and he holds her. They both fall. He scolds her for not listening, and says you do more tar tar than me. He cares for her eye. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…..plays………….. She looks at him and says enough, its over, I shall leave. She goes. He smiles and says it happened to me much before….

Akshara sees her ticket and says who booked my ticket. She asks Gayu about her ticket. Gayu says maybe its some confusion. Akshara says cancel this. Gayu says fine. Akshara hears Naitik saying I miss you Akshara, please come to me. She gets restless. Naksh says its small problem, food dept guys can come to Krishna for food inspection anytime, I have to stay here. She says I understand. Kartik comes and says there is small problem, some pieces are not ready, we can’t delay trip, Gayu has to register there. Gayu asks what, we have to go without the pieces. Naksh asks for some solution. Kartik says either of one has to stay back and get pieces. Naira asks why did this happen. Kartik says there was problem by holidays. Naira says Naksh is not coming, I will stay back.

Kartik says I will stay back. Gayu says no Kartik, I will need your help to meet correspondents. Naira thinks Kartik planned this and argues with him. Akshara asks him to stop it. Gayu says Kartik and I will go first. Naksh says no, Naira should go along. Akshara thinks whats happening, this ticket and feeling that Naitik is calling me. Naksh says I wanted to come but… Akshara says its fine, I will go, you manage work and office, maybe this ticket is not booked by mistake, I will come later. Kartik says sorry. She says its fine, we trust you. Gayu’s exhibition is imp. Naksh gets angry. Kartik goes to him and talks. He says I understand your concern, two sisters far from home with an outsider, I promise they are my responsibility, I will take care of them and not give you chance to complain, even I would have not trusted anyone being in your place, when there is no option, trust me once, I promise I won’t break your trust, else I will not go. Naksh says I love my sisters, I can give up life for them and take life. Kartik says I promise, if I break your trust, break my bones. Naksh says I would have broken your bones even if you don’t say. He laughs and says honestly I didn’t trust you completely, but I want to trust you this time. Kartik guarantees that Naksh won’t regret. Naira thinks Kartik is impressing everyone, I won’t let Kartik win this game.

Dadi is unwell. Varsha informs everyone about Nannu’s bad state, he is trying to run away from rehab. Shaurya says Kaki will worry, don’t tell her, I will meet Nannu. Kaki comes and argues with them. She asks them to call Nannu home, his treatment will happen at home. Rajshri says his treatment can’t happen here, we can’t see him cry. Vishwamber says we will fall weak seeing him, let him stay there, he will get treated right, its testing time, we have to be strong.

Akshara makes Gayu, Naira and Kartik have curd and sugar. Naksh asks them to have a safe flight. Akshara says Naitik does not know this and did not send message. Naitik sends voice message that he is fine, and coming back soon, and wishes them. Akshara smiles and thinks Naitik is fine, I was worried.

Mishti gives the notes to everyone. Gayu reads her face will shine, it means her exhibition will be good. Naira reads someone will reveal true self and says I needed this. Kartik says I don’t believe all this and does not read. Akshara asks them to go. Mishti asks Kartik to say her. He gives note. Mishti reads someone you love will be yours forever and says yes, you and Naira will be united forever. Kartik winks to her and leaves.

Akshara says what am I feeling, I felt this when I got Naira, I went to Rishikesh like someone was pulling me, is this coincidence or someone is calling me, who is calling me. Naitik’s pic falls. She sees Naitik’s pic and the ticket.

Scene shifts to Zurich…Gayu says finally, we have come to Zurich, we will take selfies. Kartik finds Naira upset. Naira goes away. He looks at her. Gayu asks them to come, they will go by public transport, everyone use tram here, its so good. They board the tram. Naira’s ticket flies. Gayu tells her to get it fast. Naira goes out. Kartik asks her to come soon. Gayu does not let Kartik go, as she will be alone. Naira runs and does not hold Kartik’s hand. She gets inside train. Gayu says I thought train would leave. Naira says I would have still come.

Devyaani and Bhabhimaa have a talk. Bhabhimaa tells her that everything will be fine. Devyaani says I wish this turns true, I feel something bad is going to happen, like good time will come but by a storm. Bhabhimaa asks her not to worry. Gayu tells Naira about the place and says we will go hotel and freshen up first. Kartik thinks I have no interest in jewelry exhibition of place, I want to know what did I do that Naira is upset with me. Naira sees Kartik on call and thinks who is calling him here.

Kartik and Naira have a dreamy beautiful dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. My fav movie ddlj..with my fav pair…luv this kaira infinity…shivi is such a beautiful doll…luv kaira gonna enjoy swiss episodes. ..hope their track goes well….

  2. Nowadays is gayu soo irritating and even over obsessed with kartik than before -.-

  3. Really like this new Naitik!

  4. A www KAIRA romance wow shivi ur do damn perfect in expressions u have such layered chapters anger aggression love romance .momo y r u so cute n ur character the way u handle Mishti n the way u win trust of Naksh ,…simply superb..Naira how independently she gets onto train though we missed Ddlj moment the way she says even if left alone she will reach and gayu other side Karthik don’t leave me alone wonder who is elder sibling here ,
    Mishti u make me fall in love with u everyday

  5. Seriously gayu……how irresponsible and selfish you could be…. it’s ok if your sister miss the tram but you wont allow kartik to leave because you would be alone huh? ….you could left the tram as well with kartik… was tram afterall……… irritating to the core !!!!

    1. Mona146

      ridculous seriously woh kya bacchi hai? gayu is tupid so is naira. How can naira hold tickets in her hand without keeping them in purse?

    2. Seriously ifbit was anyone of us and ourbsis would be there we would nit even wait for karthik to go we would have got down n got her in .is she a small kid that I can’t go alone and when karthik said things are not ready takes two days she was okay with naira coming alone but she wanted to go with karthik .even during selfie she could see how comfortable karthik was with naira but yet madam ignored she will solely be responsible for her hear break nobody will be held responsible she knows everything but in denial mode she is.anyways I loved how naira stood for herself and said we can take care ourselves and she ran into the train herself and she said even if left alone she can come alone bravo naira .truly u proved ur aksharas daughter.

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