Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara saying Nandini should go to talk to Rukmani and end her annoyance. Bhabhimaa says yes, its Nandini’s responsibility. Nandini agrees and says Mohit to take her home. Everyone talk to Karishma about her relatives. Karishma says they can’t come. Suresh comes and says if guests don’t come, we should still make it grand. Suresh says he wants to give a party the way today’s generation likes. Bau ji says we don’t have any problem, you can do anything. Suresh says he wants to keep bachelors party from his side. Naman and Muskaan find it cool. Devyaani says we don’t have such functions. Suresh says Naman is also my son, and says he did all arrangements, and invites all the men in the party.

Rajshri says Karishma argues without any thinking,

she got angry on Akshara, Devyaani should have stopped her. Dadi says you did not give her chance to say. Rajshri defends Akshara. Dadi says Karishma has not seen relations till now, she will understand it soon, then no need for anyone to explain. She says give them time, as we all have given t our bahus. She says I feel you all did not accept Karishma by heart, if you regard her as daughter, this will look good to you. She says even we can get angry on Ananya when she grows up. Rajshri thinks. Devyaani likes a wedding card. Bua ji shows a simple one. Suresh shows a expensive one and says they should know its my son’s marriage. Naksh chooses a card for his marriage and they laugh.

Karishma likes a card and says she will get English poetry on it. Bhabhimaa says the cards should be in hindi. Akshara chooses one and they like it. Karishma gets annoyed. Akshara asks the man to get the cards printed. The man says we will send a sample card for proof reading. She says we have less time. Nandini tells Mohit that Rukmani is not taking their call, its their mistake as we did not stop her. She asks him to go to Koel’s place. Mohit says he won’t go, let her come back on her own. He says she never realizes her mistake. Yash asks will he sleep alone today, as Dadi said not to sleep with mum, as I can hit the little baby in sleep, Dadi will get angry.

Mohit says no, sleep with us. Yash hugs Nandini and they all smile. Bau ji gives money to Devyaani. She asks what will she do. He says its her son’s marriage, he has seen Gayatri’s dreams in Naitik’s marriage, and wants her to fulfill her dreams. She asks what will she do. He says take jewelry and clothes, you should look a groom’s mum, else I will be annoyed. She smiles and says she did not know she can see this love, she did not know husband’s love can be like this. He laughs. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to go to her room. Akshara says she is going. Devyaani and Bau ji as her to take care of her health. Akshara says she wants to work. Bhabhimaa asks them to sleep.

The wedding planners come and says their planning is finished and they came to discuss with them. Everyone smile. They see the arrangements plans. Everyone sing and dance. Its morning, Vishwamber talks to Rajshri. He asks her to wear the ring he gifted her. He says he chose it by his hardwork. She says she keeps it safe than her love, as this was his first gift. He says yes, it was first and last one. She says she has everything. He says why does all men say wrong about their wives, my wife does not have any problem, my wife is happy with just one ring. She says she has diamond that’s him, and does not need anyone else. Akshara checks the invitee list and talks to Naitik. He says Suresh can get angry, as some thing odd always happens in marriage.

Akshara gives him a card and he hugs her smiling. He says every day is special in love, if husband and wife understand this, life will be special. Jasmeet talks to Muskaan and teases her asking is she having an affair. Muskaan says no, she is excited about Naman’s marriage. Jasmeet says Bau ji gave money to mum to buy something, we are thinking to get some neck piece. Jasmeet says romance in this age looks good, even Vishwamber and Rajshri are such, so cute. Muskaan says I wish this happens with me. Jasmeet asks who is it. Muskaan says first I have to meet him, then I will tell you. Alok comes and compliments her. Muskaan runs as she was having a face pack. Naitik and Akshara greet him. They sit to work. Muskaan hides and looks at Alok.

Jasmeet tells Rajshri about Bau ji giving money to Devyaani. Rajshri stops Vishwamber and asks when did he give her gift last time, and asks for it. He says you said in morning that gift is useless and nothing to do with love. She asks him to get a good gift for her and think well, its Naman’s marriage and it should be very beautiful. He gets puzzled. Naitik says cards are ready, as we told them we have less time. Akshara says Muskaan will write guest’s name as per list. Naksh asks for cards for his friends and Riya. They smile. Suresh comes and throws the card being annoyed. Devyaani asks what happened. Suresh says why is my name not on the card, no one asks for me here. Everyone is shocked.

Devyaani confronts Karishma for hiding that she does not stay with Jasmeet’s parents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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