Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira eases out Kartik’s meeting

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik taking medicines. Bau ji says Dhanraj ji can’t come. Devyaani asks why. Bau ji says many buildings are getting demolished, many shops are demolished. Bhabhimaa asks how can they do this without notice. Bau ji says they have given notice to many people. Naitik says leave all this, we shall think about Naira’s performance. Naira comes and says you all are ready. Bhabhimaa says Kartik would be coming. Naira says no, he is busy in office. Naitik says great, he is doing his work and you are doing yours. They all pray. She thinks once Kartik makes everyone sure that he is not losing focus because of her, she can apologize to him, they both should make their parents proud. Kartik thinks Naira’s words. He gets her call.

He gets ready for the meeting.

He answers her call. She says we are leaving from home, how about your preparations. He says going good. She says all the best. He says thanks, best of luck. She says I m getting nervous, it will be fine once you come, function will start at 5. he asks do you have any doubt. She says no. He says I have to go office now. She says all the best, come soon. He says okay. He ends call and says what’s happening, you look same some times and then different. Naira and family reach the dance academy. Naira touches Akshara’s pic. The man says we will start from here and demolish buildings till the dance academy.

Dadi asks Kartik to finish meeting and come for the dance program, don’t worry, Naksh and Naitik are there. He says I m not worried, there are enough people. Dadi asks Aryan to take her there, she has given leave to drivers. Aryan thinks Lord is testing me, he made Kartik an owner and me a driver, whatever I will not move back. Manish gets a call and says clients said they will come at 4. Suwarna says when will they come. Kartik says we will make all preparations ready so that meeting starts on time and ends on time. Dadi says Kartik didn’t refuse. Manish says I m worried he can create a scene in front of the clients. Naksh and Kirti check set up. Naira gets Manish’s call.

He asks are preparations done. She says yes, is meeting over. He says no, its postponed, Kartik will not focus on it, he may get impatient and run to you, I won’t bear another mistake, I will lose faith in him, your performance is imp, but we need him more than you right now, no one can explain him better than you, explain him not to get back from his responsibilities. He ends call. She cries and says how shall I explain him, his hard work shouldn’t get waste. Kartik says its 3, just call them and ask when can they come.

Naira sends a pic and asks Kartik to come soon. Kartik worries reading her message. Manish looks at him. Manager says client has changed meeting venue. Kartik asks is this a joke, what’s happening. Manager says you will be shocked knowing about the venue. Bhabhimaa says Naira’s program will be good. Kirti and Naksh spend time. Naitik eats some sweets. He thinks why am I feeling restless, I wish everything stays fine, even my health. Goenkas come. They all greet. Dadi says Manish, Kartik and Akhilesh will finish meeting and come, where is Naira, I got sacred ash and other things to ward off evil sight, I will go to her. Rajshri asks Suwarna will everyone reach on time. Suwarna says yes. Priyanka comes and says wait for me too. She hugs Suwarna. She sees Naitik. She says I had to come here for some imp work. They talk. They all go ahead. Priyanka says please tell your family Naitik. She goes. Naksh says I have arranged everything as Naira said, that small room won’t have any disturbance.

The man asks shall we leave that dance academy, it belongs to rich family and some program is going on there. The senior says we had sent them notice, we can’t give them time now. Kartik greets Naitik and asks will meeting happen here. Naitik says yes, Naira gave this idea. Kartik says she did an amazing thing. Naitik says yes, wives make us think that we just think limited things, Akshara used to do same thing. Naksh says Priyanka Maasi has come. Naitik says you can meet her later, go for meeting, Naira is in green room, she is getting ready, all the best. Naira says Kartik would have come by now, I would have met him. Kartik holds her. He fixes the gajra to her hair. She smiles. He signs her and gives her a flying kiss. Her imagination ends. She comes out of the green room and sees Dadi. Dadi blesses her. Naira says bless me that my performance is good. Dadi says it will be great, I got sacred ash for you. She ties a Mauli thread and blesses Naira.

Naira thanks her. Dadi asks what weird clothes did the guys wear, and such colors, Kartik called, his meeting will start…. Naira says at 4pm, but it will happen here, we have arranged a room, I want him to be with me, but on the condition that he does his responsibilities, we shall pray that Kartik’s meeting and my performance go well. Dadi says fine, I will go. She goes. Naira says very soon all your annoyances and worries will end. Kartik begins the meeting and imagines Naira around. She says all the best, I love you. He smiles and thanks her. He says lets begin then. Naira sees the time. Kartik sees the dance paintings and checks time. The man says people are coming here. The senior says we shall end our work. Naksh comes out to take something from the car. He turns and sees the bulldozer.

