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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying we can’t stay with them. She asks why. He says its not one reason, they have given me many sorrows and cheats, Manish Goenka and his wife, and now Dadi also, I know you will she loves me, she acted to be ill and called me, that’s not the reason. She asks what’s the reason, tell me, we also say small lies to keep loved ones close. He says I can bear Dadi’s lies, but Manish and Suwarna lied to me till years for their use, I can’t forget it, they cheated me and never cared for my feelings, why should I stay with them, they are not connected to me and you. She asks why don’t you call them mumma Papa. He shouts she is not my mum. She gets shocked. He says my mum died many years ago, since Manish married Suwarna, he also died for me. They

cry. She asks what happened to your mum. He says Manish and Suwarna….they are responsible for her death. She hugs him. They cry.

Dadi asks Surekha to change Kartik’s room. Manish says that will be not needed. Dadi asks why, did he refuse for marriage. He says no, he changed mind to stay in this house after marriage. Dadi and everyone get shocked. He says Kartik wants to stay in different house after marriage and started looking for a house.

Kartik cries and rests in Naira’s lap. He shows his mum’s pic. He tells about Manish loved me a lot, our family was loving, then a new lady Suwarna came in his office, Papa used to stay in office for long, he used to depend on Suwarna for all work, I was young and did not understand much, mum and dad started fighting all the time, Kirti and I used to get scared and shiver, they used to fight till we cried, nothing got fine, one day, mum left. Naira asks what happened. Kartik says mum committed suicide, she left us, Manish married Suwarna and got her home without asking Dadi, and gave her my mum’s place, you tell me how should I call Suwarna my mum, how to call them parents, my mum died because of them, I can’t bear them.

Manish says I can’t bear it now. Suwarna comes to him. He holds her hand and says I try to forget. Kartik says I can’t stay there, this is the reason I can’t stay with them, we will stay separated in our world, we will go to them if they need us. Manish says we can’t let Kartik go away, he came home after difficulty, I want to see him happy, do anything, stop my son please. Kartik says I will not stop, I want to get away. Manish says I want him near me, I wish someone explains him what we think, till when will he see world by his perception. She says just Naira can explain him now.

Kartik gets Manish’s call. Naira asks him to answer, else they will worry. Suwarna talks to him. She asks him not to disconnect. She says you don’t leave home. He says so your spies have told you, I knew anyone will see me and inform Goenkas. She asks him why can’t he see how much they love him. He says I can see everything, don’t try to talk to me again, I m saying this for the last time. Kartik ends call and says I m fed up of them.

Akhilesh asks Suwarna why did you call him, you know him. She says kids can get annoyed, parents never stop talking, if your children get annoyed, will you not try to convince them. Kartik asks Naira to think well, I will wait. Naitik comes to them. He asks them to wear sweaters, its too cold here. Naira drops the box. Naitik sees the house name board and picks other stuff. He looks at them. He asks them to come and talk.

Dadi cries seeing Manish sad. Akhilesh consoles Dadi and asks her not to worry, I will explain Kartik. Dadi says Manish is upset, even I faced this pain when Manish did not hear me about Suwarna, Naira is snatching Kartik now, I will not let Manish go through this pain, Manish can’t bear this, I will do anything, but save my son from this pain.

Naitik and everyone ask Kartik about his big step. Kartik says you have all right to know. I m not hiding anything, I stayed away from family for many years, when I went back, I realized I can’t stay happy there, why should I take Naira there, Naira wants to stay with everyone but I can’t give her that happiness, just this family will be there with her, I will give her love. Naitik says but your family is also her family. Bhabhimaa says I made Naitik and Akshara leave and then cried till they came back.

Gayu says such things happen, you made Naira meet us. Karishma says everyone has issues. Dadi comes and hears Kartik saying I can’t stay with them, I can’t take Naira there. Dadi says I knew I will get you here, I did not know all this is going on here. She blesses Naira. She asks does Naira has problem with us, do you have to leave home for her. He says its my decision and my reason. She asks do you think you are hurting your ill Dadi. He says I was hurt knowing your acting of illness, you can punish me, but I will not come back to house.

