Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sangram removing the silver color. He teases Dada ji about Maasi and says no one played with us. Dada ji sweetly scolds him and Tara laughs. Tara thinks everyone is happy here except me, and is sad that Naksh did not make anything special for her. Naitik and Akshara tell the kids that holi is boring, they are not doing anything and go. Naksh tells some idea to kids. Naira tells everyone that they heard about Indian holi in Cape town, now they see its very boring. Ananya says yes, I feel the same. Ranveer asks what shall we do. Naira says we will play game, couple will get blindfolded and apply colors, the one with less color will win. Naitik and Akshara say we will see.

Naira calls Ananya, Ranveer, Naksh and Tara in first round. Everyone smile. Akshara

asks Tara to play well. Everyone ask Tara to play well, as she is Akshara’s name and has to keep her name. Tara and Naksh apply colors to each other and remove the blind fold cloth. Everyone clap.

Naira calls Vishwamber, Rajshri and Ranveer’s parents in next round. Vishwamber applies colors to Savita. Everyone smile. Naira calls Vikram and Sangram next. Sangram asks where is the girl. Vikram says who can color you. Naira makes them sit, and calls Mishti and Kuhu to apply colors on them. Naira calls Akshara, Naitik, Shaurya, Varsha, Dada ji and Baby Maasi.

They all apply colors to wrong partners. Naitik and Akshara win the game. Everyone clap. Naksh plays dhol. They all dance and play with colors. Dada ji sings holi song. Maasi tries to go to Dada ji and sends bhaang for him. Shaurya drinks that bhaang. Tara also drinks a glass, along Naitik and Dada ji. The glasses get mixed and Maasi looks on.

Varsha angrily cleans the colors. Akshara asks her not to hurt herself, have patience. Varsha says I have to end this drama, I will tell Ananya the truth, will when will we hide this. Akshara says till Ananya settles, it will affect her life. Shaurya tells Naitik that Ananya should not be affected by this, Varsha is so hurt. Naitik says sometimes we try and fail to do anything, but we have to find some solution. Varsha says there is not any solution, Shaurya cheated me and used Naitik, that created a problem in your life, its good your trust was strong. Ananya comes and asks whats happening, you both talk so much. She asks Varsha why was she crying. Akshara says she is missing you. Ananya hugs Varsha and asks shall I stay here. Varsha says no, go and stay happy. Ananya asks them to be happy, you and Papa are my strength, I will break if any one of you fall weak. Shaurya holds head and says I feel like headache. Naitik says I will get snacks, you did not have food. Shaurya asks did Varsha have food. Naitik says I will see.

Maasi asks Dada ji for dance. He says no, this does not look good infront of children. He goes. Maasi thinks maybe he did not eat bhaang thandai. Naitik asks Naksh is everything fine between you and Tara, I want to give advice, its tough to keep relations. Tara sees Naksh and smiles. She has drunk bhaang thandai and falls in colors. She goes and applies colors to Naitik. He sees her and says I will send Naksh. She says uncle, you are very sweet and cute. He smiles and goes.

Tara laughs talking to kids and acts weird. Naitik tells Akshara that Tara is behaving strange. Naksh asks Tara what happened, are you fine. She says no, I m not fine, I will be fine if you give me a kiss. He says you look like having wrong drink. She says we are engaged, don’t worry, I m here, we will kiss. He says you are not in senses. He sees Sangram there. Akshara sends Sangram and comes to Naksh and Tara. Naksh says something is wrong with her. Akshara says I think someone added something in her drink, I will take her. Tara says send Naksh with me. Tara goes.

Ranveer’s parents say we had fun here, we will leave now. Ranveer tells Shaurya that Ananya loves you a lot, bless me that I can become like you. Akshara says no, you don’t need to become like anyone, Ananya likes you like this, be the same. Ananya hugs her parents. Dada ji sees Maasi smiling. He says we will also leave now. Sangram asks about Tara. Akshara says she is resting, Naksh will drop her later. Dada ji and everyone leave. Varsha looks at Shaurya.

Akshara asks Tara to come. Tara asks her not to come in between in her personal life. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Always tara is vry headache for both Akshara and Naksh,stupid,pls bring a beautiful girl for our Naksh

  4. Pls change Tara,she luk too elder for naksh!!!!

  5. Thanks for fast update

  6. U right I don’t like Tara shekhawat she is so elder of sweet naksh and her face is not also cute and innocence.. Our akshra is so sweet and yash’s girlfrnd is also cute but naksh’s pheoncy is …..

  7. Yrkkth rockzzzzzzzzzz… plz change Tara….tara is looking elder than naksh as well she is not acting well.

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