Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying why am I like this, did I hurt family less before. She sees Akshara’s pic and apologizes. She says I try to be your good daughter, Gayu is so good and you always feel proud of her, I will also do something that you will feel proud of me, I promise. Varsha takes care of Kuhu. She says you will fall ill and spoil everyone’s mood, go and sleep. Kuhu says I want Nannu’s help in project. Varsha says I will help you, don’t trouble Nannu. Kaki asks why, Nannu will help her. Kuhu says Varsha gets irritated for everything. Rajshri and Kaki ask Varsha to be clear about Nannu, is there any problem. Varsha says nothing. Rajshri says tell us if there is something, we will go to Maa. She signs Shaurya to ask Varsha and goes.

Shaurya asks Varsha

why is she worried for Kuhu. Varsha asks him to take Nannu to hotel, Nannu and Kuhu are always on laptop. He says its good, Kuhu got company, maybe Kuhu feels lonely. Varsha says its better to be away from bad company, I know Nannu changed, but anything can happen, you focus on him, I will see Kuhu. He says we will talk later and goes. She says I m not able to explain anything.

Naira calls Kartik and says how to find out about Kartik. She checks on net and smiles. She thanks Lord and says flight delayed, I thought I lost this chance, I will talk to Kartik once and everything will get fine. She runs downstairs and recalls Naitik’s words. She asks Lord to show some way, don’t snatch this chance.

Rajshri asks Vishwamber to see how Kartik went silently. Vishwamber says what wrong did he do, you would have made him worried by talks. He jokes. Rajshri says my focus is on Kartik, he is part of our family. He asks her not to worry, Kartik will leave us like Sanju, then you will cry, don’t have much love. She says you also love him, he is your friend, how you go to his room when you are sad. Shaurya says yes, Kartik is so good, we wanted Kohli to leave anywhere, and we don’t want Kartik to go, I feel he came to fill Anshu’s place in my life. Varsha says he feels Ananya’s place in my life. Vishwamber makes Rajshri smile.

Nannu says I m leaving now. Naira asks are you here. He says driver came late. Naira gets glad and tells elders that she is going to get icecream with Nannu. Devyaani says wait, we will send driver. Naira says no, we will get out choice of icecream. Nannu ask what icecream. Naira says be quiet, come with me. They leave.

Shaurya gives gifts, card and says I love you Varsha. She says I love you too and hugs him. He jokes and they laugh. He says I m not romantic than Naitik, but I love you a lot. She says I also love you a lot, though I don’t express like Akshara. She wishes Lord unites all lovers forever. Kartik is at airport and says I thought if I go away from Udaipur, pain will get less.

Naira asks driver to drive fast, we have to go near airport. Nannu says there are other icecream parlors too. She asks him to sit quiet, they are in car, not walking on foot. She wishes Kartik does not go. They get stuck in traffic. She calls Kartik. Kartik looks for boarding pass. Naira asks Nannu to get car, I will get icecream. He says whats this special icecream. She runs on the car. Kartik asks the man to give him 15mins, he will get new boarding pass from counter.

Karishma tells Akshara that Gayu did not eat food on everyone’s saying, I feel Naira is behaving strange, maybe we should give them time and space. She goes to Mishti. Naitik asks what were you two talking. Akshara says nothing. He says I was talking to Bau ji about doing charity on Rashmi’s birthday. She says I thought of Gayu. He asks her to have courage. Last call for passengers is made. Kartik hears his name getting called. He worries.

Rajshri says I wanted to keep fast for you. Vishwamber says you keep fast for me on Teej, I did not keep fast, like Naitik keeps fast for Akshara. She says you looked handsome when you performed. He dances with her. She says I m very lucky to get love after marriage, and our love is alive even after many years. He says its by your support, who can say you have grandchildren. She gets shy. He laughs. She says Naira and Gayu looked pretty, Gayu kept fast, I recalled Akshara. He says this is Jeevan Chakra, I wish Naira, Naksh and Gayu gets good life partner, like Akshara got. She says yes.

Naira reaches airport. Guard stops her. She says I have no ticket, let me go, its emergency. He says sorry, go. She shouts Kartik. She says please let me go, you can save many lives from getting ruined, call him. He says fine, tell me name, I will make announcement made. She says his name is Kartik, his flight did not take off till now. She prays. Announcement is made for Kartik. Nannu comes to Naira. He asks what are you doing here, will you get icecream here. Naira says yes, I mean, you go, I will come. He asks are you fine. She says yes, you go. He leaves.

Guard says flight has taken off. Naira cries. He says you did late. She says you are right, I did late and have to bear punishment now, I wish I could meet Kartik. She cries.

