Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Naksh what happened. Naitik comes. She asks him to end the suspense. He asks her to see the surprise. She sees the idol and recalls Akshara. Naksh says we were acting to be serious. Naira thanks Naitik. He says your dance academy permission came from ministry of cultural affairs. Naksh asks do you remember you applied for it, before marriage, the letter has come, we completed all conditions, one thing is missing. Naitik says you need A category certificate for your academy. Naksh says there is a dance competition, its imp event, you have to participate and get certificate to start your academy. Bau ji says she will participate. Everyone encourage her. Naitik asks Naira to promise. Naira says I will do this in any state and hugs Naitik. Naira says I will

leave now, I did not tell anyone, I have to tell them about this, they will be happy.

Kirti gets Aditya’s call. She angrily answers and asks what do you want, if you call me again, you will be responsible for whatever happens. She ends call. He says when did she get so much courage, that Naira taught this to her, I will see Kirti and Naira.

Manish scolds Akhilesh. Kartik says I lost the papers, not him, he did not tell you as he cares for me. He sends the staff. Manish leaves. Kartik asks Akhilesh why does he listen to Manish. Akhilesh says it was my mistake, he was right. Kartik says he could have said this normally. Akhilesh says he worries for us and company employees, Manish is in stress. Kartik says you just see goodness in him, he always shouts on you, give importance to person as much as he deserves, else he will irritate you. He turns and sees Manish.

Suwarna asks Dadi to see maha bhoj preparations. Dadi asks her to send it. Suwarna says Akhilesh called and said he is going Delhi. Dadi says Manish will be burdened by work. Kids ask Kirti to come with them to mall. Dadi asks Kirti to go. Kirti says no, I don’t want to. Naira comes and takes Dadi’s blessings. She shows the idol to them and says Papa gave this to wish me best of luck, my dance academy approval come. She tells everything. She says they all believe in me that I will get that certificate, what happened Dadi, do you have any objection, you don’t look happy. Dadi says I won’t lie, I can’t give permission for this, dancing at home is difference, I can’t permit to dance in front of strangers, I don’t want to argue, you can’t make me agree always. Naira says its my mumma’s dream. Dadi says there is difference between reality and dream, some dreams break, its not good for you and your family that you go Maayka every day. Naira says its nothing like that, person can manage all relations. Dadi asks her not to explain. She welcomes a guest. Naira cries.

Kirti says its not just about you, even I was interested in dancing, I did not get permission. Suwarna apologizes to Naira. Naira says this dance academy is my mumma’s dream, I have to fulfill it, I will talk to Dadi. Suwarna says no, you won’t talk to her, calm down, we will talk later. Naira says we will talk today to do preparations on time. Surekha says she will not understand. Naira says talking finds a solution. Dadi sees some thing. She goes to Dadi.

Dadi says if you came to talk same thing, my answer is same, don’t waste my time. Naira says matter is same, maybe I can show my heart this time, you told me what’s dance for you, you don’t know what’s dance for me, its puja for me, when Akshara was alive, she gave me such idol and asked me to make temple for it, she asked me to make a dance academy, everyone has right to please Lord, if this was wrong, would my family allow it, why can’t this family permit me as I m daughter of this house also. Dadi asks who said this, you are bahu of this house, even Surekha and Suwarna could not become daughters of this house till now, Kirti also did not get permission. Naira says Kartik always supported me. Dadi says he is emotional, don’t use him, its wrong. Naira says its my mumma’s dream, trust me, I won’t let wrong happen.

Dadi says I supported you, I won’t let this happen, if you worry for this family, you will leave this, its different thing if you regard yourself Singhania’s daughter. Naira gets upset and goes. Suwarna looks on.

Naksh talks to everyone. He says I will call on Kartik’s house number and confirm about Naira. He calls. Kirti answers. He asks if there is anything about Naira’s dance competition, you can tell me. She says Dadi did not agree, Naira needs your support, she has right to get happiness, tell me will you help me, getting daughter or sister married does not mean she bears everything in inlaws, you should support her, sorry I said a lot. He says no, its okay, thanks.

Naitik asks what happened. Naksh says I could not talk to Naira, but Dadi did not agree. They all get shocked. Naitik says a daughter wants to fulfill mum’s wish, what’s the reason to have objection. Gayu says yes, Naira is talented, marriage does not mean she should lock her dreams. Naitik says everyone should help daughters to fulfill their dreams, I will talk to them. He leaves. Bau ji asks Naksh to go with Naitik, he went in anger. Naksh says sometimes, people take our silence wrong, we should talk. Baisa calls Naira and says Naitik is coming there in anger, manage everything.

Naitik sees Naira outside the house and asks her to come inside, I have to talk to your family. Naira says listen to me if you want my happiness, you came to scold children who used to bully me in school, mumma explained its my fight, this is also my fight, if I can’t do this, I will call you, I will not let you bow head down, mumma was strong and wanted to make me strong, sorry to send you from door, I want you to get respect and welcome which you deserve, I love you Papa. She hugs him. He blesses her and leaves. Naira says I have sent Papa, but how will I convince Dadi. Kartik hears her.

Kartik shows dance competition form to Dadi. Dadi says I know what you want to talk, my answer is still same. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I know this is random but can anyone please answer me why naira use to hate akshara in the beginning

    1. Bcuz when naira was little, she got accused for pushing her friend from a train whilst she and her whole family were out on a picnic or something. She became really nervous that the police would catch her and arrest her even though she did nothing wrong. When Naira was hiding she overheard her mum talking to the police and gained a misunderstanding. I’m not sure to what akshara said exactly but it was something like, if naira has done something wrong then she
      willcertainly be punished for it and she herself would help. Naira misunderstood and thought that her mum was purposely trying to get her arrested and she never wished good for her. Naira never got to know the whole story and so ran away to rishikesh. Hope this helped. 🙂

      1. Omg thank you so much ??

  2. episode was gud…wts dadi’s problem yaar…always she refuses to naira…n she said tht naira is nt like beti n she is bahu…..hate dadi…n surekha feels jalas if dadi likes anyone…

  3. Samantha, Naira used to hate Akshara because she overheard her saying if my daughter committed the murder of her friend then I will hand her into police myself. Naira only heard a part of the conversation n Naira got so scared she ran. She assumed when she caught her shed wud put her daughter behind bars. It was all a big misunderstanding….

    1. Thank you

  4. Hate kartik’s dadi….whats the problem of surekha…I don’t lile her at all…..

  5. When she got back from rishikesh it was pappa’s dream to start the academy; now it’s become mamma’s dream to get dadi to agree. Naira stop manipulating people.

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