Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Yash talking about Tara’s family. Yash warns him against Tara’s family, while Naksh buys more flowers. Sangram asks the man about the guy who is sending flowers. The delivery boy says I don’t know, the man at the shop would know it. Naksh asks Yash to make payment and goes to call Tara. Akshara sees Naksh and comes to him. She asks what is he doing. Naksh lies that he came to take flowers for college decorations, Yash is here too. Yash greets her. She says I m going for shopping with Varsha. Naksh gives her a rose and says I love you mumma. Sangram comes there with delivery boy and asks who is that guy. Akshara says I want to give bouquet to Naitik, as he is annoyed with me.

The delivery boy points to them. Sangram says that one…. And

gets angry. Akshara buys one and asks Naksh and Yash to come, she will drop them. Naksh says we have car, we have to buy snacks too. Sangram comes to them. Akshara leaves. Sangram does not see their faces and gets Dada ji’s call. Dada ji asks did he find out the guy, tell me soon. Sangram says I will just tell you and goes to the shop. He collides with Naksh and goes to ask the man. Ananya does payment for Tara’s order. Sangram tells Dada ji that it’s a girl. Dada ji asks Sangram to come home.

Sangram leaves. Ananya says your payment is done Naksh. Naksh says sorry to trouble you, my card was not getting swiped. Ananya says its okay, but don’t do this, Tara can get troubled, don’t take risk as her family is conservative. Naksh says its challenge, I love her. Tara calls Naksh and asks is he mad. Naksh smiles and says I won the challenge. She says Dada ji would have got angry, I was joking. He says I m serious. She asks him to be clear. He asks did she like flowers. She says its good. Dada ji comes to her and she ends call.

Ananya asks why is he smiling. Naksh says I think I should propose Tara in unique style. He says Tara get ready. Yash asks are you sure she will say yes. Naksh says she will say yes. Naira takes Devyaani’s phone to delete her pics. Devyaani comes and asks what is she doing. Devyaani sees her pics and asks where did she go with so much makeup. Naira says in friend’s birthday party. Devyaani says Akshara will be angry. Naira says mum and dad permitted me, they know everything, see everyone did makeup. She says I will delete this if you don’t like. Devyaani says fine, you are looking good, let it be.

Akshara gifts flowers to Naitik and says promise I won’t doubt on Naksh again, I met him in market, our time will be ours. Naitik smiles and says you are very cute, I wanted to see how you convince me. She says you are so bad. He gets romantic. She says what are you doing, its Krishna’s cabin. He says fine, after going home for sure and they laugh.

Naksh calls Tara in garden. Tara asks her friend why did he call her. Her friend asks her to ask her heart, does she not understand Naksh likes her. Tara says he is good. Her friend asks do you like him. Tara says yes, but I m confused, I like when he helps me, I did not get angry when he has sent flowers, I felt good. Her friend says this is called love. Tara denies it. Tara says why will he love her, he is tall, handsome, studied in foreign, will he not get a girl… her friend says you are the best, he loves you. Tara says he is doing this for friendship, I think we are just good friends. Her friend says you will know it when you meet him. Tara smiles.

Naksh gives a rose to Tara and says he loves her a lot, please take this rose to say you love me too. Chahe tum kuch na kaho…………..plays…………… She accepts the rose and smiles. Naksh gets happy and jumps. He hugs and lifts her. Yash shouts what are you doing, I m Yash, not Tara, don’t you think Tara said yes easily in your dream, this does not happen in real life. Naksh says she will say yes.

Karishma asks Mishti about her makeup items. Mishti says I did not take, I m little, old people do makeup to look young. Naman laughs. He asks Karishma to find it. Karishma says I kept this kit in Akshara’s room, I think Naira took it, as Akshara has similar kit. He says no, Akshara told Naira not to use makeup. She says yes, but Naira wanted to use, Akshara should have allowed her, I m sure Naira took it. He asks her not to tell Akshara, else Naira will get scolded. Karishma says sure, but I will talk to Naira.

Akshara takes her car reverse by giving horn, and Dada ji’s car hits her car. Dada ji gets angry and sees Akshara. He scolds her for not running shop well and not driving car well, does the men at her home do women’s work. She says I was giving horn while taking car reverse, your driver did not hear it, its not my mistake. He asks did she not see his car. He says your driver could have seen my car. He argues and says its your mistake. He says you are taking revenge for what happened in shop. She says elders taught us to respect elders, we don’t take revenge. The driver taunt about ladies getting driving license. She says its not my mistake and you are blaming me. Dada ji says see the big dent, now police will come and say, that women have to be in their limits.

Dada ji asks will she stand against a man, being a woman. Naksh asks him to stop it. Dada ji asks him to have some shame, he is of his granddad’s age. Naksh says that’s why I m just talking. Dada ji asks how dare you… Naksh says how dare you talk to my mumma like this…. Dada ji fumes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. What the he’ll raunak with you u are here to comment on the story not in the way she dresses a please be in limits k c that your mag a not private here that what ever you feel you can type so don’t cross your limits

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  8. My aLL time favourite Naitik + Akshara. They look very cool couple~

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