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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara talking. Akshara says Yash has gone to meet Sanju again on pretext of dropping Ananya, I think Naksh and Ananya know this, Nandini can be explained, but Rukmani will not, drop me to mum’s house after the dance class. Gayu and Naira dance. Mishti looks on. The teacher asks them to dance without any hestitation. Mishti switches off the lights and they fall. Naira asks Mishti why did she do this. Mishti says she was helping, as no one could see in darkness. The teacher says I did not mean this and smiles. She gets a call and goes. Naira and Gayu do rehearsals. Gayu helps Naira and shows the steps.

Yash talks to Naksh and Sanju and says he told everything to Nandini. Naksh says Nandini will not have any problem. Sanju says your parents had

love marriage, why should they object. Naksh says Rukmani is an angle in their love story. Rajshri says she will make khichod today for everyone. Rukmani and Nandini come there and greet everyone. Rukmani says they came for imp work, nothing is fine. She tells them about Yash and Sanju.

She blames Rajshri to support them and gets angry. Nandini asks Rukmani to talk well. Rukmani says she is saying about Yash, he is innocent and Sanju trapped him, he is lying to Nandini. Rajshri says you are mistaken, they are just good friends. Rukmani says we are not fools, they love each other. Rajshri defends Sanju. Nandini says sorry, but Rukmani is right, Yash has accepted this that he loves Sanju. Rukmani asks did they hear it now and talks to them rudely. Rajshri cries.

Rukmani asks is this the values of their house, Sanju got ill and Yash took her, this is called supporting her. Sanju comes there and looks on. Dadi says we did not know this. Rukmani says don’t do drama now, and insults them. Akshara comes and says enough aunty, how is she talking and why, it won’t get solved. Nandini says I told you Akshara I don’t have time. Akshara says I came to talk, you came before me. Nandini defends Rukmani. Akshara says you don’t trust me, give me chance to solve this problem. Nandini says Akshara will solve this, and asks her to think that she has her son Naksh. They leave.

Rajshri says we know Rukmani. Kaki says she wants chance to make an issue. Jasmeet says Nandini was not such. Akshara says no, she told me since long time to talk to you all, sorry to you all for this. Sanju sees this and gets sad. Naira and Gayu dance in Naksh’s room. Devyaani smiles seeing them. Naira asks Devyaani to dance with them. Bau ji comes there and smiles seeing Devyaani dancing with Naira and Gayu.

Devyaani turns and stops seeing him. He compliments her and she smiles. She gets shy and leaves. Naira and Gayu laugh. Bau ji goes. Naitik comes and says very good, show me from start. Naira stops and says sorry. Gayu dances well. Naitik says it happens that you forgot, follow Gayu. Sanju apologizes to them, and asks what wrong did she do. Rajshri stops Akshara and says if we knew the truth, we would have spoke to them, you did not say us. Sanju says I was not sure and we are just dating, whats the big deal, its so common, even you have love marriages in family. Akshara says they were mature that time. Sanju says we are also grown ups, if it works out, its fine, else we will get separated. Akshara says we take these things seriously. Sanju gets her dad’s call and goes.

Naksh asks the men to do work fast. The man says he will call more labor. Naksh says fine, but Krishna will open on same day when decided. Karishma tells everything to elders and says Jasmeet told me this, when I called to talk about work. Bhabhimaa says I will talk to Nandini. Naitik says how can Nandini say this to them. Karishma says Rukmani told them. Bhabhimaa says Nandini should have told us, how can they go directly to Akshara’s Maayka, they will feel bad. Akshara comes and says its not your mistake. Bhabhimaa says Nandini did wrong. Akshara says she was worried, she told me before.

Bau ji says its not right. Naitik says Rukmani did not do right. Devyaani says Rukmani says anything, I think we should apologize to Rajshri. Akshara says no need. Bhabhimaa says there is a need. Rukmani and Nandini have a talk. Nandini says I think we did a mistake, I feel they did not know anything. Mohit comes and asks why did they go to Akshara’s Maayka. Rukmani argues and asks him to explain Yash, he is spoiling with Sanju. Mohit says whats wrong if Yash and Sanju meet, they like each other, did Nandini forget her time, he trusts Yash, he will think well and decide. Rukmani says its because of Naksh’s company.

Mohit asks Nandini to apologize to Akshara’s maayka, scold Yash when he lies, not them. Bhabhimaa and Bau ji come and ask Nandini why did she go to Rajshri and scold her family, she did not keep their respect. Nandini says I told this to Akshara before. Bau ji says you know them, they will not do anything to hurt relations, you would have told us. Nandini says things went far so I went. Mohit says Rukmani complained and you went, if you tie them, they will go far.

Nandini cries and says no one understands me. He says you will lose Yash doing this. Bhabhimaa and Bau ji leave. Mohit asks Nandini to learn from them, they have come to daughter’s sasural for their bahu’s maayka, they know to keep relations. Naksh talks to Ananya, Sanju and Yash and asks them to react. Yash apologizes to Sanju and says I did not expect this. Ananya says I expected this, your love story is on right track. Naksh asks Yash to talk to Nandini and Mohit. Sanju says I will explain. Naksh says no, Mohit is very cool, he will convince everyone, I will go to him at my time too.

Naitik tells Akshara that Rajshri does not say anything, but I know she got hurt by all this. Akshara says yes, Rukmani spoke rudely. He says I understand, our family has kept respect of relations.

Sanju tells Nandini that the one who has sons goes anywhere and tells anything, Nandini is also such. Nandini hears this and calls Akshara, saying Sanju was backbiting about her. Rajshri and everyone were just listening to her and did not say anything, don’t know why your family has got Sanju on their heads.

Update Credit to: Amena

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