Kartik’s meeting goes on. Naira prepares for the dance. Bulldozer enters the academy area.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The fact that Kartik ‘may’ get impatient in meeting to go to Naira’s event is absurd..She is performing in her event..It is work and profession that comes first for everyone..Too much drama over her crying around for that.. Normally important meetings for big business people will be held in hotels or such similar areas..Is Naira that much powerful that she can change the place easily that too when the meeting is going to happen in few hours??

    The problem is solely due to Kartik..He started it foolishly by refusing important deal stating he has work in DA, followed by his flop presentation..If he wants to help shubham, he could have sat with his parents and chachu and discussed about his training.. Just like a kid asking naira, ” what can i do now?”..The fact that he never considers his family and never cares to bond with them or share things, will definitely affect Naira..Kartik is unfit to be in a family, in which everyone loves and pampers him…He just needs them when he is in trouble like when his honeymoon is on the verge of cancellation, he depends on Manish..The fault with Manish is he never blames the son, who don’t deserve his love, but scolds everyone else..

  2. For how many things they will drag Akshara??
    First her dance academy was Naitik’s wish.. Suddenly she started, “Mere mumma ka sapna”.. fulfilled by Naira..

    Then when alka turned up for Keesh Sangeet, it was also Akshara’s wish, when she lived in South Africa, now fulfilled by Naira ..(Naira was a small kid during SA times)..

    Now this event on republic day has also become Akshara’s dream about to be fulfilled by Naira Madam..
    I don’t know how many more in the list??

    1. Without using akshara’s name they cannot sell naira’s story.
      Naira is the most crappiest female lead of recent times. And kartik is stupid.
      One thing if ur wife is performing, it is her profession and ur profession is business. There wont be an earthquake if kartik doesn’t attend naira’s program.
      Dadi rightly calls him jhoru ka ghulam because ghulami is what he does

  3. Mtlb kuch bhi dikha dia aaj serial me..! Meeting dance academy m horha h vo b kyu ki dealer ki biwi n call Kia…
    Academy m andar insan h..par demolition vle agye bina.andar ksi ko bole ki Bahar niklo..
    Dadi was right about Karthik.. he is so unprofessional…

  4. Agreed to you appu,nitisha and manzi.
    How come wife changing clients venue.whats the big deal if karthik miss the function. more over now they will show lots of client meetings.then all of a sudden there won’t be any office for a long time and boys just attending family functions.

  5. Just a few words

    If this meeting was based on the presentation Shubam made then it should be him who is handling the clients. People don’t right away jump with anyone for doing meetings. Oh by the way outside demolition is going on and the dance academy people don’t even know it? Is everyone deaf? Even if they are not able to hear won’t they feel anything? How come notice is shown coming on the day of the performance? Even if the mahan Naira didn’t receive it won’t people attending her event know about it? Come on the whole city is having many buildings taken down and the show makers want us to believe everything will be done in one day or over night? No news paper covering the demolition ya fir no one reads news paper or watches news in both the families? I still don’t know why am I even reading the updates? No progress in story! Akshara is Long gone but she keeps popping up now and then in the name of akshara would have done this and that. If the selling point was Akshara the makers should have thought about it when Hina said she wanted to move on! God they should have ended this with her death showing like after few years with well settled kids and family! Rajshri is only there from Akshara’s family. What happened to the rest?

  6. Just a few words

    I have many more questions and I don’t think this show will ever answer them!

  7. Am sorry but why are u guys watching this programe if you dislike naira and kartik soo much. Few things are funny but not everything in the serial. Kartik and naira are not that bad. This serial is running because of them after akshara. People who have soooo much problem should stop watching it.

    1. #Stop advising,it’s our wish.stop this nonsense of show running bcoz of kaira. V love YRKKH,vi tried to stop many times but couldn’t do it.its very difficult see the non sense sometimes.most of the people who commented for a long time stopped coming to this page.i was a regular visitor earlier. stopped commenting for a long time.just few days back start.

      You praise whoever you want.its just bcoz of the name of the show v r watching it.

  8. There are lots of people who criticize their favorite show when the track is irritating but here I really don’t know why kaira fans are so upset if the people made comments about the show,who are you to tell stop watching the go and visit yhm page their everyone is criticizing the current track.why are you getting irritated if v criticize.the show is running not bcoz of kaira , but the show is irritating bcoz of kaira.their fake romance and karthik’s arrogance daadis b*t*hing.

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