Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Naira bringing Akshara home. Bhabhimaa asks how was it. Akshara says it all went well. Devyaani says its good, will you have tea, I will get it. Bau ji tells Naitik to come, some govt. letter has come. Akshara gives chocolate to Mishti. Mishti asks is this stick bad, mum and dad were arguing, did mum did mistake. Akshara says no, she helped me.

Rajshri talks to Jasmeet and says sorry I got halwa for Nannu and heard you conversation with Anshu, I understand how you feel without him now. Jasmeet gets angry and taunts about Varsha and her, who can’t understand her. Kaki looks on.

Kaki asks Jasmeet how did she talk to Rajshri rudely. Jasmeet says I m also human, no one thinks for me, what shall I say, no one sees my pain. They see Nannu

playing. Naman and Karishma argue and rest to sleep. Naitik gets milk for Akshara. He tells her that he will not run away from his responsibility, he does not like her using the stick, but he accepted it for her sake. She thanks him. He says I should be thankful to the stick, it helped you today, I was so scared, till I got you, I was worried, its good to have stick, it can’t happen that we are always together. Keep this stick handy when I m not around, promise me you will never give my place to this stick. She promises this won’t ever happen and hugs him.

Its morning, Naksh comes to a stall and Sangram’s friends greet him. The guy says we saw your and Tara’s pic, you can join us like Sangram. They tell Naksh about Sangram getting drunk, on 5th dec. Naksh asks what did you say, what date? The guy says 5th dec, I can’t forget it, I got engaged the next day. Naksh asks was it evening or night. The guy says Sangram was stressed, why are you not marrying his sister, he was very angry and got much drunk that day. Naksh recalls seeing Sangram with wine.

Akshara tells Devyaani that Naksh went to Krishna. Naman and Karishma argue infront of everyone. Elders look on. Mishti gets scared and hugs Akshara. Maharaj ji brings a bouquet and says its for Akshara. Naira takes it and assumes its for Akshara. She gets the note and says we all forgot, its Karishma’s birthday. Naman realizes it. Devyaani says we forgot it. Naira says so sorry, we all forgot, your mum and dad have sent this. They all wish her birthday. Naman says sorry, happy birthday. Devyaani says it slipped from my mind. Karishma says its okay, I have no complains with anyone, and Naman does not care, that’s the only complain. Naman apologizes again and says I really forgot by office work pressure. Karishma argues and feels he intentionally did not wish her. Akshara says sorry, they all forgot because of me, even I did mistake, I felt its on Tuesday. Karishma says it does not matter, we are not organizing any big party. She leaves.

Rajshri asks Sunaina not to apologize, Jasmeet did not tell anything bad. Kaki says Jasmeet is irritated these days. Rajshri says family can be best but can’t replace a husband, Jasmeet is alone and manages Nannu, we just help her. Kaki says we will send Jasmeet and Nannu to Anshu soon. Rajshri likes the idea.

Naksh comes to Tara’s home to meet Sangram. Tara, Dada ji, Aditya and Sangram get surprised. Naksh greets them. Tara goes to get tea for Naksh. Sangram panics.

Akshara comes to Karishma’s room. Karishma makes her sit. Akshara consoles her and explains her about their life, ups and downs happen, family is disturbed because of me, maybe that’s why they forgot your birthday. She asks her not to be annoyed with Naman, he wants to rectify his mistake, we will arrange a party for you, and call your friends. Karishma says that’s not needed, you will be disturbed. Akshara says I won’t be troubled, I m fine. Karishma still refuses.

Aditya asks Dada ji to attend his guest. Dada ji asks Naksh to sit, and leaves. Naksh goes to Sangram and says I have come to get my answers from you. He asks did you push my mumma in river. Sangram denies it. Naksh says you were on highway and drunk, your friends told me everything, just answer me. Sangram denies and says I respect Akshara a lot. Dada ji comes and says Tara told me that your Krishna hotel, and that adjacent Dhaba incident, when you and your dad were there. Naksh gets stunned.

Bhabhimaa asks Akshara not to come downstairs alone and she slips. Akshara worries. Naitik helps Akshara and gets her downstairs. Dada ji tells Naksh that I knew you and Naitik did not do anything, but your presence there put the blame on you, what appears is not true, Sangram goes on highway a lot of times, we have our lands there, it does not mean he has pushed your mum, Tara is getting married to you, why will he ruin your family? Tara comes and hears them.

She asks Naksh how can he doubt on her brother. Naksh says it was not without a reason. Tara says your doubt is cleared now right? My Dada ji never lies. Dada ji gets speechless. Akshara tells Bhabhimaa that she is fine. Naitik asks Akshara why did she come. Akshara says I went to meet Karishma, she is very sad, you all are thinking of one bahu and forgot the other one, we forgot her birthday, don’t you think we should do something for her, why don’t we keep a party for her. Bhabhimaa says we will keep it later. Akshara says I won’t have any problem. Naitik says we should keep party for Karishma. They agree. Akshara thanks Naitik and smiles.

Naitik tells Akshara that there won’t be any problem, its matter of few days. She cries and asks him to leave her at hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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