Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani scolding Sameer and calling him a drunkard. Akshara asks what is she saying. Devyaani says he could not leave drinking, he is unable to meet our eyes, I felt this in morning, when he got haldi, he looks drunk and would have slapped Gayu. She asks Gayu to say the truth. Gayu hides behind Rashmi. Devyaani asks them to see how Gayu is scared, its all because of Sameer. She says I told everyone, Sameer is not suitable to marry Rashmi, I will not let Sameer marry Rashmi. Akshara says we should ask him what happened. Devyaani asks why is she ruining Rashmi’s life, he has no right to slap Gayu.

Akshara asks Naitik to explain Devyaani, Sameer should be given a chance to say. Naitik says enough Akshara, its too much, no need to take his side, we gave

him many chances, reason can’t be so big that he slaps Gayu, they wish to punish Sameer. He says I could not trust Sameer, and Akshara said my doubt is baseless. He asks Sameer why did he slap Gayu, how can they believe him, he can beat Rashmi too, you can never change. Bau ji says we trusted you a lot and supported you, we have arguments at home and took your side, you did this, you could not respect us and Rashmi.

Devyaani says Akshara would have been responsible for this, and scolds Sameer. Sameer bows down. Devyaani says Sameer always acted like hero, I knew he will not sign on those papers, he knew he will be caught, he was marrying Rashmi for money, he does not love Rashmi, why is he bachelor till now, the truth is no one wanted to marry a drunkard, he thought to marry a divorcee Rashmi and wanted to favor us, I know your sisters supported you. She says you are cheap and even your family. Sameer shouts enough. He says you can tell anything about me, I can’t hear a word against my sisters.

Naitik says Rashmi is my sister, did you think I will leave you like this, see Akshara, how clever he is, do you still think he is right. Devyaani asks Akshara what is she thinking, does she feel Sameer is right. She asks Rashmi to say anything, as they all are fighting for her. She says its about your daughter. Naitik asks Sameer why did he give hope to Rashmi and break it. Naitik and Devyaani blame Akshara and get angry. Naitik says its better that Rashmi does not marry anyone, I will file police complaint. Rashmi says enough, I don’t want to hear anything, Sameer please leave, this marriage won’t happen now. They all get shocked. Sameer leaves. Rashmi cries and runs, making the haldi fall. Naitik and Devyaani scold Akshara and ask her to accept her mistake.

Rashmi consoles Gayu. Gayu says Sameer uncle is very bad, don’t marry him. Rashmi says don’t think about it, I will do what has your happiness. Gayu says sorry. Rashmi says no one will hurt you, you are most imp for me, I was wrong to take this step, we will stay like before, no one will come between us, and hugs her, saying love you.

Rajshri cries and leaves. Bau ji says he did mistake to not understand Devyaani, he did not trust her, and apologizes to her. Rama says its my mistake, I have told you all that Sameer is a nice guy, I did not know he is like this. Naitik says we can’t know people. He says he was confused and could not support Devyaani, sorry and thanks. Devyaani says I don’t want anyone to apologize, I m happy that truth is out, Akshara’s opinion was believed so much blindly, how did she not see this, why did she not see the truth. She says maybe you feel Sameer is right and we are wrong, so you did not apologize, I want to know what are you thinking. Naitik says there is no reason to think so, its all clear, Akshara accept you are wrong and apologize to Devyaani.

Akshara apologizes to Devyaani and says forgive me, you all got hurt because of me. Devyaani says its true, if you agreed before, Rashmi would have not got hurt. Sameer’s sisters do shopping and are happy. Sameer comes home and packs his bag. Motaben asks what happened, you went to give haldi to Rashmi’s house, why are you packing bag, its your marriage today, where are we going. He says we are going back to Mumbai, this marriage won’t happen now. They get shocked and asks why. He says my motive to stay here went waste, I will book tickets, you all book tickets.

Naitik gets sad and Naksh pacifies him. Naitik says I m glad that we came to know truth in time, but I regret that Rashmi’s heart broke, maybe she will never agree to marry now. Akshara goes to Gayu and talks to her. Gayu sees Sameer and Rashmi’s pic and removes it. She says she will put her and Rashmi’s pic. Akshara says Rashmi was happy with Sameer. Gayu says I did not know his real side. Akshara says Rashmi might be sad, she said yes to marry because of you, she always talks about you, she did not marry when you were small, she said she will marry when Gayu grown up and gives consent, Sameer’s sisters told this to send Gayu later, but Rashmi refused saying she will be away with Sameer, and not keep Gayu away, even Sameer said this. She says Rashmi lost her good friend whom she could trust, I regret that, will she get any true friend again, pray for her happiness. Devyaani hears this.

Devyaani scolds Akshara for not realizing her mistake, and says I will not be quiet if you try to tie Rashmi and Gayu to Sameer, I will tell this to Naitik and Bau ji, it may happen that for Rashmi’s marriage, your marriage can….. Akshara gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really shocked pricap…

  2. Wtf devyani hate u
    i mn wt prob d u hv

  3. why naitik and devayani always blaming akshara but akshara is right

    1. Akshara isbad

  4. devyani is very bad and gayu too, feel sad for rashmi and akshara.
    devyani is not understanding rashmi’s heart and blaming akshara but why natik is blaming akshara thats shocking and precap is really sad. devyani cannot say like that even she don’t have any right to say that.

  5. I can’t believe u guys are supporting that weirdo sameer…. I mean, its so obvious that he’s up to something! Its akshara who’s being really annoying these days! She can’t always be right u know… And sameer freaking hit gayu! How is that okay?? >.<


  7. Devyani is too much! She should stay in her limit! Day by day naitik is becoming a pet dog of devyani. Maybe Gayu did something bad and blaming Sameer. Who knows devyani is behind all this! Akshara dont get sad. We are with u. U r such a awesome person.

  8. I am sure, truth will come out in today’s episode. They all going to know that Sameer is right in some way. And again they all including Naitik will apologize to Akshara as always.

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