Rama asks Gayu does Kartik love you. Gayu says I will live if he says yes, else don’t know what will I do. Naira hears her and cries thinking of Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gayu don’t you have common sense, have you seen Kartik say I love you Gayu? No, ha.So who the hell made u think Kartik loves you, you are stupider than a donkey-donkeys are actually better than you-. Kartik loved Naira atleast he didn’t think that loves him-now she does-. Gayu you have always seen that Kartik always hangs out with Naira, you even thought Kartik is right and didn’t support your sis-if you really consider Akshara-Naitik as your parents- I would’ve supported my sis other than any stranger

    1. Exactly my feelings
      Plzz send her with her dadi to abroad
      Or either send Naira to Rishikesh back atkeast she was happier in Rishikesh then Udaipur
      Let all dadis do Pooja of gayu poor Naira literally has no one to share pain atleast Karthik has Mishtiiii n now his sister will come but Naira has to hide her feelings poor girl has to go through so much .naitik is one useless father always akshara akshara .
      Only Karishma n akshara think of Naira

  2. I am so sad for Naira .gayu you are the most foolish girl so stupid and idet .i am wishing that kartik has not gone else i am gona kill producer…

    1. Soofia Bhatti

      Hey I’m soofia I really what naira kartik hasn’t gone away from naira coz I really naira kartik to become Karina I really what naira kartik to get married right now I feel so sorry for naira kartik right now naira is missing kartik so much kartik is missing naira so much I really what Karina to get married right now I really what gayu to go abroad with her grandma coz no one loves u gayu not even naira kartik not even akshrara naitik

      From soofia Bhatti

  3. please please please make karthik naira unite. they look perfect tohether. gayu does not match him. why such an unnecessary confusion.
    please make karthik n naira married and dont spoil it like other serials.
    gayu is mad.

    1. Soofia Bhatti

      Hey I’m soofia I really don’t what kartik to go away from naira coz I really what naira kartik to become Karina I really what naira kartik to get married right now naira is missing Kartik so much kartik is missing naira so much I really what Karina to get married right now I really what gayu to go abroad with her grandmother coz no one loves u gayu not even naira kartik not even akshrara naitik

  4. Little scene of kartik today

  5. Gayu is soo foolish and naira also

  6. Sarayumane

    Guys, i have only sympathy for gayu as her parents are dead, I don’t like her, she is so insecure but I truly love naira, I don’t understand how can gayu think karthik loves, she is so dumb

    1. Cynthia

      Sarayumane, I agree with u. She is too insecure. If she feels so insecure around why doesn’t she go away with Rama.

  7. Hey don’t give Kartik to Gayu
    They doesn’t look good …..

  8. Just shut up gayu idiot

  9. Dont give gayu kartik she doesn’t deserves always in dreamy world stupid..just bcz rashmi sameer not there doesn’t means gayu has right over everything stupid girl
    We want kaira please dont giv gayu the damboo girl ????

  10. Plzzz kaira ko ek kr do

  11. Naira better declare her love to Kartik. This Rama only thinks of Gayu, who is so dumb that
    She cannot see that Kartik is in love with Naira. Gayu always coveted whatever Naira wants
    Since childhood. Sometimes I feel because of Gayu that Naira ran away after train incident.
    Looks like Mishti will have to save kartiknaira from Rama and Gayu and help find each other.

  12. I feel like killing gayu. In the beginning I kinda liked her but now she’s just stupid. I think that she should understand that karthik and naira love each other as she is the older one -not naira. So why should naira have to sacrifice her love for her older cousin/sister. On top of that, knowing how selfish Rama is, she might emotionally blackmail naira saying that gayu can’t live without karthik blah blah blah. But when gayu rejected vivaan then she didn’t really seem to care about his feelings. So gayo should be able to understand that karthik doesn’t love her. But in this episode naira said that she will do something that will make her parents proud- I hope she doesn’t end up giving away her love to gayu however I don’t think karthik will not tell his feelings to gayu about naira as he is quite straightforward. -just my opinion. Xx ^•^

  13. where is Akshara? who always gets instinct feeling when something wrong is gonna happen…. I think Akshara and Naitik should get some time for their daughter also… coming out of their own romance…and this stupid character Gayu really getting into my nerves… I like to skip that part when I see her face…don’t wanna listen to her voice at all…another irritating chatacter is her dadi same like her…stupid family… i hate them more than Naman…Please give some brain to Naira…she is gonna ruin three lives if she sacrifices her love…None will be happy…that Gayu can get hurt but at least Kartik and Naira will be happy together…Gayu should understand how hard is it to accept someone you don’t love…exactly how she did to Vivan… Why would Kartik accept if he doesn’t love her…I don’t think Kartik ever expressed anything to her…One sided stupid, dumb and mad girl…Stay away from Kaira…

  14. Plz don’t separate kaira they luv each other..but gayu one sided love..y only naira always be hurt frm childhood she passed through may circumstance now director plz dont do this plz do like other tv show v all viewers request u ..or else u will feel bad ..plz do the needful

  15. Tessie

    This is very wrong.. Gayu does not hav parents i knw bt she had a support and love from her family.. She was not alone n even naira was leaving without her parents without any support or any family member.. She was living her life as a orphan no matter whoever mistake it was.. She has faced more difficult in life then gayu.. And top of that gayu is saying she dont knw wot she wil do if kartik says no.. As if he said yes?? She cannot assume anything for her self.. Sincr childhood she is doing dis both like one thing chahe dress neckles dancing n now kartik common he is not a thing to share. Cvs.. Do the best for the couples cos naira n kartik love one another n gayu is in one sided love.. Make her understand dat his frnd who loves her is betr den kartik.. Isse dono ka dil nhi tootega..

  16. guys I don’t think u r saying nayara should sacrifice her love because gayu is her big sister and she should help but I also don’t want that kaira separate but in this case misty have to help because kartik love naira and she knows sometimes children do what adult cannot do

  17. guys I don’t think u r saying right
    nayara should sacrifice her love because gayu is her big sister and she should help her but I also don’t want that kaira separate but in this case misty have to help because kartik love naira and she knows sometimes children do what adult cannot do

  18. Akshara’s parents are a beautiful couple!!

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