Suwarna requests Naira to save Kartik from leaving home, he listens to you always, please don’t let him go. Naira looks on. Suwarna cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tvfan1

    Super fast..

  2. Vrushy

    Thank you amena for the fast update 🙂
    I don’t understand what problem this dadi has with Naira ?!! How did she put all the blame on Naira today ?!! When Karthik was saying that its his deciasion and he has reasons. Where did Naira not wanting to stay with goenkas came in between ?!! The goenkas are being portrayed as dumb cause they can’t understand that Naira can influence Karthik in a good way….
    Also for all the people who don’t like yrkkh because their fav actors are replaced stop bashing those who still work for yrkkh and also the people who still like it. The actors have movedon in their life and are happy I suggest you to do the same. If you don’t like it stop watching it , don’t create unnecessary negetavity over here. All of us love yrkkh so let us watch it peacefully. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that it should end !!

  3. Thanks for a very fast update…hi my yrkkh family members…’s episode was really very emotional..I m happy that karthik is not going to live with them but I know naira will make him agree to live with them….while watching karthik crying even from my eyes tears came out..becoz I love karthik?
    How r u all?
    Many members r missing..really missing u guys pls comment.
    And pls ignore those people who r commenting nonsense…
    Good night everyone.

  4. Hello tvfan1..wats ur real name…are u a sri lnkn….????

    1. Tvfan1

      ys im sri lnkn why ann? r u?

      1. Hey TVfan1 u didn’t tell me that u r a sri lnkn too…. coz even I’m from SL too… Happy to know that btw what’s ur real name??

  5. will kaira get married?
    am scared whether they will or not? if they dont the serial will get spoilt..
    please get kaira married and show positive of goenkas like singhanias.

  6. Thanks for the fast update Amena dii… is everyone???
    Finally we found out evering clearly about his mom. Glad that kartik told naira everything. I hope that kartik realises that manish and suwarna are good people and accepta them as his parents. Also why do Manish and dadi hate naira?? She didn’t do anything wrong.
    As far as the negativity is concerned I agree with Vrushy dii. There have been a lot of negative comments lately. Please don’t comment about how the show isn’t doing well or how you don’t like the new actors. The show cannot change due to your comments. Please just try to move on and think about the good things in this show.

  7. Please show some scenes of Maheswari family. They are very lovely. Missing my glowing Varsa and no comment on Akshera’s leaving

  8. Hello YRKKH family… N everyone here… sorry couldnt write out all the names… ???
    Vrushy is right be positive in commenting we r fans of YRKKH or else why r we here right? ?

    Today episode we get to know wat happened to Karthik mum… and understand Karthik hatred towards his dad n his step mum… Soumya is right I too think Naira will help reconcile Karthik n his dad n stepmum…

    Sorry for not commenting much as am busy wit enjoying my life… LOL????

  9. Hello yrkkh family!

    Lol ponkuri we are all enjoying life 😀
    Today’s episode was good that we finally found out the reason – I thought it was linked with a car accident because of mansi getting shook because of over speeding
    Can’t wait for the story to continue into wedding preps!

  10. Hii mere YRKKH parivaar!!! How r u all?
    Thankz Sachu dii n Pat dii for standing beside we teenagers!! TYSM
    Thank u Amena dii for ur super fast update!!
    Still no comments from Aliya… where r u n how r u???
    Ok moving to the ep,
    Ha It was emotional Soumya…Happy to see Naira consoling Karthik!!!
    I think Dadi doesn’t like Naira bcoz she was not her choice n she was Karthik’s choice..
    Only Suwarna understands that Naira z a good girl n she can be a good influence to Karthik!!
    Hate this Dadiii… how could she consider Naira wrong for everything??? Even for her family problems?????
    I hope everyone z doing fine n enjoy the day
    All the best for those who hv exams!!
    Gud morning n hv a nice day!!! ?

