Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2013 Written Update

naitik asks what do mean by I will not come. Akshi tells naitik as duggu’s exam are nearing & hardly he sits to study so I will teach him. Naitik hugs akshi from back & kisses on akshi’s cheek. He asks whether he could go or not? akshi says yes..Naitik leaves for office. Ananya-Dadi scene.. they plan something..Akshara tells everything is done. Bm praises duggu, gy3 asks who made you ready? Duggu tells today I made akshi dance too.. gy3 retords I don’t dance,akshi & bm smile. Duggu leaves, Naitik calls akshara & ask for a file, then he asks akshi to reach office soon.

Gy3 hears this convo. Varsha sees a sms in her phone same with RJ, Dadi smiles.. msg is *meet me in terace,Don’t tell anyone about this* gy3 tells Akshara to reach office soon Naitik may be having problem & already he called so many times. RJ,Varsha,Kaki querral who will stay & who will go? Duggu returns from school, he is suprised to see Akshara home. Then he tells I got why you are home to teach me.. akshi is looking over his text copies duggu try to divert Akshara’s attention. Gy3 tells akshi to leave for office as its already late & naitik must be waiting for him! akshi tells gy3 to teach duggu peom.

Shaurya, Omi Kaka makes excuses for going home. Vish too joins them( all because of Msg’s) Naitik enters meeting hall, A person welcomes him & praise Akshara how she handled everything. Meeting starts, Akshara enters hall she is happy to see Naitik. Clients asks Akshara regarding the deal, Naitik holds akshi’s hand under the table they smile:). Varsha comes in Terrace. shaurya is already there, vish,RJ,Omi Kaka,Kaki comes. Omi kaka makes an excuse . Everyone is about to leave just then ananya enters & announces everyone to stop.

ananya orders everyone to sit as surprise is still left. Naitik tells akshi He is proud of her. He wanted to tell this from the time he came back from coma,he liked the way she handled everything. Akshi expresses how she felt seeing Naitik in meeting hall after so long she felt like hugging him. Naitik says then why didn’t hugged me.. Naitik tells we are lucky as we will be together everywhere in home & office also. He will get a chance of romancing with her,akshi frowns. Ananya announces she & Dadi did message to everyone so that everyone would gather in terrace.

Akshara makes duggu sit to study, duggu searching ways for bunking it. He brokes the pencil intensionally & leaves. Naitik comes near akshara,she hugs him. Naitik is like what is happening if by chance he arrives then? akshi tells he will not. Naksh talk about their day how they spent. Akshi tells what she did whole day. She made naitik’s fav food, naitik tells akshi tomorrow there is important meeting so she should get ready. Akshi just then says she has decided not go office anymore & they will now start living their lives just like before. This house needs my attention now. episode ends at naitik face.

precap: naitik is trying to convince akshara to continue coming office, gy3 cuts in between if she is saying no then let it be!

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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