Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayu and Kartik colliding. Her dress gets spoiled. He says its strange we always bump into each other. He gives her tissues to clean her dress. She cleans her dress. He gives his kerchief. She smiles and says its done, you can turn this side. He asks for his kerchief. She says its said that dirty kerchief should not be returned, as it will create fights. Kartik asks her to keep it, as he does not want to fight with her. Naira asks everyone are they coming to compete. Gayu and Naksh say no. Naira says then I will declare myself the winner. Bhabhimaa asks how, Akshara is thee, lets see who wins. Kartik says out golgappa competition starts now. Naira and Akshara eat many golgappas and both at same count, it’s a tie. Kartik says its great love between them, they had

equal golgappas, it’s a draw.

Rukmani screams and runs to hug Anmol. Anmol greets everyone. Nandini is upset seeing Anmol spoiled. Everyone see Anmol’s style and look different. Anmol gets his friends by taking Rukmani’s permission. Mohit asks Nandini not to spoil her mood. Nandini says I m hurt seeing Anmol hurt, he told me he won’t come in Yash’s engagement, now he came to surprise, I wish he does not create any trouble. Devyaani asks them not to worry.

Pungi sees Anmol and his friends talking. His friends say they did not get anything. They laugh seeing she is mute. Naira sees Anmol and his friends joking and laughing on Pungi. Naira gets angry. Pungi goes. Naira sees the muffins kept there and adds chilli powder inside it. Kartik sees this and asks who taught you this recipe. She asks shall I put this chilli powder on you. He supports her to take revenge for Pungi’s insult. He asks her to go ahead. They see Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. He says I will manage them, you do your work.

He says its chilli on your face and cleans her face with a tissue. He goes. Akshara sees Naira and asks her to give muffins to Anmol. She sees the chilli powder and wonders if Naira added chilli in it. Akshara sees Anmol and his friends coughing and rushes. Naira signs the waiters not to get water. Rukmani asks Anmol is he fine. Anmol signs for water. Naira asks is he mute, can’t he speak. Rukmani sees chilli in muffin and asks who did this. Naira hides. Anmol signs to Naira, and Rukmani says I did not do this. Akshara comes and gets water. Naira says I did this, ask Anmol how did he make fun of Pungi, they troubled Pungi, I did the same thing with Anmol to make him realize the pain. Mohit asks Anmol is this true. Anmol gets silent. Nandini says I m ashamed of Anmol. Rukmani scolds Nandini and defends Anmol. Rukmani gets angry and scolds Naira for being wild.

Naksh says Naira’s way was wrong, but she did not do wrong, Anmol is wrong. Gayu asks Rukmani is Anmol’s values good. Mishti says Naira did right, Pungi is her friend. Mohit says even kids can understand now, when will you understand this Maa. Nandini calls Pungi and asks Anmol to apologize. Mohit and Yash also ask Anmol to apologize. Anmol says sorry. Naira hugs Pungi and takes her. She asks Pungi not to be scared and tell her if anything happens, I know you would have not told me if I did not see this, I know we should just bear this, there is limit of laugh, we also joke, but not to hurt anyone’s heart, Pungi is Naira’s life. She hugs Pungi. Kartik hears her and says why does Naira’s tar tar look good and musical to me, whats happening to me.

Rose apologizes to Martha showing a sorry board. She says I m so sorry, I behaved bad with you, you did so much for me. Martha forgives her. Akshara comes and says whatever country, but emotions are same, you can do anything you like. Martha thanks her. Kartik smiles seeing Naira’s pic and says this relation is getting special day by day. Mishti checks Kartik’s pic. Naira makes her delete pic. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik’s pic. Rose takes the phone and sees pic. She says he looks cute. Akshara comes and asks what. Rose shows her pic. Gayu gets tensed.

Akshara reads Martha’s letter that this marriage will happen in church in their way. Martha says Akshara told me I can do things my way. Rukmani gets annoyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wowww… Kartik is day by day falling in love with naira
    Superb episode naira did right by putting chilly in the cupcakes

  2. naira is a bomb haha loving her dabang style.plz gayu ko kaira k bich mat lao.bring sumone else for her.kartik naira r best together.

  3. Batik should come bcoz show is getting bour without him

    1. Agreed a hundred and one percent to you 🙂 though we understand that he is ill, the producers should find a way to get some romance into the show, because the youngsters are just not able to do the same magic. i know of at least a hundred other middle aged ladies like me who watched this show only for the romance bit, and now since it is gone, we have all almost given the show up

  4. I am loving Maria’s and Karthik’s chemistry…. pls don’t bring Gayu in between….

  5. please bring naitik back and make kartik realize that he loves naira

  6. I feel so .. sad for Gayu.. Very Nice girl she is, already she has gone through a lott in her life (parents dying at young age) Now again she is gonna have a heart break.
    Naira and Karthik pair is awsome

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