  11. Hello my dear family… first of all sorry fr nt commenting these days actually I was really busy with my exams… I didn’t read d previols updates or comments too… but j know what yesterday my exams got over… n now I m free as my winter brk… now I m free just lyk twana di… I mean her exams are also over na… aniket bhai n Sophie di hope u both r fine now… rahul bhai all the best for your exams… n vrushy d
    Di is absolutely correct bu I donno what happened these days I think some negative ppl tried to poke our no ein our family n tried to separate us… but don’t worry we will show them our unity…
    Love u all

  12. Hiii all
    First of all sorry to aniket bhai as I couldn’t take a stand for u yesterday as usually I do comment in morning only
    Yes aniket bhai add everyone said ignore her
    She don’t deserve it.
    And yes in the list of people loving u we all are there
    Love u bro….

    Coming to episode
    It’s good that kartik reveled the truth to naira
    Very sad for suwarna
    She is so good but don’t know why dadi and kartik don’t understand her.
    I wish naira should clear the matters between goenkas…
    Have a nice day all of u…..

    1. Tvfan1

      yes i too feel the same, atleast naira will understand suwarna.and i hope karthik will soon understand too..

  13. so emotional…Loved♥todays episode
    kartik has taken a right desicion as goenkas are very bad. otherwise simply suberb and loving♥episode

  14. I am also with you aniket.

  15. TYSM Sophie di and Pawan! Love u 2 both of u! Sophie di, why were u not supposed to comment yesterday? I mean any problem or any workload? Hi Riya, glad to read ur comment! Welcome back my BFF! Yes I am fine now! Where are other members- Rahul bhai, Shilpa, Aliya, Sruthi di, Garima di, Ishika, Ishu, Trushna, Pari? No comments since long time! Also today, Pat di, Sachu didi, Sophie di, Adi bro, Trishi, Chanya ur comments are missing! Do comment yar! Have a nice day all of u!!

    1. Actually I went to a bachelorette party…so was very tired after that…
      Any how are you…and no need to say thanx bro…it was my farz…

    2. Hey bro, I did comment – sorry I couldn’t stand up for you either

  16. Hello My YRKKH family… How r u all??
    Hope u all r doing fine…
    N Riya good to know that ur exam got over…. enjoy the winter break…
    1 more day to go then welcome 2017!!
    My room z messed up so gotta clean that asap..
    Chanya my BFF how r u? Hope u r doing fine. U might be getting ready for the new yr na?
    I still hv a whole cupboard to clean!! ??
    Aniket bhai itz my pleasure to support u!!
    Btw how r u???
    Aliya diiii r u fine?? Didn’t u get a winter break??
    All the Best for those who hv exams!!
    coming to the ep,
    It was good that Karthik told the whole truth to Naira!!
    But this dadi shld hv a limit… she puts blame on Naira for everything….
    Hope everything gets cleared coz itz a lil bit dragging…
    Have a nice day everyone!!! ?

  17. TYSM Pawan! Yes bro, u all are there in the list! Love u too bro!! Ohhhoo Sohie Di, That means u enjoyed a lot! Yas that was ur farz but as a symbol of gratitude I said Thanks (I learnt this from u only, do u remember??) Thank u so much Ishika! Ty Trishi!

    1. Yeah…I remember…

  18. Hlw guyz..How r u all?? I hope u r all fine..
    1st of all,,sry aniket as i couldn’t take stnd fr u ystrdy…xually i was busy wid my test xm…so sry yaar…bdw im fine..nd u??
    bdw nyc episode…finlly karthik ne naira ko sb kuch bta diya uske pst life k bare me..really it was heart touching..

  19. Hello my yrkkh family…. I hope everyone is fine.
    I m so sorry aniket as i wasnt there for u…actually i was hving my c programming exam today….i was busy with that yesterday….sry…and hwz ur health..??

  20. Whats wrong with u Pari, Trushna, Adi bro? Please dont b sorry yar! I know those who were absent yesterday, they might have some problem! Here after plz dont b sorry, its not that big issue! We r FAMHLY! How were ur test exams Pari and Trushna?

  21. It was gud aniket…nd plz dnt mind..its h..its a odiya name…☺☺

  22. tnx aniket…it ws Not xo gud bt not xo bd..

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